The 7 most mainstream linkbait Shanghai dragon secret expert


5. plug-in. For some relatively strong Shanghai dragon Er, write a >

4. online tools. In fact, our online tools Shanghai dragon is the most familiar, almost every day in use. For example, check the PR value, query included number, calculates the page keyword density and so on.

3. humorous. We Chinese all have the same heart, love to see some of the gossip and joke. In fact, the jokes website is one of the fastest spreading content. Humorous content often attracted a lot of external links.

we do as a qualified Shanghai dragon Er all know that one of the essential features of the Internet is the link. The link is divided into internal and external link, so the chain is we the webmaster can control the outside chain is the challenges of our time. A new web site the chain is even more difficult, when we do Links and others, will see the other side of the domain name and domain name age weight, snapshot and so on. There is no weight for a new web site, we do not want to, natural what others do external links. If a website is not outside the chain, then the equivalent of an island, then included the search engine spiders never find you talk about what comes.

had tremendous effort, even if some Adsense links and we agreed to do, some people will play some tricks. And after we exchange after Links, immediately put our link removed, and some of the webmaster to Links with the nofollow attribute, so that all links on the page can not transfer the weight and so on, here I suggest you when someone for us with after we see the code inside the station is playing a flower recruit. Said so much, so how do we get voluntary additional high quality, wide source, high traffic and so on some links? The next Shanghai dragon small Mu is to share with you the link bait to attract

1. news. The early bird catches the worm, the core of this sentence is news. How do you say? If you say what is important news in the industry, you can be reported for the first time, then this is linkbait. The news bait must have two characteristics, one is enough fast enough, the other is enough professional, if we use the vernacular to report the news, what degree so are ridiculous, change an angle to the central news if we use the vernacular usual to speak, you used


2. to attract interest. If the webmaster provide links can get some kind of benefit, a good method is to form the link bait. What we say here is not money but other benefits. In Chinese Shanghai dragon industry influence the first Shanghai dragon contest — profound duhugu contest. In addition to participating websites need to link to the official website, webmaster community talk, each participating site quality comments have attracted a lot of external links.

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