Sunday Blog: The Republican Establishment needs to take control and nominate someone else

first_imgThe convention ahead…When the Republicans convene in Cleveland in July, it is most likely going to be a mess. I really can’t wait. You can have your Kardashians, I want to see convention chaos.Trump is threatening that if he doesn’t secure the nomination, there will be riots in the street. Cleveland officials are gearing up with beefed up security.Donald TrumpBut Trump does a lot of threatening. That is what Trump does.The big question this next three months is whether or not he can secure 50 percent of the 2,472 delegates or 1,237 needed to win.He is currently at 739 about 500 short of the required number. Whether he can pull it off depends on what his competition will do. Here is an interesting article here about what Cruz and John Kasich will have to do to stop Trump’s nomination.The best scenario for the anti-Trump forces is for him not to get the required delegate count. That would lead to throwing a new name out there. Someone who might appeal to general election voters.The prospect of a Trump nomination is a losing one. Polls are showing that 67 percent of the voters view Trump unfavorably, including 34 percent of registered Republicans.There is conventional wisdom that the best thing that Republicans can do now is nominate Trump and let him lose big time in the general election to Hillary. That way the party could cleanse itself for the next time around. If Trump comes into the convention with the most votes and is denied the nomination it would disenfranchise a number of voters from the Republicans for an eternity.There may be some truth to that.But I’m under the impression especially in this social media age, people forget all too soon. Heck, when Teddy Roosevelt left the Republican party in 1912, he was back in the fold in 1916 and the Bull Moose Party was subsequently dissolved.Since 2016 appears to be headed for disaster anyway, the Republicans should do the honorable thing and draft a candidate against Clinton. Someone, who can actually give her a run for her money.There is no reason that the Republican leaders, those who have worked diligently for the conservative principles espoused by Ronald Reagan for decades, to turn the party over to a loud-mouth mean-spirited candidate who is catering to the disenfranchised with social media soundbites. Besides, he is on average just garnering 40 percent of the vote in various Republican primaries and caucuses anyway.The Republican Party is a mess made by children. Perhaps, it’s time for the parents to clean up the mess.Follow us on Twitter. Commentary by Tracy McCue, Sumner Newscow —  The primary season for the Republicans has become a disaster and it is getting worse by the week.Now with Ted Cruz and that orange haired fellow playing National Enquirer gutter style politics by throwing one another’s wives under the bus, it is apparent:The Republicans don’t have a viable Presidential candidate to bring to voters this November.This is why, the national Republican Party “establishment,” those who truly love the party and have been there forever, needs to simply take over, much like irate parents do with their fussing, fighting children.Let’s put Bob Dole on the stand and nominate someone different.And come July, the Republican Party elite should open the convention by trotting up some stanch Reagan-era Republican like Bob Dole, who will step to the stage to open the convention and announce:“Enough is enough. Trump, go home. Cruz, go home. Kasich, maybe you can stay but shut up. Now this is what we are going to do. We are picking someone else. Someone with a brain, someone who is reasonable. Someone who hasn’t embarrassed himself. So are there any nominations? OK, since there are no nominations, I nominate Paul Ryan as President and Mitt Romney as Vice President. Do I hear a second? (Some old fart in the audience yells a second).“I now pronounce the nominations close. All those in favor state ‘eye.’ (few yell) All those oppose say ‘nay’ (many scream). Motion passes. Ryan is our nominee for President, Romney is our Vice President. I now proclaim this Convention over! Now let’s go drink beer.”It would be great. Trump and his supporters will scream and holler and start a third party campaign. Cruz will simply scream and holler. There will be mass chaos and it will be fun to watch.And come November, the inevitable will happen: Hillary Clinton will be elected.Hillary ClintonThe thing is: Clinton is already going to the White House. The Republicans made sure of that this primary season. Had the Republicans been the crushing bores they have been in years past, they would have captured the White House in 2016 with someone who could  bore everyone to death. I’m thinking Jeb Bush would have been the ideal candidate.It is unthinkable in a year when there is so much voter discontent, where so many people are wanting change, America will elect the most Inside-the-Beltway politician in U.S. History. Hillary Clinton is so ingrained in Washington D.C. that she was the first woman to greet Abraham Lincoln back home after he delivered his Gettysburg Address. And surely there is a top 20 Internet list somewhere that