New 49ers cornerback Jason Verrett: ‘It’s a surreal moment’

first_img(CLICK HERE, if you are unable to view this photo gallery on your mobile device.)SANTA CLARA — Cornerback Jason Verrett said his “body feels good,” and that could make his signing Thursday with the 49ers a very good thing for a suspect secondary.Verrett’s tenure with the Chargers was waylaid by shoulder and knee injuries, and just when he was ready to return to form last season, he tore an Achilles at the start of training camp. “A lot of dark moments dealing with a lot of the …last_img read more

Increased confidence in govt support for SMEs

first_img2 June 2014 South African government support programmes for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are receiving better approval ratings from their users, according to a new survey by technology market researchers World Wide Worx. According to the interim results of World Wide Worx’s SME Survey 2014, released last month, more than half (53%) of small businesses polled for the survey expressed satisfaction with the overall quality of the government’s SME support services. “We are seeing the most positive response in a decade to these support programmes,” World Wide Worx MD Arthur Goldstuck said in a statement. “Ten years ago, the proportion of SMEs expressing satisfaction with these programmes was a mere 12%. By 2007, it had increased to 34%, but this still meant that only one-third of SMEs were happy with such programmes.” Goldstuck said sentiment was beginning to improve even among businesses that did not use government services: some 44% of all respondents said they were confident about the use of government support services to grow their business, despite only 39% of respondents having actually used these services.Thumbs-up for Sars, Seda When respondents were asked which support services were thought to be the most effective, the South African Revenue Service (Sars) was given the thumbs-up by 58% of SMEs who used their services. “In addition to Sars, the Small Enterprise Development Agency (Seda) also offered a strong showing in the awareness of SMEs, with exactly a quarter of the SMEs rating it positive,” Goldstuck said. According to Seda’s chief strategy and information officer, Lusapho Njenge, the survey results indicate that the agency’s role in helping SMEs grow their businesses is becoming more widely known. “Obviously, our aim is to grow the awareness of our role within the SME sector, and in so doing, also improve on the numbers of such organisations that view us in a positive light,” Njenge said. “To do this, we need to learn from the areas of dissatisfaction highlighted by SMEs in the survey, in order to continue to improve the services we offer to this sector.”Areas of dissatisfaction According to Goldstuck, SMEs expressed strong dissatisfaction with four particular areas of government support programmes. “Turnaround time was the single biggest bugbear, with 46% complaining about it. Three other issues that cropped up were all cited by fewer than one in five SMEs, but nonetheless should be of interest to the programme providers. Accessibility was an issue for 19%, communications for 15%, and feedback for 10%. “In combination, all of these suggest that support programmes clearly need to be more responsive to their users.” Goldstuck added that the survey highlighted “some interesting sentiments” regarding red tape and legal compliance. “The most positive response was to the Basic Conditions of Employment Act, with 77% of companies approving. This suggests an acknowledgement of the importance of looking after employees. Just behind this was Seta (Sector Education and Training Authorities) and the Skills Development Levy, which has long been the most positively received government incentive, with a 75% approval rating. “Bottom of the list, however, is the registration of entities, with only 54% of SMEs voicing their approval of this area of legislation,” Goldstuck noted. “This emphasises the frustration SMEs often have with the most fundamental aspect of starting a business, namely the registration thereof. This, then, is clearly an area where government needs to pay a lot more attention, if it is serious about oiling the wheels of the economy.” SAinfo reporterlast_img read more

