Six ways to create updated every day snapshot of love Shanghai

I love Shanghai in the first snapshot tell what information we mentioned Shanghai Shanghai dragon ER? Love the role of the snapshot, and love Shanghai snapshot update soon that site is protected by the spider love, this is our Links to find the most important point, now mostly love Shanghai to flow. So PR is not so important. So we want to update the website snapshot of love Shanghai every day, we should do what work? I am the Wuhan Shanghai dragon blog optimization after more than two months, now is the next snapshot, now what I do share to everyone, I hope everyone the snapshot is updated every day:

two web content

five through the blog site to drive

content can let the spider love our site, it is love spiders more content, relatively new, of course, we must be consistent with the content of these types of sites, and the article also continuous updates, no regular update, so as to ensure the spider every day of the visit of our site, so we love Shanghai site snapshot update every day there is no problem.

as I said when we went to the site and exchange Links each other, usually want to see your love Shanghai snapshot date, this is can indirectly reflect whether the site received spider love, so this time we can do Links and the snapshot date of the new site, because the spider is through the link up one by one take the Links so that you can let the spider come to our site, driven by our love Shanghai snapshot date, this time a friend will say, that my website is not the latest snapshot date, I switched to Links? Links friendship is two words, exchange Links can refer to this article: analysis of common mistakes in Links exchange, so that we can exchange links to many high quality.

The increase of

we can go to some high quality forum or blog (like Admin5, Chinaz, im286, whip Niu Shi and so on) decorate link bait to attract the spider to visit our site, because the weight of the forum or blog is very high, basically there is a spider, it will happen only when we just released the article directly the search engines. This is a very good method to attract spider visit website, is a most common method.

four to the high quality of the site layout of linkbait

server factors

is the Wuhan Shanghai dragon take this factor in the first place, because I think this is the most important, if this is not stable, the other are the clouds, so everyone in the establishment of the good selection of servers, which have the stability to continue to do the following things.

now several major portal sites are to create a free blog, and >

three and love Shanghai snapshot of the site do Links

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