lists Hillary’s most exciting scandals of the last Century.The thought that Bill will back on the prowl in the White House seems a little scary. Maybe we should ban the sale of Viagra in Washington D.C. for the next four years.So my Dole-nominating-Ryan proposal, is a great idea. If the Republican Party is going to lose this election anyway, then why not right the ship, and take back the party? Maybe, the Republicans can send a message:“Hey, the rest of America, we really are not as crazy as you think we are.”That way the Republicans can leave with some self respect, and sharpen their knives for a successful run in 2020 when a very unpopular President Hillary Clinton – is seeking re-election.Teddy RooseveltBut what about the voters? Now I hear people screaming, that nominating anyone other than Trump, will be going against the will of the voters. I say hogwash. If you look at American history, our forefathers didn’t actually trust the will of the voters anyway, and the U.S. Constitution doesn’t even address party politics.When our nation was first started, only property owners, who were white and male, were allowed to vote. And the U.S. Senate was selected by state legislatures. There were several reasons for this, but the conventional wisdom by our forefathers, were that only those owning land were intelligent enough to vote.Of course, that has given way to the role of the American voter today. We no longer own slaves, we’ve figured out women should have a say in election matters and not everyone is a farmer.Even so, the U.S. Constitution has never addressed how political parties should select their nominees. That’s because when the U.S. Constitution was drafted, our forefathers, especially George Washington, had no desire to have a political party system.  Of course, not having political parties lasted about two minutes thereafter after a group of senators got upset over a bill that would allow the cultivation and smoking of marijuana and two factions were formed. I made that last sentence up.Eventually, there was the U.S. Civil War and the Republican and Democrat Parties took over and have been in power ever since. How the two parties have selected their nominees have changed, but one thing is constant. The U.S. Constitution has never gotten involved in that part of the electoral process. Essentially, the national parties can make up any dang rule they want to at any dang time.In the early 1900s, Presidential candidates were nominated by delegates who went to the political convention with no stipulations. There was no such thing as a Presidential primary.But that led to infighting. Former President Teddy Roosevelt, who had left office four years earlier but wanted to return, proposed a primary, and a few states decided to hold them.  He won handily. But Roosevelt was as popular with the Republican establishment as Trump is today, and they nominated President Howard Taft instead. Roosevelt left the Republican Party in a huff and started his own Bull Moose Party. That’s how Woodrow Wilson, the Democrat, became President in a three-way race.Primaries grew in popularity, but were still mostly beauty contests, until the 1968 Convention when after nominating Hubert Humphrey at the National Democrat Convention, who had never won a primary, the party establishment decided that primaries and caucuses would be the means of designating delegates for a convention.Basically, it ended the importance of the political conventions since everything was decided beforehand.But how a candidate secures enough delegates to get the nomination still varies from state to state, even though the process that is mostly now in the voters hands.Delegates have always been choses in unique ways.Delegate chaosThere is no conformity to how delegates are secured. Some states, like Kansas, have caucuses where you have to go to a designated spot and vote much like a town hall meeting. Other states hold primaries which are like normal elections. Some states have  “winner take all” primary delegates, while others designate delegates proportionally based on a vote. Then there are these “Super Delegates” which I don’t quite understand. And still there are delegates who go to the convention uncommitted and vote the way they used to – on their own accord.Some states allow Republicans to vote in Democrat primaries and vise versa. Other states vote strictly by designated parties.The point I’m making, when it comes to the Republican and Democrat nomination process, there are no consistent rules. So why not make up another rule? For example, adopt this resolution at the Republican Convention:“If the leading primary/caucus vote-getter is an idiot, you can override the primary and caucus vote, and allow party leaders to nominate someone who could actually win the general election.” Close Forgot password? Please put in your email: Send me my password! Close message Login This blog post All blog posts Subscribe to this blog post’s comments through… RSS Feed Subscribe via email Subscribe Subscribe to this blog’s comments through… RSS Feed Subscribe via email Subscribe Follow the discussion Comments (27) Logging you in… Close Login to IntenseDebate Or create an account Username or Email: Password: