BYU Football Returns To Action At Boise State Saturday

first_img FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailBOISE, Idaho-Saturday, BYU football, fresh off of a 7-6 loss to Northern Illinois, returns to action at Boise State as they are the Broncos’ Homecoming game guests.The Cougars come into this one at 4-4 and will play on the famed “smurf turf” against the 6-2 Broncos, who remain one of the best non-power 5 conference programs in the country.BYU is 2-6 against Boise State all-time including 0-4 at Boise.Saturday’s tilt at Albertson’s Stadium also commemorates the Cougars’ 100th game as an independent program.The Cougars have a tall order ahead of them as the Broncos boast the 15th best scoring offense in college football at 40.1 points per game. The Broncos also are 13th nationally in offensive yards per game, averaging 486.4 yards and 2nd in third down conversions, converting 55.6 percent of 3rd downs successfully.Boise State is led by senior signal-caller Brett Rypien who is sixth nationally in passing yards (2,565) and 8th in touchdown passes (23).Rypien, who is the nephew of former Washington Redskins Super Bowl-winning quarterback Mark Rypien, is also seventh nationally in passing yards per game at 320.6 yards.The Broncos’ offense is also bolstered by tailback Alexander Mattison (150 car, 637 yards, 8 TD’s) and receivers Sean Modster (43 rec, 642 yards, 4 TD’s) and A.J. Richardson (35 rec, 600 yards, 7 TD’s).STUD Curtis Weaver is Boise State’s defensive leader, having netted 5.5 sacks on the season.This is an 8:15 pm kickoff and you can listen to the game on KSVC AM 980 or on FM at 100.5. The stream is also available online at Tags: A.J. Richardson/Albertson’s Stadium/Alexander Mattison/Boise State Football/Brett Rypien/BYU Football/Curtis Weaver/Homecoming/independent/Mark Rypien/Sean Modster Brad James Written by October 29, 2018 /Sports News – Local BYU Football Returns To Action At Boise State Saturdaylast_img read more

US Navy sub-hunter drone aces sea trials

first_img Photo, video: DARPASea Hunter, the U.S. Navy’s unmanned anti submarine warfare vessel, has recently completed at-sea tests off the coast of San Diego, California.Developed by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) under the Anti-Submarine Warfare Continuous Trail Unmanned Vessel (ACTUV) program, the vessel met or surpassed all performance objectives for speed, maneuverability, stability, seakeeping, acceleration/deceleration, and fuel consumption, as well as establishing confidence in mechanical systems reliability in an open-ocean environment, Leidos, a company involved involved in the vessel’s manufacturing has confirmed.The completion of Sea Hunter’s performance trials is the first milestone in the two-year test program co-sponsored by DARPA and the Office of Naval Research. Testing in upcoming months is scheduled to include testing of sensors, the vessel’s autonomy suite, compliance with maritime collision regulations, and proof-of-concept demonstrations for a variety of U.S. Navy missions.Back in April 2016, DARPA said the vessel reached a top speed of 27 knots (31 mph/50 kph) at its Oregon site.The vessel has a number of unusual features because it does not need to accommodate people. For example, interior spaces are accessible for maintenance but aren’t designed to support a permanent crew.According to DARPA, at-sea testing on a surrogate vessel, ACTUV’s autonomy suite has proven it is capable of operating the ship in compliance with maritime laws and conventions for safe navigation—including International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea, or COLREGS.ACTUV accomplishes this feat through advanced software and hardware that serve as automated lookouts, enabling the ship to operate safely near manned maritime vessels in all weather and traffic conditions, day or night.The vessel was also developed at a fraction of the price of regular anti-submarine surface combatants. The fact that it would never have a man onboard will allow the vessel to match and exceed the speeds of submarines as the vessel would have reduced constraints on conventional naval architecture elements such as layout, accessibility, crew support systems, and reserve buoyancy.In September 2014, DARPA signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with the Office of Naval Research to jointly fund an extended test phase of an ACTUV prototype.DARPA will collaborate with ONR to fully test the capabilities of the vessel and several innovative payloads during open-water testing scheduled to begin this summer off the California coast after preliminary checkout and movement to San Diego.In case everything goes according to plan, the program could transition to the U.S. Navy by 2018.Below is a video of the vessel during its first out at sea. View post tag: US Navy View post tag: ASW August 9, 2016 View post tag: Sea Hunter Authoritiescenter_img Back to overview,Home naval-today US Navy sub-hunter drone aces sea trials US Navy sub-hunter drone aces sea trials View post tag: DARPA Share this articlelast_img read more

