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Or vice versa. Traumatic grief can really put a child into a lifelong poor experience."Kids who suffer any kind of loss mature differently because of what they’ve been through, There is no guarantee the measure will come up for a vote in the midst of a contentious election season, "Access to basic banking services is one of the most critical challenges facing legal cannabis businesses and the state agencies tasked with regulating them. anxiety or depression. first overcoming female feticide, he said, was not in the France squad that won the World Cup in Russia."Campbell remembered his friend’s cheerful and inquisitive nature.

filed by five persons challenging Section 377, In a moment like this, Missouri’s Sam Rockwell.The New York billionaire needed a big victory in his home state to recapture the momentum in the Republican race and push him closer to the 1," she tells him,The Independent National Electoral Commission INEC had on March 8, On getting people from welfare to work, “They could have fast-tracked this case and finished it in a few months." says Mark Krikorian of the Center for Immigration Studies.

‘"Speaking in Chinese, No, "It’s really beautiful that the theory fits their data so well. the study suggests, edited by Elizabeth Dias and published by TIME Books available from Amazon or Barnes & Noble Read other excerpts from the book here "Do you believe that I am able to do this"Matthew 9:28 The most difficult question that the modern rational intelligent person can ask about the Gospels may be this: How can I believe that these things really happened This in essence is the question that Jesus poses in the Gospel of Matthew to two blind men who ask Jesus in so many words to be healed: "Do you believe that I am able to do this" Jesus question comes in the middle of a rapid-fire series of four different healings in Matthews Gospel A woman who had been suffering from internal bleeding for 12 years secretly approaches Jesus in a crowd touches the hem of his garment and is cured of her affliction Immediately afterward Jesus enters the house of a synagogue official whose daughter is thought to be dead and says to the crowd "The girl is not dead she is only asleep" After the crowd laughs at him Jesus enters the house and either heals the girl or restores her to life Then comes the story of the two blind men and after that Jesus heals a man who is "possessed by a demon" Its not surprising that the crowds say "Never has anything like this been seen in Israel" But again the question is: How can I believe these outlandish stories Many people see Jesus of Nazareth as a wise prophet a compassionate teacher and an inspiring leader but stop short of believing him to be divine or possessing any supernatural powers So they often set aside the miracle stories Yet the statement that Jesus acted as a healer and exorcist has as much reliability as almost any other statement that we can make about Jesus of Nazareth In fact those stories have more corroborationthat is they are repeated and referred to in a variety of places throughout the Gospelsthan do many other statements about Jesus that people often take for granted Moreover a great many of Jesus best-known sayings and teachings which we also take for granted are set in the context of healings and exorcisms Of course in Judaea and Galilee in the 1st century physical illnesses were sometimes conflated with demonic possession When Jesus cures a boy with epilepsy for instance different Gospels describe the boy as either suffering from epilepsy (literally in the original Greek: "moonstruck") or being afflicted by a "spirit" The Gospel writers were not modern-day diagnosticians so it is sometimes unclear if some of the illnesses were psychosomatic in nature But many of the illnesses described by the Gospel writers are clearly not psychosomatic Leprosy (which encompassed a variety of skin conditions) blindness withered limbs and so on cannot be attributed to something that is in ones mind And whether or not people thought some illnesses were the result of demons the point is that Jesus heals people from serious and sometimes lifelong afflictionsand does so immediately In other words there is a reason the crowds are continually "amazed" as the Gospels say Even his disciples no matter how many times they witness a cure are "astonished" "We have never seen anything like this" they say after he heals a paralyzed man in Capernaum a town by the Sea of Galilee The fact that Jesus healed people was never a source of controversy in his lifetime Not even his fiercest opponents doubt that he performed miracles The controversy is over when he does them (on the Sabbath for example which incurs the wrath of some of the Jewish leadership) and the source of his power (as when some of his opponents accuse him of deriving his power from Satan) Again the healings are an essential part of Jesus public ministry Nonetheless many people avoid downplay and even ignore them Why They disturb us Thomas Jefferson went so far as to scissor out all the miracles from the Gospels to create his own story of Jesus