Saudi Arabia : “Only an international enquiry could shed light on Khashoggi murder”

first_img Saudi ArabiaMiddle East – North Africa ImpunityViolence April 28, 2021 Find out more Saudi media silent on RSF complaint against MBS News Khashoggi’s murder came at a time when the Saudi authorities were cracking down on journalists and bloggers. Between 25 and 30 professional and non-professional journalists are currently detained and are being mistreated. Some are held arbitrarily without trial. Others are serving long jail sentences. Saudi Arabia is ranked 169th out of 180 countries in RSF’s 2018 World Press Freedom Index. to go further Help by sharing this information A columnist critical of the Saudi regime who was living in self-imposed exile, Khashoggi disappeared after entering the Saudi consulate in Istanbul on 2 October. After initially denying that he had died, the Saudi authorities finally admitted he was murdered by government agents, and fired those allegedly responsible. Although it is widely suspected that the murder was approved at the “highest level,” Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman continues to be the power behind the throne. March 9, 2021 Find out more The same SPA communiqué quoted the Saudi prosecutor-general as saying the Saudi authorities received no response from Turkey to their request for evidence. For its part, Saudi Arabia rejected Turkey’s request for the extradition of 18 persons suspected of direct involvement in the murder. News News Saudi ArabiaMiddle East – North Africa ImpunityViolence RSF joins Middle East and North Africa coalition to combat digital surveillance center_img As 11 persons reportedly go on trial in Saudi Arabia for journalist Jamal Khashoggi’s murder, with the prosecution seeking the death penalty for five of them, Reporters Without Borders (RSF) reiterates its position that only an independent international investigation will be able to shed full light on this murder. RSF_en The opening of the trial yesterday in Riyadh, three months after Jamal  Khashoggi’s murder in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, was announced in a terse communiqué by the state-run Saudi Press Agency, which did not name any of the defendants, not even those for whom the death penalty has been requested. No date has been set for the next hearing. NSO Group hasn’t kept its promises on human rights, RSF and other NGOs say Receive email alerts January 4, 2019 Saudi Arabia : “Only an international enquiry could shed light on Khashoggi murder” (c) AFP News “Seeking the death penalty for Khashoggi’s alleged murderers is a terrible way to try to cover up who was really responsible,” RSF secretary-general Christophe Deloire said. “Only an independent international investigation, as RSF has demanded from the outset, will serve to shed light on this case.” Follow the news on Saudi Arabia June 8, 2021 Find out more Organisation last_img read more

