Note the ten novice website optimization Shanghai dragon must know

4, do not imitate others big website. When a lot of new line on the website, will go to imitate other people’s websites, especially business sites, sometimes this page in addition to the company is not the same, what are the same. In this case, it is easy to be search engine that is the mirror. If you want to get the search engine interested, best original or false original some of their content.

6, the site included, to refrain from revising the title. Many of the new stand is love Shanghai, GG included, better sometimes think the word into the word title, sometimes think that good keywords, and changed the title keywords. The search engine for the new.

2, must choose stable server. Server stability is very important, if your site will always Gesanchaiwu down, spider on your site will not produce too much attention. Some servers will even use some abnormal firewall to defend this spider,


server is also not available. Hefei Shanghai dragon so advise everyone in the site in the selection of the server must choose stable server.

5, the content of construction, try not to use the pure collector collection. In the spider crawled, more love is the original content, if your website content is collected from the website or any crazy collector paste over it, the search engine will think you this station’s quality is not very high, that your ranking of course not peer website. Hefei Shanghai dragon so advise everyone has time to write some of the original content will be better, if just to find some news as content words, also want to find the latest news, the least number of reprint volume.

website optimization piece of the network is now the fire, many novice webmaster are learning Shanghai dragon, the author thinks that Shanghai dragon is actually a carefully and persevere in the implementation process, of course, for some basic knowledge is necessary to learn, so that it may have a greater leap. Here I come to introduce some of the summary of Shanghai dragon optimization ten will know the matters needing attention, hope for the novice friends all help.

1, try to avoid going to a.Info domain name registration. Because the search engine’s own technology Co., once engaged in stations extreme flooding, mainly involves many types of vocabulary, but most of those stations are used in the info domain name suffixes. So when I told everyone in the registration of new sites, even regular website, in order to avoid getting involved, as far as possible to avoid such suffixes.

3, the domain specification settings. Many new sites just on the line, respectively, with 3W and without 3W when different URL access, there might be a different page, in fact, these will allow the search engine become confused. So, whether new or old station, the best time to unify the URL analysis.

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