Recollections and recipes from Ohio deer country

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest Every year, the approaching autumn stirs the memories and dreams of Buckeye deer hunters. The sportsman begins to dream of the deer he is soon to harvest and the venison he is soon to eat. He looks forward to the many sights, sounds, and feelings associated with the hunt itself: the spooky sound of deer snorting and blowing in the predawn woods; deer appearing from out of nowhere, like apparitions, out of the foggy bottomlands on a misty morning; the nervous, adrenaline pumping moments as deer slowly wander within range under the tree stand; an arrow striking true and the deer bolting as it jumps, kicks, darts, and crashes into the brush.Solitary though it can be, deer hunting is also a communal sport, where cohorts gather annually for deer camp, coworkers share experiences and tactics with each other around the water cooler, and the best deer jerky is shared with a select group of friends. Long-time deer hunters know well their buddies’ tales of exultant conquest and bitter defeat. Also valued are the lessons learned and time shared with family and friends, and the excellent, bountiful table fare that venison provides.This is all illustrated when Ohio huntsmen share their stories and deer recipes, capturing the essence and flavor of deer hunting and down-home game cooking. Baltimore’s Joel McCreery hunts several days of the week during deer gun season on his family farm in Fairfield County. The farm includes a u-pick strawberry patch, pigs and heritage poultry on its 53 gently rolling acres of prairie grasses — excellent game cover for McCreery to hunt.Joel McCreery enjoys the ability to put food in the freezer through hunting.McCreery’s interest in natural history and his love of the outdoors is what draws him to hunting but putting nutritious, wild game in the larder is also an important part of the hunt for Joel.“I am definitely a meat hunter and not a head hunter. I pretty much rely on venison for my red meat. I enjoy getting venison for the health benefits of having low-fat protein in the freezer. I like the flavor of deer meat and I like the idea of providing my own meat. I prefer that to getting it at the store,” McCreery said.Harvesting game meat is part of McCreery’s philosophy of self-reliance and ties to his ambition to have a connection to the food that he eats.“Many years ago, I became convinced that I did not want to rely on others for my food. That led to my raising chicken and pork — partly for ethical reasons. I want animals to live well until harvested and I want to know what is being fed to them. And partly, I do it because I like the self-reliance and knowing how to provide for myself. Gardening and the canning and storing of food stuffs follows the same path,” Joel said “Hunting plays into the same feelings for me. I know where the meat is coming from. I’m being self-reliant, and I get to enjoy the outdoors. Maintaining the prairie grasses on our farm is perfect for my philosophy of providing good habitat for fauna, keeping the soil intact and enriched for small scale agriculture if needed, and it provides basically unlimited opportunities for harvesting game from squirrel to deer.”From a culinary standpoint, McCreery uses as much of the deer as he can and he enjoys cooking fresh organ meat soon after the deer is harvested.“When I don’t shoot the deer clean through the heart, I will use the heart in a couple of different dishes and I will also fry the liver up with some onions,” Joel said. “A very simple and surprisingly good way to prepare liver is to cut it in strips, and cook it on a stick over campfire coals until medium rare. The heart lunch meat recipe is really good — it has the consistency of and tastes like bologna.” Deer Heart Lunch MeatSoak heart in salt water overnightCover heart in salted water in a panAdd 1 small onion (minced), 2 cloves garlic (minced), 2 bay leaves, 1 tablespoon peppercornsBring to a boil, then reduce heat and simmer for 2 hours.Let cool and slice thin. Serve on crusty bread with mayonnaise. Deer Heart and NoodlesSoak heart in salt water overnight.Peel silver skin and valves on the inside of the heart off.Slice heart into 2-inch long strips, dredge in seasoned flour and fry in oil. Put to the side.Cook noodles in chicken (or venison) broth. Add heart strips after noodles are cooked in the broth. Greg Leasure, of Pleasantville, is an avid bow hunter. One of his favorite places to be in the fall and winter is high in a tree stand. Leasure appreciates having time for quiet thought in the deer woods andGreg Leasure, of Pleasantville, is an avid bow hunterlikes the opportunity to observe animal behavior in the natural environment. Many of his favorite deer hunting memories involve chasing deer in western Pennsylvania with his Dad and Grandpap.“My Dad and I once shot two does within 5 minutes of each other from stands about 30 yards apart. We got to watch each other kill the deer. Maybe my best memory was when I killed my first buck with my Grandpap on top of a mountain on the Pennsylvania/West Virginia border when I was 12,” Leasure said. “My Dad and Grandpap are both getting older and have slowed down. Neither of them hunt much anymore and it is good to have those memories of hunting with them. When I was a kid, as soon as I’d get off the school bus, we were gone and off into the woods and up in a tree, bow hunting.Another major aspect of the hunt for Leasure is the large amount of venison that he puts in his freezer; Leasure harvests three to four deer each year and venison is the staple meat on his dinner table.