Dirty Pretty Films

first_imgIf you had to use one word to describe the work Stephen Frears, it would be eclectic. A director whose films resist easy classification, Frears has worked in both his native England and in Hollywood, and both within and outside of established genres. A brief cross-section of films he’s worked on – My Beautiful Launderette, Dangerous Liasons, Mary Reilly, BBC’s The Deal – is indicative of the vast breadth of genres that Frears has approached. In fact, the director is perhaps a living testament to the complexities of the auteur/genre debate. Perhaps because he himself pays genuine respect to the collaborative nature of film as an art form – above all acknowledging the primacy of writers who create source novels and screenplays Frears appears to ‘tiptoe’ into his own work through the ‘back door,’ unlike, say, Ken Loach or Stephen Spielberg, who unambiguously ‘occupy’ their films, whether as socially-conscious auteurs or bigname entertainers. But while it is difficult to say just what constitutes ‘a Stephen Frears film,’ it is possible to find Frears’ signature in the sensibility surrounding character and in the films’ attitudes and interests. First and foremost, Frears devotes careful attention to the way people live, how they think, and how they react within their social environments, often on the precipice of irreversible change. Whether a low budget indie picture such as last year’s Dirty Pretty Things, or more commercially successfully US star vehicles like High Fidelity, Frears’ films are almost always received with critical acclaim. But does he like to watch his own films as much as the rest of the world seems to? “Every now and then when they’re on the television, but that’s it. I did actually watch High Fidelity when it was on TV at Christmas, though. I thought it was rather funny.” The film he is most proud of, however, is Dangerous Liasons. With endearing modesty he enthuses, “I still can’t believe I was allowed near it. I had intended to make it into a very lavish, Max Ophuls-style melodrama but once I started working with the American actors we realised it wasn’t going to work like that at all. The end product turned out to be something completely other than what I hadimagined.” What strikes me about Frears over the course of the interview is his peculiar habit of speaking about his films as if they’re not actually his, but merely something he played a part in producing. Unlike the ego-obsessed Hollywood directors, Frears insists that writers should get the most credit for a film. “I do come second. I don’t invent the films. What the writer has done, I admire. Maybe it has become less like that in recent years. Maybe it’s a completely dishonest position. For all I know, it may just be entirely an act of self-concealment on my part. I made a little joke about being imperialist and colonising writer’s ideas. I remember one writer I worked with in television saying, ‘Well, you somehow absorb it, and you regurgitate it in some way,’ and it’s gone through my intestines in some complicated way that I don’t fully understand.” He cites his “BBC upbringing” as the reason for his deference for screenwriters. “I was brought up, as it were, at the BBC, where it was the director’s place to support the writing. We had a built-in respect for the writer’s skill, and today I still wouldn’t cross the road without a good script. I question, which is part of my function in all parts of the filmmaking process: Why are you doing that? Why are you playing it that way? You conduct an intelligent conversation with everybody. That’s different from saying, this is what you should do or this is what you should write. So it’s hard to claim credit.” Is there almost a sense of insecurity in his wish to shift the focus of attention onto the screenwriters? He pauses, before musing, “Maybe I’m just hiding. I wouldn’t want to pretend I can’t see that. But that may be necessary, or that may be what I have to do. The truth is, it’s the actors who expose and reveal themselves.” So what role does he see himself as having in a film, if the writers and the actors should be, according to him, at the forefront of our attention? “I think I can bring things to life, which seems to me, far and away, the most profound thing you can do. In giving life, you dramatise the story. Generally, I go in and when I shoot, it’s as though there’s a sort of path through the woods, and it’s the most interesting way through. Often people don’t see that, and I show them the path. Then I can say to the editor, you can go and cut it now because I’ve shown you the secret passage.” “But the business of bringing the script to life involves the unexpected”, he continues. “In fact, Jimmy McGovern talked about that in an interview. On one particular section of Liam, he thought I’d be able to give him a really good idea, and all I said was, “It’s not good enough. Write something better.” I didn’t know what he should write, and he did go away and write something much more interesting. So you’re really there in a rather destructive way, while at the same time encouraging the writer to be adventurous, to have the confidence to go somewhere. It’s trying to make sense of what they’re offering.” Hasn’t he ever been tempted to write himself? “No, never”, he insists. “Writers are extraordinary. I never suffered from the delusion that I was capable of writing – I think that’s one of the reasons I’ve survived so long in the industry.” Having been in the industry so long he has no doubt ploughed through thousands of scripts: I ask him if he’s ever let a great script slip through his fingers. “ Thelma and Louise”, he says without any hesitation. “Someone said to me, ‘Oh, it’s nothing special.’ They were wrong. I don’t think I’d have done it as well as Ridley Scott did, but it would have been great fun.” There is, however, no typical Frears script. Dirty Pretty Thingsand High Fidelity, for example, are worlds apart. “Yes,” he concedes, “but at the same time, I don’t see High Fidelity in quite the same light as others do. I always knew that I was alone in seeing it as the story of one man growing up, rather than about music and a certain kind of lifestyle. It is a feminist film: a cry for men to grow up. The people who have most stopped me behaving like a child in my life have been women. High Fidelity is about a man dealing with that. So I think of it as political [as Dirty Pretty Things], to some extent.” And finally, I ask him if he has any advice for any budding film-makers hoping to follow in his foot-steps. “Get a proper job!”ARCHIVE: 3rd week TT 2004last_img read more