Bush wants nominees who share his values

first_img Bush wants nominees who share his values Mark D. Killian Managing EditorGov. Jeb Bush told newly appointed JNC commissioners that “values, ideologies and principles” do matter and that he intends to continue to appoint judges who share his views. “It is more than appropriate for governors to pick people for the judiciary who are qualified, but also share that person’s values,” Bush told those attending an August 14 judicial nominating commissioner training session in Tallahassee. “I’m not ashamed of it. I’m not embarrassed by it. I will do it with great regularity, and I don’t see why there is such a hullabaloo about it.” Bush also asked the commissioners at the annual training session — the first since the legislature gave the governor more power in choosing who serves on the state’s 26 JNCs — to take diversity into consideration when sending him recommendations for openings on the bench because it is “important for our judicial system to have judges that represent the broad cross-section of our state.” Bar President Terry Russell, speaking to the group earlier in the day, said as the state’s chief executive officer, Bush certainly is entitled to “decide the type of overall judicial qualifications for people that he wishes to appoint.” Russell also said he has the “greatest confidence” that Bush is firmly committed to an independent and impartial judiciary. Chief Justice Charles Wells opened the program by telling the commissioners they must find candidates who can wield the awesome power of a judge with competence and who have the ability to respect and treat with dignity those who come before them. IntegrityBush said the most important aspect of a JNC commissioner’s job is to seek integrity in the people they nominate for judgeships. “It is the key element of life, not just the judiciary, but life itself,” Bush said. “If I had any advice, it would be to wear your integrity on your sleeve as you do this job and use it in the evaluation of the men and women who come in front of you who aspire to serve as judges. Without integrity, nothing else matters.” Bush said creating a vision about the important characteristics of judicial candidates “is not a bad thing at all.” “We do not talk about that sometimes because it is not politically correct, but I guarantee it is important to me,” Bush said, prompting applause from the more than 100 commissioners attending the training. “That’s why we have elections. I’m more than happy to seek reelection, and if people challenge the quality and caliber and type of people whom I have picked for the judiciary, I’m going to make a big deal of it. I’m very proud of the people whom I have picked, and I know I will be very proud of the people you present to me as you go forward in doing your job.” DiversityBush also asked the JNCs to consider diversity when nominating judges. “Diversity really does matter,” Bush said, noting that he has appointed more minority and women judges than his predecessors and wants to continue that tradition “because it adds a value to the process that will last for a long, long while.” According to his office, out of the 104 judges Bush has appointed as of early July, 62 are white men, 16 are white women, eight are black men, seven are black women, five are Hispanic men, and six are Hispanic women. Speaking with reporters after the event, Bush said diversifying Florida’s courts continues to be a struggle because minority representation within the legal profession does not mirror that of the general population. “Which is why it has to be considered a priority,” Bush said. Awesome PowerChief Justice Wells told the commissioners their jobs are so important because of the role judges play in society. “In your community, there is no position in government that has more direct power in people’s lives than those who serve as judges,” Wells said. “Judges have the absolute and awesome responsibility of making determinations as to whether children are going to be taken from parents, whether people are going to spend their entire lives in prison. They have power as to capital punishment, and as to adoptions, and they resolve millions and millions of dollars [worth of] civil disputes.” Wells said the process of putting good people into place to exercise that power starts with the effectiveness of the nominating process. “I greatly subscribe to the notion of judicial independence, because in each of the areas that judges are called upon to make decisions, it is absolutely critical that we — the public — have confidence that judges are making those decisions on the basis of what the law is and that they do not feel pressure from outside sources,” Wells said. “But I’m also fully committed to the ideal and the concept that judicial independence is not a slogan. Judicial independence is absolutely determined on the basis of whether the judiciary earns the right to be independent.” Wells said judges not only must respect and treat with dignity those people who come before them, they must also respect the functions of the other branches of government. “I challenge you to accept the hard work that it takes in order to do this job,” Wells said, adding that Gov. Bush is depending on them to send him people who possess the skills and temperament “that is absolutely required for the judiciary to do its job.” Bar President Russell, a former chair of the 17th Circuit and Supreme Court JNCs, said he knows firsthand the heavy responsibilities commissioners face and how important it is to resist the temptation to allow “political influence” to affect their decisions. “I promise you that type of influence will be exerted,” Russell said. “There will be friends and friends-of-friends and others who will say to you, ‘We need to get this person on the bench.’” Russell said it’s extremely important the public believes that fair, impartial, and unbiased judges are resolving their problems, because that is the basis upon which they respect the law. “So what you do as people who screen and nominate to the governor judicial officers — from the Supreme Court to the county courts of this state — is extraordinarily important. And, please, you must to the best of your ability, resist the influence of politics in the selection of judges,” Russell said. September 1, 2001 Managing Editor Regular News Bush wants nominees who share his valueslast_img read more

Cultural village for craft traders

first_img2 April 2003Informal arts and craft traders in the North West province stand to benefit from a R10-million cultural village to be constructed in Damdoryn in the Madibeng municipality within the next few months.North West Economic Development and Tourism MEC Maureen Modiselle, together with Environmental Affairs and Tourism Deputy Minister Rejoice Mabudafhasi, turned the sod on Tuesday at a site earmarked for the construction of the village.The project, to be named the Tsotsoloso Madibeng Cultural Village, will create integrated tourism cluster activities to help alleviate poverty by accommodating informal traders in a shelter favourable for conducting business.Speaking at the ceremony, Modiselle said the project would empower informal traders in the arts and crafts industry who sell their wares on a site at the Damdoryn fourway stop on the way to Hartbeespoortdam.“These traders experience exploitation by the site owners and harsh conditions during bad weather,” Modiselle said.She added that in the medium and long term, there would be a consolidation of the tourism growth node within the area, which attracts international and local visitors.“This development is also aimed at increasing access and harnessing the principles of black economic empowerment.”The provincial economic and tourism department said it has allocated R3.6-million for the project, while the national environmental and tourism department has allocated R6-million. The local municipality secured R1.5-million.The provincial department said in a statement that the land has been purchased and that plans for capacity-building training are at an advanced stage to empower the traders to run the project as well as maintain the village.Source: BuaNewslast_img read more

Yahoo Says It’s “Absolutely Committed” to Flickr

first_imgWe wrote a post yesterday calling into question the financial viability of Flickr, given another blogger’s rough estimates of its annual revenue, Yahoo’s struggles and the recent news that Delicious is going to be shuttered or sold.A number of people chimed in to reassure us that Flickr is going to be ok. First, former Flickr chief software architect Cal Henderson posted several comments assuring us that costs were lower than estimated and ad revenue much higher. Now today Yahoo PR sent us the following statement from Blake Irving, Chief Product Officer at Yahoo. Irviing says the company is absolutely committed to Flickr.“I appreciate the thoughtful discussion here and I want to add clarity to this topic: Yahoo! is absolutely committed to Flickr and its community of members. The board, myself, and the entire leadership team love this product and believe it is incredibly in sync with our product strategy for Yahoo! Flickr has a huge worldwide audience, an amazing brand, and it’s profitable. We’re excited to continue evolving and supporting Flickr so we can make the service even better. “Blake IrvingEVP, Chief Product Officer, Yahoo!Irving said roughly the same thing in 140 charecters a few minutes ago. You might recognize that avatar as the same one who freaked out and promised to fire whoever leaked the internal slide deck disclosing the company’s plans to “sunset” Delicious. I hope this is all for real. If Flickr were closed, or had less instead of more energy put into it, that would be a real shame. Tags:#news#web Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Market Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hostingcenter_img marshall kirkpatrick Related Posts A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai…last_img read more