“Deer provides a lot of freezer meat, which is a big thing for us. I do my own butchering and I save the back straps and a couple of roasts and grind the rest. I have never bought ground beef from the grocery store, ever,” Leasure said. “I have a simple, but very delicious crock pot recipe.” Greg’s Crock Pot VenisonCut a back strap or roast into steak slices and place in the cooker. Then, add 1-2 brown gravy packets, 1 package of fresh mushrooms, one sliced onion, and 1 can of cream of mushroom soup. Cook it for 8-12 hours on low. Serve with mashed potatoes. For deer burgers, combine 1 pound of ground meat, 1 egg, 5 tablespoons Worchester sauce, 1-2 tablespoons liquid smoke, Cajun seasoning, and 1 cup bread crumbs. Make into patties and grill to your liking.For Trent Ball, of Logan, the fall deer hunt is a family affair where priceless memories are made and paternal wisdom and humor is imparted. This is shown when Trent reflects about youth huntingTrevor Ball, son of Trent Ball, continued the family deer hunting tradition.adventures in his following story about “Mist-a Buck.”“This past bow season was the first time my son had ever gone deer hunting and, unfortunately for him, it was also his first experience with buck fever. When his first deer walked under our tree stand, the excitement of the moment got the better of him and he totally missed his mark,” Ball said. “To say my son was disappointed would be an understatement, so I told him about my first deer hunt in hopes of making him feel better.“Deer gun season in Ohio is a special time and a rite of passage for many young men and when I was 13, after years of hounding him to let me go, my dad finally relented and agreed to take me deer hunting for the first time. Unlike my son, I was a very hyperactive and excitable boy who had messed up a few small game hunts with my inability to stay still, so looking back, I can understand Dad’s hesitance.”After a fruitless morning’s hunt on a snowy opening day, Trent’s hunting party decided to put on a deer drive in the afternoon, leaving him posted up for deer alone in the woods. After being told repeatedly about where to stand, shoot, and to “make sure it’s a deer you’re shooting at” by his father, Trent was left at his post and eventually became bored and started daydreaming.“All of the sudden, I was snapped back to reality when I heard some brush snap in the pine forest out in front of me. I moved a little closer towards the pine forest to get a better look. Then, I heard the brush crack again, and with my heart beating so fast I could hear it in my ears, I knelt down to look under the limbs, when a small button buck came through at a dead run right at me! I nearly jumped out of my skin and by the time I got the gun shouldered and got the safety off, the deer was so close that it had to jump to get by me—practically jumping over my legs. Even though the deer was so close I could have hit it with the gun, somehow my first shot missed, as did the second and third shots,” Ball said.Pretty soon, the rest of the hunting party came out of the woods to find the 13-year-old agape.“My dad looked mad after first seeing what he must have thought were snow angels in the middle of the road. It was only after hearing my story and seeing the deer tracks run right up to the imprints that my floundering had created, that he and the rest of the hunters started to laugh so hard they had to wipe the tears out of their eyes. I was embarrassed enough as it was, but my face turned red enough to melt the snow when my dad suggested that instead of naming me ‘Mr. Buck,’ from now on I would be known as ‘Mist-a Buck.’ This, of course, brought on a whole new round of laughter and back-slapping from the others, all at my expense,” Ball said. “The story brought a smile to my son’s face and his mood started to brighten. I told my son that even to this day I still take the occasional ‘Mist-a Buck’ ribbing from the guys that were on that hunt. My son told me he would have probably never gone deer hunting again and I agreed and said I might not have either if it weren’t for a similar talk I had with my dad and the fact that later that evening I shot my first deer. Both went a long way in soothing my bruised pride.“My story and a little food must have made my son feel better because after getting a bite to eat my son agreed to go back out with me that evening for another hunt. No sooner did we get settled when a six-point buck walked under our tree stand. My son’s shot put the buck down almost where it stood and as soon as the deer fell, my son forgot about the morning hunt and had a smile from ear to ear the rest of the night.” “Mist-a Buck” Summer Sausage5 lbs Ground Venison¼ cup Morton “Tender Quick” curing salt mix2½ tsp. Mustard seed1½ tsp. Garlic Powder2½ tsp. Course black pepper1 tsp. Liquid smoke1 tsp. Hickory smoke saltMix thoroughly, cover and chill. Each day (for three days) mix by hand, cover and chill. On the fourth day, mix and roll into 2”x 3” logs. Place on broiler pan and bake for 1- 1½ hours at 300 degrees. Let cool and enjoy. These Ohio hunters who pursue this state’s only big game animal, the whitetail deer, understand what President Theodore Roosevelt was talking about when discussing blood sport and the “cult of the strenuous.” As Roosevelt once said, “In hunting, the finding and killing of game is after all but a part of the whole. The free, self-reliant, adventurous life with its rugged and stalwart democracy, the wild surroundings, the grand beauty of the scenery, the chance to study the ways and habits of woodland creatures — all these unite to give to the career of the wilderness hunter its peculiar charm.”The wild hillsides and forests of Ohio offer hunters prime opportunities to put some fresh, lean game meat in the freezer. The deer herd is healthy and robust in most parts of the state and the hunting season is a long one. Part of the reason for deer hunting’s popularity is, as outdoor writer George Mattis says, “the whitetail appeals to every type of outdoorsman from the rugged still hunter of the back country to the occasional gunner in the densely populated areas…whether you pursue the sport alone or are a member of a congenial group that prefers a social hunt, the whitetail fills your requirements.”This year’s archery season opened on Sept. 30, 2017 and runs through Feb. 4, 2018. Youth gun season is on Nov. 18 and 19, 2017, while the statewide deer gun season runs from Nov. 27 through Dec. 3, 2017 and Dec. 16 and 17, 2017. For those who hunt with a smoke pole, muzzleloader season will be Jan. 6 to 9, 2018.last_img read more