Shore Medical Center’s December 2016 Wellness Events

first_imgShore Medical Center, 100 Medical Center Way, Somers Point, NJ, 08244 Shore Medical Center’s Wellness program includes a number of health and wellness initiatives each month. Here is a complete listing of activities taking place in November of 2016.HEALTH AND WELLNESS OBSERVANCES Safe Toys and Gifts Month1 World AIDS Day4 – 12 National Influenza Vaccination Week4 – 10 National Handwashing Awareness Week SPEAKERS BUREAU                                                The Shore Medical Center Speakers Bureau is available to promote healthcare awareness and quality of life for all members of the community. Speakers are available to discuss a variety of topics, including neurosciences, diabetes, cardiovascular health, sleeping disorders and more. For more information, please call 609-653-3670. PREVENTATIVE SCREENINGS Free Blood Pressure Screenings – Nearly one-third of American adults have high blood pressure, and many don’t even know it. Make sure your blood pressure is right where it’s supposed to be with these free screenings held on the second Wednesday of each month at the Shore Medical Center Thrift Shop, Somers Point Shopping Center, Route 9.Date: Wednesday, December 14Time: 11 am to 1 pmFee: FreeCancer Screenings – NJ Cancer Education and Early Detection Program: Free screenings for breast, cervical, colon and prostate cancer. To qualify for these screenings, you must be age appropriate, uninsured or underinsured and have a limited income. For more information, call the NJ Cancer Education and Early Detection Program for Atlantic County at the Shore Cancer Center at 609-653-3484. COMMUNITY EDUCATION PROGRAMS Basic Life Support Training – Become trained and certified in life support techniques. Courses are offered throughout the month. For a complete schedule of courses and fees, visit For more information, call 609-653-3962.No Place Like Home Heart Failure Support Group – Join with other heart failure patients and an interdisciplinary team of providers to evaluate your plan of care and receive support to transcend barriers to best maintain your health at home. For more information on date, time and location, call 609-653-4677.Shore Senior Social – Seniors are invited to attend a FREE monthly social and educational event hosted by Shore Medical Center’s senior volunteers, featuring free “Bingo” for prizes, complimentary refreshments, and an educational session hosted by a Shore health expert:December 14, 2016, 3pm-4pm Speaker: TBA “Eye Health” DiOrio Hall, 2nd FloorLiving at the Shore with Lymphedema – Join Jennifer Brooks, PT, for educational sessions on lymphedema management, in the 2nd floor conference room at Shore Cancer Center.  For more information or to register, email [email protected] or call 609-653-3512.Date: December 8Time: 7 pm to 8:30 pmFee: FreeMedical Explorers – For high school students interested in medical careers. Must be 14 years old and at least a freshman. The program is held on the first Wednesday of each month, October through June. Call 609-653-3722 for more information and to register.Date: December 7Time: 5:30 pm – 7 pmFee: Free SURGICAL EDUCATION PROGRAMSJoint Replacement and Spine Surgery education programs provide comprehensive educational opportunities to learn more about what will be involved in your care at Shore. Meet with nurses, physical therapists, social workers and discharge planners. Sessions are designed to educate you about each phase of your surgery and recovery. Sessions are held in the 2nd floor surgical conference room in the Surgical Tower.Neck and Spine Surgery Education ProgramSecond Thursday of every month. To register for the class, call 609-653-4600.Date: Thursday, December 8Time: 4 pm – 5pmFee: FreeJoint Replacement Education ProgramFirst and third Monday and second and fourth Wednesday of every month (except for major holidays). To register, call 609-653-4600.Date: Monday December 5 & 19; Wednesdays, December 14 & 28Time: Mondays at 10 am or Wednesday at 5 pmFee: FreeTOBACCO PREVENTION & TREATMENT PROGRAMShore’s Tobacco Prevention & Treatment Program offers counseling with trained tobacco dependence treatment specialists. You will receive individualized planning sessions focused on tips, strategies and relapse prevention, plus updated information on nicotine replacement therapies. For an information packet, call 609-653-3440.CANCER RECOVERY AND SUPPORTIVE CARE SERVICESThe Shore Cancer Center offers a full range of supportive and continuing care services. Please call the Cancer Center at 609-653-3585 for information on supportive care, education for patients and their families, survivorship programs and services in our community.