Forgot login? Cancel Login Close Username or Email: Password: Lost your password? Cancel Login Dashboard | Edit profile | Logout Logged in as Admin Options Disable comments for this page Save Settings Sort by: Date Rating Last Activity Loading comments… You are about to flag this comment as being inappropriate. Please explain why you are flagging this comment in the text box below and submit your report. The blog admin will be notified. Thank you for your input. +2 Vote up Vote down Trump voter · 228 weeks ago It’s time for change. Obamacare and everything else they have done in last 7 years needs to be undone. We need a doer not another YES MAN! president. Take our country back and control it like the GREAT MEN of our nation started. GO TRUMP! At least he will do what he says and not told by staff. Report Reply 0 replies · active 228 weeks ago +18 Vote up Vote down John Munro · 228 weeks ago Oh Tracy, I really enjoyed your commentary, it made me chuckle. On the serious side, the reason the two political parties are in such chaos is because when it boils down to it, there really isn’t any difference to speak of between the two. Both parties are steered by the big money which comes from the mega financial organizations, unions, medical industries and the list goes on. All of the people in congress and the administration in power at the time are controlled by all the big money. This is why nothing that improves the average people ever gets passed or improved on. Oh sure, the different parties make promises to make this and that better, but it never seems to go that way, it just gets worse and worse. Anyone that pays any attention at all knows this, but they just sit by and hope that someday it’s going to get a little better. The only way out of the mess that the federal government has become will be a complete revolution. There is no way that we are ever going to vote ourselves out of this mess at this point in time. The only candidates that could make any kind of difference have to be someone who has never been involved in the political process on the federal level, and in some cases, even on the state level. This is why Trump is making such big waves. The people as a whole know this, and that’s why they are voting for him. Sadly, even if he did get elected as president, he would still have to fight the legislature and judiciary to make any real progress, that is if he lived that long. So in reality, we the people are going to get the the same group of self serving jackals that have been running the show for the last 50 years or so. As for a revolution? Thirty to forty years ago I would have thought of it as a distinct possibility, but now in this time I seriously doubt it. I may be wrong, but I just don’t think the public would have the stomach for it. Report Reply 1 reply · active 228 weeks ago +14 Vote up Vote down Tyler · 228 weeks ago That’s exactly what we don’t need. If you’re a socialist Tracy, fine. Just shut up and let your readers think for themselves instead of leading them like sheep to the democratic side. The Republican Party AND the Democratic party are both worthless. Being “presidential” means nothing anymore. Miley Cyrus could do what Barak has done. Report Reply 1 reply · active 228 weeks ago +17 Vote up Vote down I.B. Well · 228 weeks ago So, the Republicans should just ignore the will of the majority of their voting members and shove whoever THEY want on us? That’s the way you think this Constitutional Republic of ours should work? That type of mindset is very disturbing and part of the problem. Report Reply 0 replies · active 228 weeks ago +15 Vote up Vote down Jeff McGuire · 228 weeks ago The arrogance and disregard for the people, by the do-nothing establishment, is the reason Trump has so much support. Who are these Republicans that have been there the whole time and love the party so much? To whom are they loyal? You speak as if our loyalties should lie with the Republican party, rather than to our country. Trump isn’the playing their game and it drives them crazy. They don’t want him to shed light on their de****able greed and corruption. You are suggesting that, established, party elites, subvert the will of the people in order to preserve the power of a group that sells us out on a daily basis. I have voted a straight republican ticket in every national election since 1984. If they do as you propose, I will vote for Hillary Clinton and hope for a revolution. Ingoring the will of the people and manipulating the rules of an election process in order to achieve desired outcome should result dire consequences for those who chose to do so. Report Reply 0 replies · active 228 weeks ago -17 Vote up Vote down Turkeyleg · 228 weeks ago Why don’t the Koch boys just run? They’ve bought off about every republiecon politician but Trump. Look at the money they would save. Maybe the brothers should offer Trump a few billion to quit. But I guess it wouldn’t be as fun as playing God from the dark and watch their less than human puppets do what republiecon puppets do. (Now is the time for the Soro’s comeback). Sanders is the only democrat worth voting for. I guess if Hillary gets it I’ll either vote for Trump or not at all. I think Clinton