Google Chrome Adds Bookmark Syncing Feature

first_imgTags:#Browsers#Google#Product Reviews#web Fresh on the heels of Firefox’s latest beta, Google has also just released a new beta build of their Chrome web browser. In addition to a number of speed improvements, the most exciting thing about today’s beta release is the inclusion of the Google Chrome synchronization framework. Although still in development, this technology allows Chrome users to sync their browser bookmarks across multiple computers without having to manually recreate them on each machine used. How To Enable Google SyncAccording to Google’s blog post about the beta release, the sync feature has to first be activated on each of your computers where Google Chrome is used. To do this, you’ll need to download the beta build of the browser available here. Once installed, click the “wrench” menu (yes, the one with the wrench icon) in Google Chrome and select “Synchronize my bookmarks” from the menu that appears. Sign into your Google account in the dialog box that pops up. If you’ve already set up Sync on another computer, you’ll then be prompted to confirm that your different sets of bookmarks should be merged together. In that case, click “Merge and Sync” to complete the process. Finally, click “OK” when you’ve finished. Not only does this feature sync your bookmarks, it also creates a copy of your bookmarks file on Google Docs in a new folder called “Google Chrome.” (Wonder what else will go in that folder in the future?) 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Market Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting sarah perez Related Posts As noted earlier, speed was a major factor in Firefox’s 3.6 beta 1, released just this Friday. Both companies are going head-to-head when it comes to browser speed, JavaScript performance and startup times, but no official speed tests have been done yet to compare the two new beta releases. To download the latest build of Google Chrome beta, head over to the Chrome beta site here. The official beta requires Windows XP SP2 or higher. What’s in Store for SyncFor now, the Sync feature is only synchronizing browser bookmarks, but the framework behind Sync is ultimately designed to handle the synchronization of other kinds of browser data as well. As to what sort of data that could be, Google can’t provide any official confirmation just yet. However, they did say that you could imagine that “this type of infrastructure could be extended to other types of user data such as passwords” in the future. We’ll speculate that it will eventually include those passwords, your browser history, and whatever favorite websites appear as thumbnails on the New Tab page. After all, if Mozilla’s Weave Sync prototype can handle those sorts of tasks already, there’s no reason to believe that Google couldn’t do the same. Because the new Sync feature uses an XMPP connection to synchronize the changes, changes made on one computer are synchronized immediately to another. Not just quickly, mind you, but immediately. This is possible because XMPP is what’s known as a “real-time” communication protocol – the same one that powers Google Talk, the company’s IM service. The use of this sort of technology hints at how Google plans to make their Chrome web browser the core of their upcoming netbook operating system, Google Chrome OS. The new OS will run web applications “in the cloud,” a radical change from current OS offerings where many applications are still installed on the computer’s hard drive itself. With Chrome (the browser’s) ability to synchronize data in real-time between computers, it’s easy to see how a cloud OS could operate. It wouldn’t matter which machine you used, your data would be available, stored in the cloud, synchronized, and all accessible upon login to your Google account. That prospect is either amazing or terrifying depending on your trust level when it comes to Google. Perhaps it’s even both.  Chrome Gets Faster, TooWhile Bookmark Sync is the most interesting feature to debut in the new beta, there are some notable speed improvements to mention, too. The latest build improves performance by 30% since the current stable release of Chrome and by 400% since the very first stable release, as measured by Mozilla’s Dromeao DOM Core Tests.  Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai…last_img read more