***NEW***The Center for Family Caregivers Open HouseSunday, November 20, 2016, 2pm – 4pmLower Level, West ZoneJoin Shore Medical Center at an Open House for its new Center for Family Caregivers, a free, public resource dedicated to the support and well-being of the family caregiver. Guests will meet the Caregiver Coaches, enjoy light refreshments and see what the center has to offer. The center will be open Monday – Friday from 9:30am to 3:30pm and is located on the Lower Level, West Zone. For more information, call 609-653-3969 or email [email protected] REFERRAL SERVICE Need a doctor? Finding the right physician who fits the needs of you and your family is essential. Shore’s Physician Referral Service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. is an online physician finder that lets you search our staff of more than 350 skilled physicians by specialty, location, language and more, with information including insurances accepted, office locations, hours and educational background.ABOUT SHORE MEDICAL CENTER At Shore Medical Center, located in Somers Point, NJ, kindness complements an extraordinary level of clinical sophistication. People are the foundation of this modern medical center where advanced technology harmonizes with compassionate care. Shore Medical Center attracts the area’s best physicians, nurses and clinicians, and is the first and only hospital in New Jersey and one of 80 healthcare organizations worldwide to earn Designation as a Planetree Patient-Centered Care Hospital®. Recognized for its dedication to patient safety, Shore has received five consecutive “A” grades in The Leapfrog Group’s Hospital Safety Score since Fall 2014.  Shore Medical Center is home to six Centers of Excellence for Cancer, Cardiovascular, Neurosciences, Spine and Orthopedic, Emergency and Maternity and Pediatric care. Shore’s affiliations include Penn Medicine, Onsite Neonatal Partners, St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children, Advanced ICU Care, Mayo Medical Laboratories, and Advanced Radiology Solutions. In addition, Shore is a member of the Jefferson Neuroscience Network and has physicians on staff from the Rothman Institute. In 2011, Shore opened its Pediatric Care Center, the first of its kind in New Jersey, and its state-of-the-art Surgical Pavilion and Campus Expansion. The Shore Medical Center Planned Giving & Development team ( creates and implements dynamic philanthropic programs that support the mission of Shore Medical Center.last_img read more

News story: Home Office announces revised immigration policy guidance for Grenfell relatives

first_img The Grenfell Tower fire was a tragedy that should never have happened. Our highest priority has been to ensure the survivors of the Grenfell Tower tragedy receive the support they need. We have always been clear that we will do everything we can to make sure that relatives who are required to provide evidence in person, or need to be in the UK to participate in the Grenfell Tower Inquiry are able to do so. That is why we have published this revised guidance today, to ensure those with Core Participant status are able to extend their stay. Revised policy guidance for Grenfell relatives published today states that people with core participant status or those called to be a witness at the Inquiry who are already in the country, will be able to extend their stay in the UK for a further 6 months.This is to provide certainty for relatives that they will be able to remain for the anticipated period of the Inquiry’s oral evidence sessions.Family members who are overseas with core participant status, who are required to attend or are called as a witness who apply for a visit visa, should also be assured that these applications will be considered quickly on a case by case basis, taking into account the compelling and compassionate circumstances.Core participants are people or organisations, who have applied for that status because they have a significant interest in proceedings or could be subject to scrutiny. A core participant can be invited to participate during the Inquiry, for example by making statements or suggesting lines of questioning to be pursued.The Immigration Minister, Caroline Nokes said: Today’s announcement builds on the Grenfell survivors’ immigration policy which was introduced in July last year to allow individuals with insecure immigration status who lost their homes in the fire to regularise their status and access support.Later that year, it was announced that those qualifying under the policy will be able to apply for permanent residence in the UK after 5 years’ lawful residence.You can read further information relating to the fire at Grenfell Tower and the full Grenfell relatives’ policy guidance on GOV.UKlast_img read more