is in for a big awakening, I will bet most of the Sanders people will just not vote. I would like to ask Hillary one question though, “Ms Clinton, if you do get elected just how are you going to protect the young White House female interns from your Super Sexual Predator husband? She likes to call young or did call young black males “Super Predators”, just thought someone could come up with a classification of her husband. I would bring the victims names into this comment but they’ve been through enough. But really, the republicons have just brought this all upon themselves. Report Reply 0 replies · active 228 weeks ago +6 Vote up Vote down Bobby Wilson · 228 weeks ago The people want Trump. Why would they not support what the PEOPLE want. Your idea that they should just ignore what the people want is the problem. Trump mirrors Reagan in his campaign to be president. Nobody was taking him serious and he ended up according to you being an outstanding president. Trump scares the hell out of some because he doesn’t play Washington politics. He is about results. He wasn’t my first choice but he has become my choice. Report Reply 1 reply · active 228 weeks ago 0 Vote up Vote down JLHOG · 228 weeks ago Sir, the last 2 senate and house elections gave Republicans a majority in both __houses of congress. We the voters gave Republicans a majority to stop everything __the Democrats and Obama are doing to this country and to its citizens. Republicans __have not done anything to stop them.They may not have had a super majority to override __a veto but they have the power of the purse in which they could have defunded all of their __assaults on America. They could have at least made Obama veto bills but they never sent him any. Repeal & replace Obamacare. The Republicans have caved in to the Dems & Obama & gave them everything they wanted. That is not what the American people want and that is not what we wanted the Republicans to do when we gave them a majority. And then the NRCC and the Republican establishment wonders why Ted Cruz & Donald Trump are so popular and ahead in the polls. We the voters want competitive & affordable health insurance, not expensive ObamaCare. We want immigration stopped & borders secure, not immigration reform or amnesty. Build a border wall. Stop the Obama War on Coal producers, farmers and other businesses by extreme EPA rules & limits. continued in next post Report Reply 0 replies · active 228 weeks ago +1 Vote up Vote down JLHOG · 228 weeks ago We don’t need stricter gun laws. Let’s enforce strict sentences for criminals who commit crimes with guns. The Iran deal should be stopped. The fast track trade agreement is not good for America. We want a balanced budget, We want tax reform, possibly a flat tax, We want a smaller government. We want the Constitution upheld not trampled on & violated. We need to build our military back up . The global warming agenda is a lie. Quit attacking & prosecuting Christians for not baking a “Gay” cake because of their Christian beliefs. Also the IRS targeting conservatives. I am against any form of amnesty, I am against any more strict gun control laws, I am for ID required to vote, I am against abortion, I am against gay marriage, I am for gas & oil drilling on federal land. Control of our education system should be left to the states as well as marriage laws. continued in next post; Report Reply 0 replies · active 228 weeks ago +1 Vote up Vote down JLHOG · 228 weeks ago The Democrats & Obama have trashed our constitution & forced through legislation that is against the will of a majority of Americans and the Republicans have let them get by with it even with a majority in both houses of congress. The American people are mad as hell & the media & the politicians do not understand why. That is why I will vote for Ted Cruz or Donald Trump. When the Republican convention occurs in Cleveland the Republican establishment better not take the nomination away from Cruz or Trump or there will be a price to pay. Romney is a disgrace. Boehner was a disappointment as well as chief justice John Roberts. The SCOTUS is legislating from the bench instead of upholding our constitution. Do not allow a hearing or a vote on Obama’s nominee to the supreme court. We The People have a long list of grievances. We don’t want compromise with the Dems, we don’t want to reach across the isle to them, we do not want to work with them, we want the Republicans to stop Obama & the Democrats and reverse everything they have done. We want lower tax rates for individuals as well as businesses. We the people want our elected officials to represent us. Report Reply 0 replies · active 228 weeks ago 12Next » Post a new comment Enter text right here! Comment as a Guest, or login: Login to IntenseDebate Login to Login to Twitter Go back Tweet this comment Connected as (Logout) Email (optional) Not displayed publicly. Name Email Website (optional) Displayed next to your comments. Not displayed publicly. If you have a website, link to it here. Posting anonymously. Tweet this comment Submit Comment Subscribe to None Replies All new comments Comments by IntenseDebate Enter text right here! 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