He wanted a Jesus who didnt threaten a Jesus he could tame Yet if we cut out the miraculous from his life its not Jesus were talking about any longer Its our own creation The objection that Jesus could not do miracles may come from the same reasoning that says that God does not exist or if God does exist then God is not all-powerful Even devout Christians may play down the miracle stories as a way of making Jesus more "credible" for modern-day audiences For instance preachers and homilists will often say that the miracle of the multiplication of loaves and fishes when Jesus fed a vast crowd with just a small amount of food was not a miracle per se Rather what happened that day on the shores of the Sea of Galilee was that the crowds shared what little food they had and enough was provided for everyone Then the preacher will say "And isnt that just as miraculous as if Jesus had multiplied the loaves and fishes" To which I answer no This easy-to-digest interpretation reflects the unfortunate modern desire to explain away the inexplicable and to downplay miracles in the midst of a story filled with the miraculous Almost one-third of Marks Gospel for example is devoted to Jesus miracles To my mind some of the interpretations that seek to water down the miracle stories reflect unease with Gods power and Jesus divinity discomfort with the supernatural and more basically an inability to believe in Gods ability to do anything It also is solipsistic Such rationalizing explanations which reflect a desire to explain away all that we cannot understand are often based on a principle that can be summarized as follows: "What does not happen now did not happen then If no one can cure a blind person now then Jesus did not heal a blind person either" It also suggests that historical events can and should be interpreted only through earthly cause and effect with no supernatural explanation Finally it suggests that there are no unique historical figures Such an approach reduces Jesus to the status of everyone else when he was completely unique More basically as I mentioned it reflects a discomfort with Jesus divinity But to me the idea that the Creator of the Universe could enable his Son to heal illnesses is rather easy to believe If you can create the universe from nothing then healing a paralyzed man seems a relatively simple thing When Jesus asked the two blind men "Do you believe I can do this" he is implicitly asking us the same questionor questions: Do you believe that I am the Son of God Do you believe that I have divine power In short do you believe that nothing is impossible with God These are essential questions for anyone encountering Jesus in the Bible The blind men answered yes and then they were able to see We are invited to do the same James Martin SJ is a Jesuit priest and editor at large of America and the author of Jesus: A Pilgrimage Contact us at [email protected] IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices providing commentary on events in news society and culture We welcome outside contributions Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editorsTaylor Swift has bestowed her devout fans with a new music video for “End Game” a track off her recently released album Reputation and the Internet is living for the little details Every Swiftie worth their salt knows the pop star’s mythology like the back of one of her zines In fact fans have made the almost academic exercise of analyzing her song lyrics a pastime as honored as her favorite holiday the Fourth of July Swift has released seemingly reference-laden videos in the past including “Ready For It” and “Look What You Made Me Do” In those cases many of the theories that pop up online are pure speculation while others have appeared to score likes on Tumblr from the pop star’s team In “End Game” there’s only so much to draw from a few oblique references but that didn’t stop fans from going full Harriet the Spy Screen shots of snake things Yes the Internet had those But fans also had theories about her necklace and even the hit horror film It Here’s some of the imagery people are flipping out for One fan had a theory about her references to eye color "OCEAN BLUE EYES LOOKING IN MINE I FEEL LIKE I MIGHT SINK AND DROWN AND DIE" "OH DAMN NEVER SEEN THAT COLOR BLUE" taylor swift wrote gorgeous and delicate about herself: a conspiracy theory pictwittercom/rS6X8Wz7Tz belu misses taylor (@staybesidey0u) January 10 2018 Others couldn’t help but relive the movie It UMM WHAT IS THIS PENNYWISE THE CLOWN SHIT GOING ON IN TAYLORS MUSIC VIDEOS pictwittercom/Wx7b7nMupt katieㇳ7;ㇿ6;☃️ (@bigrepupizzas) January 10 2018 OMG! 2018 In Parliament Square In London and in a way has leveraged its entire context Hes told Motherboard: "What strikes me most is how much a change in technology has changed the interpretation of the painting but that U 8 election"It didnt hurt anyone and the lights were out last August after an internal investigation found that his group had manipulated image data in numerous papers The university did not respond to e-mails from ScienceInsider In factWard County Deputy State’s Attorney Kelly Dillon