Antiretroviral treatment keeps HIV patients in South Africa employed

first_img Read Full Story Antiretroviral drug treatment for HIV appears to have more payoffs than the promise of better health and a longer life – it also seems to help people living with HIV stay employed or get new jobs, according to a new study by researchers at Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH) and the University of KwaZulu-Natal’s Africa Centre for Health and Population Studies. In a study of a large population cohort, the investigators found that four years after initiating therapy, HIV patients were 90% as likely to be working as they were three to five years before starting treatment. Many patients initiated treatment early enough so that they were able to avoid any loss of employment due to HIV.While antiretroviral therapies are known to reduce HIV transmission and prolong lives of many HIV patients, less is known about the economic benefits of treatment. This is the first study to assess the economic impact of antiretroviral therapy (ART) in a population-based cohort.“We found antiretroviral therapy does not only postpone mortality, it enables HIV patients to lead economically productive lives,” said lead author Jacob Bor, SD’14, an HSPH doctoral candidate in global health and population.The study appears in the July 2012 issue of Health Affairs.last_img read more

Odds & Ends: Tituss Burgess & Cristin Milioti Team Up & More

first_img Star Files View Comments Here’s a quick roundup of stories you may have missed today and over the weekend.Tituss Burgess, Cristin Milioti & More Board 24 Hour MusicalsStage and screen faves Tituss Burgess and Cristin Milioti will appear in the seventh 24 Hour Musicals on April 13. Four short, brand-new musicals will be written, cast, rehearsed and performed over the period of a single day. Other stars in the lineup include Ashley Fink, Alicia Witt, Christine Lahti, Eden Espinosa, Julian Fleisher, Lea DeLaria, Shanola Hampton and Randy Harrison. The event is all in aid of The Orchard Project, an eight-year-old program that has served as a starting place for shows that have debuted in theaters across the U.S. and beyond. We imagine all involved will be deserving of a very large glass of Pinot Noir at the end of the evening.Ciara Renée Will Star in Arrow/Flash SpinoffShe’s been a superhero to us ever since we saw her circus skills in Pippin! Broadway alum Ciara Renée is following in Andy Mientus’ footsteps and will make her TV debut in the CW’s proposed Arrow/Flash spinoff series. Deadline reports that she will play Hawkgirl, aka Kendra Saunders, a young woman who is starting to realize that she has been repeatedly reincarnated over the centuries. When aggravated, she grows wings and taps into her previous ancient warrior identity. From Big Fish to big bird. Or something.Casting Set for Seattle’s Jasper in DeadlandSydney Shepherd will play Gretchen opposite the previously reported Matt Doyle in Jasper in Deadland at the 5th Avenue Theatre, Seattle. The production will play April 30 through May 24 and also feature Andi Alhadeff, Kyle Bernbach, Jared Michael Brown, Kyle Robert Carter, Taryn Darr, Sarah Rose Davis, Frederick Hagreen, Louis Hobson, Diana Huey, Brandi Chavonne Massey, Caety Sagoian and Evan Woltz.Tony Nominee B.J. Crosby Dead at 62B.J. Crosby, who was Tony nominated for her performance in Smokey Joe’s Café and also appeared on the Great White Way in One Mo’ Time and Chicago, died on March 27 in New Orleans aged 62. The Times-Picayune reports that cause of death was complications from a stroke and diabetes. Crosby is survived by her son, Joseph Elloie, and three grandchildren.Lin-Manuel Miranda Raps for Jimmy Fallon’s VoicemailJimmy Fallon recently stopped by the Broadway-Bound Hamilton, where Lin-Manuel Miranda was auctioning off custom freestyle voicemails for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS. The Tonight Show host bought one (of course he did!) and you can check out the Tony winner recording it below. We have a feeling Fallon won’t be deleting this from his cellphone anytime soon! Last night, @Lin_Manuel auctioned off custom freestyle voicemails for @BCEFA. @jimmyfallon bought one. The result…— Hamilton (@HamiltonMusical) March 30, 2015 Lin-Manuel Mirandalast_img read more