Microsoft And Nokia’s Plan To Shake Down Android Device Manufacturers

first_imgWhile much of the talk surrounding Microsoft’s acquisition of Nokia’s mobile business surrounds the inevitability of end-to-end mobile business models, there’s a vastly different lesson to take from Microsoft’s acquisition. Along with Nokia’s mobile business Microsoft got a 10-year license to a massive treasure trove of mobile patents.The real money, however, isn’t in Microsoft delving deeper into Android patent royalties. Rather, it’s in letting Nokia do it.The Money Is In AndroidLet’s do the math on Microsoft’s mobile strategy going forward. Last quarter, Nokia shipped 7.1 million Windows-based smartphones, on which Microsoft made less than $10 per device. That’s $71 million. Not bad, right?Wrong. At least, by comparison with how much Microsoft makes from Android.By some estimates, Microsoft collects as much as $8 per Android device. Lower, but since current shipping volumes of Android phones are so much higher than that of Windows Phone devices, that means Microsoft could generate $4.3 billion in Android royalties in 2013, and $8.8 billion by 2017. That’s real money.And while Microsoft has indulged in wishful thinking that with combined “synergies” it could generate $40 per Nokia device, that’s still small compared to its near-term potential to FUD Android distributors into license agreements. Last quarter Microsoft’s hypothetical enhanced margin would have yielded $284 million gross, or an annual run rate of $1.1 billion.To get to this hypothetical synergistic figure, Microsoft actually has to sell something, which requires real work. To mint $4.3 billion from Android licenses? It just needs to send out lawyers.Shaking The Android Tree HarderIt may be about to get worse. While Microsoft talked up Nokia’s device distribution, sales networks and other benefits, it was quick to call out the “valuable patent benefits” it derives from the deal. Microsoft walks through the cost benefits it receives from additional patent rights with Qualcomm and others that it receives through the deal: Role of Mobile App Analytics In-App Engagement Matt Asay Tags:#Android#Microsoft#Nokia#patent troll#Patents Related Posts What it Takes to Build a Highly Secure FinTech … Why IoT Apps are Eating Device Interfaces Given that Microsoft got licenses to use Nokia’s patents, and not the patents themselves, Microsoft likely saw the patents as a way to hedge against would-be litigants and lower its own IP costs associated with Windows phones.But Nokia? Well, that’s different.Nokia has not historically licensed its patents, preferring instead to use them to defend against competitors. With the sale of its handset business, however, all bets are off, as Nokia spokesperson Mark Durrant acknowledged: “Once we no longer have our own mobile devices business, following the close of the (Microsoft) transaction, we would be able to explore licensing some of those technologies.”Microsoft has intimated that 80% of Android phones are covered by Microsoft’s patent royalty agreements. Buying Nokia’s patents outright may have given Microsoft an even stronger hand in convincing Android manufacturers to cough up patent royalties, but having Nokia do the same is even better. Microsoft has effectively imposed double taxation on Android licensees, all the while shifting the dirty work to Nokia. The Mobile Patent Morass Just Got WorseMicrosoft may have just enabled a mega patent troll. Nokia no longer has any skin in the mobile game beyond its hugely valuable patents. Given Microsoft’s success in shaking down Android licensees, odds are good that we’ll soon see Nokia follow suit. Rest assured that in all this patent posturing not one shred of customer value will be created, but plenty may well be destroyed, and Android phones will become even more costly and less profitable to produce.Exactly as Microsoft has long planned with Linux servers and now Android phones. The Rise and Rise of Mobile Payment Technologylast_img read more

