Love Shanghai library suspended audit released the chain to find a new place

Shanghai will love ah after a month off the assembly line, Shanghai library will love line is an unknown, has been in the library of Shanghai love chain the webmaster seems to change position, the chain can not stop it, and such a trouble, after the review of the library through the love of Shanghai is certainly greatly the weight will increase, perhaps love Shanghai library has been reduced, which may have any is not what we want to see, so as soon as possible to stop loving Shanghai library chain release is the hard truth, take the effort to find a new place outside the chain.


sunspots love Shanghai library account about seven hundred or eight hundred documents, there is some of the chain document, but also can be said to have been the chain weight relatively high, if the love Shanghai library really want to cut down, so before the document issued by sooty hard chain will be a large part of the loss. Afraid of what to what, sunspot suddenly found love Shanghai library should stop review the new document, sunspot from No. twenty-nine to a new document today released within three days of the full audit, consulting other webmasters is the same situation, according to the Shanghai library official love action, love Shanghai library staff recently may be busy to identify and delete some copyright infringement of the document, so there is no human to review the new document, the Shanghai library love sunspot consulting service mailbox, did not get a reply.

from the Zhengzhou outfit (贵族宝贝zz.zhcoo贵族宝贝) chief sunspot hope that a lot of the original, reproduced, links must be kept, thank you.

in Shanghai products, the current review is more easily through the experience of love love Shanghai, Shanghai space, but also to pay attention to when doing some of the details, these are some master all know, spot here to say a few more words. The first is a registered account cannot be too repetitive, change some of the account name registered account cannot have the law. The second is to replace IP, IP must be changed after each registered a new account or in an account released the chain on other accounts, because the chain of love Shanghai related products released results have been good, so I love Shanghai for the control is very strict.

love Shanghai products is always the chain source better, therefore sunspots and other grassroots webmaster are more like love do some work outside chain in Shanghai love products, due to long-term exposure to a variety of products like Shanghai, so these products have always been very concerned, made it clear that in the past IT forum love Shanghai boss Robin Li, infringement question to love Shanghai library, the good change, change is not good. This sentence, let sunspots and some frequently in Shanghai love library released the chain of people are so worried.

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