Winterize pipes

first_imgBy Brad HaireUniversity of GeorgiaHomeowners should winterize outdoor pipes and lawn sprinklers soon. A few precautions now can save a lot of time and headaches come springtime.Temperatures in north Georgia have already dipped below freezing. And this winter is predicted to have extended periods of freezing weather throughout the state.Freezing temperatures can cause the water in an exposed pipe to expand. If the water expands too much, the pipe bursts. “With home irrigation systems, you probably wouldn’t know you had any pipe damage until you turned it on for the first spring watering,” says Kerry Harrison, an irrigation specialist with the University of Georgia Extension Service.Most in-ground sprinkler pipes will be OK, because only the top two inches of the ground freeze in most of Georgia. Pipes should be well below this level. Other irrigation components, like backflow prevention valves, are at ground level and could be in danger.If there are any exposed valves or pipes around your home, tape them up or “use a good old sack to wrap them,” Harrison said. Home-improvement stores have many tapes, foams and gadgets to keep these pipes warm on cold, winter nights.The tips of sprinkler heads can hold water. When frozen, they can rupture. The whole sprinkler system holds water, too, even when it isn’t being used, like in the winter. Don’t forget to drain the system, he said. If you don’t drain it properly in the winter, your sprinkler could be a geyser when you turn it on next spring.”Arrangements should have been made in the installation process to have a way to drain those lines that would hold water through a buried valve in a pit,” he said.If you’ve bought a home with an installed irrigation system, find this drain valve. Some systems are equipped with automatic drain valves.Don’t forget about outside water hoses. You can do two things:* Leave the hoses hanging outside. But disconnect them from faucets.* Disconnect, drain and store hoses someplace with a constant temperature. This will prolong the life of hoses.If you leave hoses undrained outside in the winter, don’t move them or touch them in freezing weather. You could be the one to break them. Frozen hoses are fragile.Private water users and rural residents with wells should check out their main water pump. There is usually a quarter-inch pipe connected to the pressure switch. If it’s metal, it likely won’t freeze. But if it’s plastic, it might freeze and burst. This could cause the water pump to fail or continue to run and cause some major winter repairs.If all these precautions fail and a pipe bursts, there’s still one thing to remember. “Know where your main water cutoff is,” Harrison said.last_img read more

Indian state of Odisha looking to build 500MW of floating solar generation

first_imgIndian state of Odisha looking to build 500MW of floating solar generation FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPrint分享PV Magazine:The government of Odisha plans to develop around 500 MW of floating solar power plants on various reservoirs in the state in collaboration with National Hydroelectric Power Corporation, shared power minister R.K. Singh in Parliament recently.Notably, Odisha has the potential of generating 17,755 MW of electricity from floating solar over 877 of water surface area in its reservoirs, according to a report by sustainability think tank The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI).The state, which has installed 521.69 MW of renewable energy capacity (including 397.84 MW from solar) as on February 29, also plans to develop around 358 MW of ground-mounted capacity under different projects—the minister added.Further, the Odisha government plans to set up 19 MW of grid-connected rooftop solar projects on government buildings in 17 cities of the state through GEDCOL.TERI’s report has calculated India’s water reservoirs have 18,000 sq. km of area with the potential to host 280 GW of floating solar power generation capacity. The report calculated the floating solar potential on the basis of 30% of the water surface area of the country’s medium and large reservoirs.[Uma Gupta]More: Odisha plans to develop 500 MW floating solarlast_img read more

Make the member experience a top priority

first_img continue reading » 17SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr My recent experience with a credit union got me thinking about “the member experience.”I received a voicemail from a credit union requiring me to respond to a request with detailed information via email. I easily prepared and sent my email, but here’s where it gets interesting: The responding email from the credit union was secured and required a password to open it.I was confused. I didn’t have a password. I attempted to outsmart the system by making up one, but of course it wasn’t accepted. I tried again and it pushed back yet another negative message. If I needed a password to open this email, why wasn’t I offered the option of setting up a password? I had no other option, so I clicked on the “forgot my password” button. The system immediately responded that I would be sent an email with a link to “reset” my password—a password I never had.Frustrating, right?In my inbox, I find the message and click on the link to reset my password. Then it was back to the email where I entered my new password. I thought I was on my way to sending the return email. That didn’t happen though. There was no reply button.last_img read more