How To Brand Yourself Through Your Dedication And Value

first_imgRelated Posts “Brand me!” It’s the phrase new businesses say to marketing professionals hoping to build a successful brand. Marketing agencies helped national corporations like Pepsi, Coke, and Kraft establish their brands, so it makes sense for a new business to ask a marketing company for branding.The problem with this perception is that brands aren’t created like you’d create a logo or a website. Brands develop over time as a company builds its reputation. A brand is the personality of the company, and a strong brand is built through authenticity, transparency, and the determination to provide excellent service.Anyone who says you can brand yourself by hiring an expert graphic designer, or by contracting a talented marketer only has half the story. Graphics, logos, and other marketing materials support – but don’t create – a company’s brand.“A brand will help encourage someone to buy a product,” explains James Heaton, “and it directly supports whatever sales or marketing activities are in play, but the brand does not explicitly say ‘buy me.’ Instead, it says, “This is what I am. This is why I exist. If you agree, if you like me, you can buy me, support me, and recommend me to your friends.”If you’re going to build your brand, you have to earn it by doing the work.You need a few foundational skillsTo build a brand people love, you need determination, and you need to provide value, whether you’re selling a product, a service, or solving a problem.Determination will push you forward while the value you provide will attract people to your brand. This is part of the magic formula that eventually develops into loyalty.Some businesses only get half the formula correct and wonder why it doesn’t work. Imagine if the Wright Brothers had fierce determination, but never learned how to build wings. They would have launched themselves down that corridor over and over again, but they would never have gotten off the ground to achieve their famous 59-second, 852-foot flight. Determination alone does not create success.Be determined to triumphLooking at advances in aviation technology today, it’s hard to believe the Wright Brothers were ridiculed and discouraged from their efforts to fly. Back then, flying machines were a concept reserved for fantasies.People love brands that triumph over naysayers and do the impossible. For example, Boyan Slat developed a system to remove the vast amount of trash in our oceans. His system will take years compared to the estimated millennia if done manually. Nobody thought it was possible to corral the plastic in the sea so quickly until Slat figured out how to use the ocean’s own currents to speed the process.Being determined to see your projects all the way through, no matter what, will strengthen your brand. People love and admire both the Wright brothers and Boyan Slat, although neither is selling goods to the public. Their brand is who they are.Get your team in alignment with your brandAgain, you need more than talent to build a strong brand – you need your entire team on board to represent your brand in all that they do, including interactions with customers and the public. How they interact with customers will determine your brand.Scandals emerge every so often where the CEO of a major corporation is caught doing something that makes the company’s brand look bad. Even when they’re not on the clock, your team – especially higher-ups – are always going to represent your company in the public eye. They need to be prepared to embrace that responsibility and wear it well.World-renowned hair stylist and industry innovator, Eric Fisher, knows this branding aspect well. He’s a master of his craft and a savvy businessman. You probably didn’t realize there are hairstyling awards, but Fisher has won two of them. He’s also one of four Americans to win the Global Business Award from the Anderson School of Business.Fisher built his brand on relationships and runs three salons with teams of people who fully represent his brand. As a young boy, he spent time in the salon where his mother worked, watching her develop deep relationships with her clients. He saw them hug and kiss her before paying. When he decided to become a hairstylist, he vowed to embody her way of being in his own work.From the beginning, Fisher branded himself on strong relationships. That reputation allowed him to create three prestigious salons, a namesake academy, training programs, and best-selling books and CDs.In an interview with Rosy, Fisher revealed his most significant achievements and offered sound advice to others who wish to achieve their own success. His interview advocates for patience and determination. Being in love with what you do makes that easier.Fisher said it took about a year to see a return on his investment. Despite this, he was building his brand the whole time. “This happened because we had a great training program and a commitment to excellence and quality,” he said, referencing his success. “Our entire team took ownership of the sense of purpose we had about doing quality work.”When your entire team takes ownership of providing quality work, they’re taking an active role in building your brand.If you have customer service representatives, they’re continually building your brand while you’re not around. They’re often the primary source of interaction your customers have with your company. How they represent your company will determine your brand’s reputation.Brands emerge from reputationThe way brands emerge from reputation is easy to understand when you consider car manufacturers as an example. Each car make earned their brand through reputation influenced by customer preference. For example, Toyota has a reputation for building reliable cars that last a long time. BMW’s reputation centers on an enjoyable driving experience and quality craftsmanship. Subaru’s reputation is based on a superior AWD system.Almost everyone has owned various types of cars throughout their lives, but at some point, some choose to buy only one make of car because they feel aligned with the brand.You can only shape your brand reputationYour brand is who your customers think you are. You don’t have complete control over what others think about you, but you can shape their opinion.To build your brand, you need to work on building and maintaining your reputation constantly. Your reputation is shaped wherever the public has an opportunity to interact with or observe you. This includes your company website, your personal website, sales and marketing representatives, customer service team members, affiliate marketers, and anyone authorized to represent you.While you can’t precisely determine what your customers think about you, you can shape their opinion by positioning yourself as authentically as possible. You can influence how people perceive you by providing a level of customer service that makes people say positive things about you and your company. Word of mouth is one of the most efficient ways to build a strong brand. Simple Branding Is Key for Complex Tech, Says R… Frank Landman 8 Key Components to Building a Successful Busin…center_img The Dos and Don’ts of Brand Awareness Videos Improving Customer Loyalty with 3 Easy Steps Frank is a freelance journalist who has worked in various editorial capacities for over 10 years. He covers trends in technology as they relate to business. last_img read more

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