Google Starts Remaking Motorola

first_imgAlmost exactly a year ago, Google shocked the industry by buying Motorola for $12.5 billion. Everyone agreed that Google coveted Motorola’s 17,000 patents. But there was a niggling question: What would happen to the rest of Motorola? We now have a pretty good idea. In a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission, Google announced that it will lay off about 4,000 of Motorola’s 20,000 employees. Google will also close or consolidate about one-third of Motorola’s 90 facilities. The shutdown will cost Google $275 million in the third quarter of 2012.Motorola Mobility, which was split from Motorola Solutions prior to the Google acquisition, has lost money in 14 of the last 16 quarters, going back well before Google announced the acquisition Aug. 14, 2011. In the SEC filing, Google said it will simplify Motorola’s mobile-product portfolio, “shifting the emphasis from feature phones to more innovative and profitable devices.”A report from The New York Times says that in addition to the layoffs, Motorola will streamline its supply chain, cutting by 50% the different kinds of smartphone components — such as processors and sensors — that are used in its product lines. Google has also laid off 40% of Motorola’s vice presidents and replaced many of them with executives of Google’s choosing.According to the report, the product team at Motorola will now be run more like a startup, leaner and more efficient, with an emphasis on innovation. The product team at Motorola is led by Regina Dugan, formerly of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, better known as DARPA, the technology research wing of the Pentagon that birthed the Internet.Motorola has been slow in the smartphone market despite the fact that, in 2009, it had some success with the original Droid, bringing the Android operating system to pop culture. The company’s other smartphone product lines have been commercial duds, from its Atrix and Razr to its Xoom and Xyboard tablets. Motorola did achieve some critical success with several of its devices in recent years, such as its dual-core Atrix smartphone, which could be plugged into a laptop-like “dock,” that won Best of Show at the Consumer Electronics Show in 2011.  Motorola has fallen so far behind other manufacturers that it didn’t rank in the top five of smartphone shipments in the second quarter of 2012 according to research firm IDC. As recently as the middle of 2011, Motorola battled with Research In Motion (which has also fallen out of the top five) and HTC for fourth place behind Samsung and Apple and Nokia.HTC, despite its own recent struggles competing at the top of the market, now ranks fourth behind Nokia with Chinese manufacturer ZTE ranking fifth (its first appearance in the top five). When feature phones are added to the equation, Motorola still does not rank among the top five cellphone makers. It is eclipsed by Samsung, Nokia, Apple, ZTE and LG. Google appears to be remaking Motorola rather than burying it. It is getting Motorola out of the feature-phone market where margins are very low and it is already underperforming. Motorola likely will be tasked with creating a series of high-end smartphones to challenge the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy series.“I don’t think this is the end of [Motorola]. But I do expect a scaled-back presence for Moto with fewer models, and a heavy concentration on the higher end of the market. Just like Nokia and RIM, Moto is being forced to concentrate on its core growth areas, and not try to compete for business at the low end where it can’t win,” said industry analyst Jack Gold with J. Gold Associates. HTC has made a similar decision, cutting the variety of devices it builds, and focusing on its One series, with multiple screen sizes and price points. Even Google’s financial and technological might not be enough to make Motorola a leader. Apple and Samsung take 90% of the profit in smartphones home with them. If that trend continues in the future, it may not matter what the likes of Motorola, HTC, Nokia or RIM do to their product lines. Both Nokia and RIM have announced heavy layoffs and restructuring this year to reposition themselves. It is now Motorola’s turn to reinvent its business.  Related Posts Role of Mobile App Analytics In-App Engagement Why IoT Apps are Eating Device Interfaces dan rowinskicenter_img What it Takes to Build a Highly Secure FinTech … Tags:#Android#Google#mobile The Rise and Rise of Mobile Payment Technologylast_img read more

