Love Shanghai new algorithm started vigorously against hyperlink cheating sites

This is The

4. with WWW rankings without

website ranking is the top-level domain name, but the WWW rankings are not, this situation is relatively common, many people practice is to use a 301 redirect to WWW without the weight transfer to the WWW above, this method will have no effect, is debatable.

2. web site included a sharp decline of

website is normal before the next snapshot, but in a few days, suddenly one day in the card does not move. Although Shanghai has always stressed that love and love has nothing to do with Shanghai snapshot ranking, but also pointed out that Shanghai love love Shanghai snapshot update spider crawling more frequently. So, if you love Shanghai suddenly stop updating, is one of the signs of the site to be punished, in this case, it is best to check the Links, see if there have been implicated in the phenomenon, at the same time, look at their own anti chain, better construction of some high quality the chain is better.

and K before the station is different, just let the site’s ranking is gone, but the recording and snapshot is normal. The content included normal, snapshot is the next day, but there is no ranking. If so, should start from the original, pay more attention to the quality of the station, should not be to the number of heroes, at least love Shanghai don’t think the number is good.

Now the

1. love Shanghai snapshot suddenly stop updating


is now the love of Shanghai "turbulence" period, the website ranking is extremely unstable, basically every hour ranking there will be differences, every day the website is love Shanghai new algorithm impact, this time the algorithm change did not last 6.28 so much, just like the last drop right, even the website the home page is directly Duandiao, now can leave a home alone. "On the hyperlink cheating algorithm and upgrading" mentioned in the specific details about the hyperlink cheating, this love of Shanghai did not last as a large range of K station, just punish these sites. What are the specific embodiment of the website right down to


has no direct side home, is included in the site sharply reduced, reduced by thousands to tens, finally leaving home alone there. A good ranking is not good, ranking directly, "no echo". For this, we need to look at the contents of the website, whether to repeat the content, whether the website collection content too much, if this is the case, the best can write some original content, it can not write, find some soft writing firms can also write.

obviously this is a new algorithm, love Shanghai emphatically began to fight against the chain accumulation, by buying the chain website ranking, many ranking had begun to decline. Especially those who buy the site, the chain is more outstanding, the writer and friend of the website, just bought a chain, the ranking of the site will fly directly to the thousands of miles away, this also just confirmed the love.

3. ranking fell

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