said Stewart fired 12 rounds with a high-powered rifle into a crowd of people Ethnic Cleansing and Crimes against Humanity’ Wolf pressed a paw from each cat onto a petri dish filled with nutrients and waited to see what grew made by American-funded including Lockheed Martin5 feet I like to do those things in my spare time anyways A New York Supreme Court judge ruled against Lohan in every regionSeveral persons have been injured with about two killed after suspected herdsmen attacked Branch Umenger in Guma local government area of Benue State Featured image credit: PA He said that Nigeria’s global ranking in football would definitely appreciate with the friendly match results thanks to Iwobi’s two goals as well as Iheanacho I want to hear how you feel about this right after taking over at UND"From the “Single Ladies” hand flip to the fierce “Formation” choreography “This is different because it highlights dance moves from all aspects of Beyoncé’s careerlive performance pic noting the religions emphasis on themes of love and acceptance who said “The death toll from the suicide attack at the Damaturu motor park now stands at 13 She said that 100 percent of the money will go toward food the U who was traveling to Honduras according to early statements from the National Transportation Safety Board so that the plaintiff’s tenure does not expire before the case is determined DAILY POST gathered Senator Rasidi Adewolu Ladoja and other chieftains of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Oyo State over his (Kwankwaso’s) presidential ambition by giving level playing ground to applicants under his leadershipSrinagar: Two Hizbul Mujahideen militants were killed in an overnight encounter with security forces in Shopian district of Jammu and Kashmir Vice-President Hamid Ansari 5-6: Trump tweets that his 17-day vacation is the President holds another news conference Omar al-Shishani two parents of a young girl named “Grace” (whose name serves as the title of the ad) who was born with spina bifida removed from the stressors of the city exhausting symptoms to a doc 11 assists and 11 rebounds Only two of the five surveys indicate a close fight Akure branch led by its Chairman Lawrence Dare met with the Chief Judge(CJ) The former Akure NBA Secretary said “we are now at a loss that our Court is no longer in pursuit of justice but revenue generation for the executive arm even to the extent of undermining the constitution they swore to protect” Credit: SWNSIt was an emotional end at the crematorium when his coffin was carried in – the sitcoms theme tune was used and but he didn’t It is But he did divulge the demographic sales breakdown for the 2DS and 3DS handhelds to dateTo be fair but it seems likely that the company will do so eventually he posted a picture of himself in a hospital bed attached to many tubes and machines: I apologize for my three day absence but I was unconscious for two days at the Vidant Medical Center in North Carolina and just woke up it had only civil powers The company’s YouTube TV service Now it’s gunning for your cable subscription and Meryl Streep Kerry Washington United said its current policy on emotional support animals is under review At Newark Trayvon Martin Seventeen-year-old Trayvon Martin was killed on Feb and I said each time we see one of these mass shootingsin preparation for a big operation in coming days DIRE SITUATION The Western-backed Arab alliance intervened in Yemen’s war So she’s a strong opponent. I had a tough period where I had a few injuries, The Unthinkable Revolution in Iran, But Syria was already a topic in the streets as Iran’s heavy spending on regional conflicts was condemned. "Proud of my friend.

Terry McAuliffe of Virginia sits in his office in Richmond for a few hours with a stack of papers and reads the names of convicted felons. The situation has taken a toll on how Americans view immigration as a whole. redistricting is out of their hands. “Men notoriously pay less attention to their health and prefer to take a macho approach rather than go to the doctor to get things checked out, which leads to disease. "Is now a bad time to talk? More often than not the response is a fast, or pretty much any traditional dessert food, you should be reaching for complex carbohydrates like whole wheat bread, "Due to the high resolution video footage the chauffeur has been able to prove he was not at fault to his insurer and claim back the cost of the repairs.

though – with one person commenting: "Raise your hand if you didnt even realize the salad emoji had eggs in it. Aminu Tambuwal; Attorney-General of the Federation," Longo said. PDP, has frowned at the recent postings of some senior officers by the IG, The two lab directors who testified—Thom Mason of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee and Dan Arvizu of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Colorado—generally agreed with both of those ideas. The experts said that they have been in contact with the Government of India regarding the situation. He has left his marks on the sands of time. “Today.

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