Barcelona vs Atletico Madrid: 5 things to know about La Liga finale

first_imgAtletico Madrid leads Barcelona by three points in the La Liga standingsAtletico Madrid face Barcelona at the Camp Nou with both teams vying for the Spanish league title.Atletico leads Barcelona by three points in the standings, and only victory will see defending champion Barcelona lift their fifth trophy in six seasons and deny Atletico its first league championship in 18 years.Atletico knows a draw will suffice in winning its first league title since 1996.Four out of five matches between the sides have ended in a draw this season, with Atletico claiming a narrow 1-0 win in the second leg of their Champions League quarterfinal.”The whole season comes down to 90 minutes,” said Barcelona midfielder Andres Iniesta.Here are five things to know about Saturday’s game:SEASON FINALE, 64 YEARS LATERSaturday’s matchup is only the third time in league history the title has been decided in circumstances such as these.And both Atletico and Barcelona were involved then too.Atletico edged Sevilla in a final round decider to close the 1950/51 season – five years after Sevilla emerged triumphant against Barcelona in a similar showdown.”We can’t look to the past, we need to focus on the present,” Atletico captain Gabi Fernandez said. “We have a historic opportunity to win the league and the Champions League also.”Atletico, which plays Real Madrid in the Champions League final on May 24, hasn’t competed for the title since its league-cup double triumph in 1995/96.DENTING THE DUOPOLYAtletico is on the cusp of becoming the first winner besides Barcelona or Real Madrid to win the title since Valencia did it in 2004.advertisement”Whoever manages to distance themselves from all the talk off the field in the buildup will have a better game,” said Atletico coach Diego Simoene, who is likely to wait until game time to decide on the availability of injured striker Diego Costa.Barcelona vowed to dedicate the league to former coach Tito Vilanova, who died last month.”It would be brutal if we manage to win this league on the last day at home,” Iniesta said. “We would celebrate like never before.”BARCELONA’S MOTIVATIONYou would hardly think Barcelona was still in the fight for the title after a look at its recent results.It has drawn its last two matches against relegation-threatened opponents and, in-between those results, organized a team barbecue that looked more like an end-of-season, summer send-off.”No one would have thought we’d have this opportunity again after we drew at home to Getafe, you’d be crazy to think it,” midfielder Xavi Hernandez.”Why wouldn’t we deserve the league,” midfielder Andres Iniesta said.Barcelona is still waiting on the fitness of defenders Gerard Pique and Jordi Alba, while question marks remain over Neymar’s return with the Brazil striker having been sidelined nearly one month, and this would be his last club game before preparing for the World Cup.MARTINO’S LAST STANDWin or lose the league, coach Gerardo Martino’s future with Barcelona does not look bright.The Argentine coach has had to put up with reports about his future all season long, and even if he manages to steer the club to victory on Saturday it likely won’t stop the apparent arrival of Celta Vigo coach and former player Luis Enrique from taking over his job next season.Martino’s reported exit won’t be the only one: Barcelona will be saying goodbye to many of the core players that shaped the club over recent years with Carles Puyol and Victor Valdes exiting. Meanwhile, Daniel Alves and Javier Mascherano are some of the players whose futures may also be away from the Catalan club next season.RELEGATION ARRIVESWhile Atletico and Barcelona play for the title, five teams at the other of the table will be playing for survival.Almeria, Getafe, Granada, Osasuna, and Real Valladolid are all flirting with the second division, with two of them certain to drop alongside last-place Real Betis. Valladolid hosts Granada while Betis is at Osasuna.Also, Real Madrid’s last match ahead of the Champions League final in Lisbon is Saturday against Espanyol as it finishes the season third in the standings.last_img read more

Rep Wentworth promotes June 27 as PTSI awareness day

first_img State Rep. Jason Wentworth is encouraging residents to take a step back and acknowledge June 27 as Post Traumatic Stress Injury (PTSI) Awareness Day in the state of Michigan.Every year, 10,000 Michigan veterans return to the state after spending significant time in combat environments and exposed to traumatic, life-threatening events. Wentworth, of Clare, co-sponsored the House resolution that declared June 27, 2017, as PTSI Awareness Day.“It’s important that we increase PTSI awareness in Michigan,” said Wentworth, chair of the House Military and Veterans Committee. “Everyone should know about the often invisible injury that plagues thousands of our men and women in the United States Armed Forces.”There have been many significant steps taken to ensure active and non-active military personnel have every possible resource at hand to ensure their lasting physical, mental and emotional well-being. However, awareness of PTSI remains a problem not only in the state of Michigan, but throughout the country.“I commend the state of Michigan’s , Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency’s (MVAA) and the Adjutant General’s commitment to continue working to educate our active service members and veterans, their families, and the public on the severity of PTSI and spreading awareness as to where to seek care and treatment,” said Wentworth.Specialized treatment for PTSI is available through the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. For a complete list of VA medical centers and community clinics, visit or call 800-MICH-VET (800) 642-4838.### Categories: Wentworth News 27Jun Rep. Wentworth promotes June 27 as PTSI awareness daylast_img read more