Application developers do three transformation to optimize the advantages of Shanghai Dragon

what is the Shanghai Dragon Technology Based

is the developer to make Shanghai the dragon, you can continue to do the things you love. In Shanghai Dragon technology, you are absolutely montana. Don’t believe it? To tell you one by one analysis of your terrible advantage to the author:

3. do the planning

because you are a developer, you know the basic principle of the search engine ranking. Therefore, the search engine rankings, more or less, you know. In the back of Shanghai Longfeng process, can be targeted to optimization, an antidote against the disease.



developers do Shanghai dragon, a more important reason is that you know most of the software market. You can easily tell what software is rubbish, what software is fine. Have this ability, and then go through the Shanghai Longfeng personnel commonly used tools for keyword mining work, will do more with less.

1. ranking

advantage: Shanghai Dragon technology base to worry about


Shanghai Longfeng what tool? The author as a developer, had the honor to participate in the promotion of the Shanghai dragon training Chinese. Is currently working on several websites of Shanghai Longfeng implementation. In time for their charging at the same time, but also pay more attention to the development of Shanghai dragon related technology, the author of a web site often is the Shanghai dragon know (贵族宝贝 zf贵族宝贝/, Shanghai dragon) many of the above tools, the author tried to download.

?Understand the principle of

this point of Shanghai dragon is very important, each page keyword layout for a web site of the Shanghai dragon, is not an easy thing, need to go through multiple thinking, in order to determine the keywords to be deployed. But for developers, usually with search engine opportunities, presumably better than anyone, and search for content, mostly very strong professional problems. With this experience, to do keyword planning, not very easy

structure optimization

professional Shanghai dragon knows, the layout is very important. But for a just Shanghai dragon people, web page layout, it should use "too profound to be understood" to describe "the lines of code, looking at the headache", the author of a friend will say Shanghai dragon. And you? You are a developer, you have to do Shanghai dragon, the code was out of your hands, they are like your own children, look friendly, want to embrace them, is excited to cry. This is the feelings. With this feeling, plus your professional knowledge, this point must be well realized.

?Keywords mining

two: Shanghai dragon auxiliary tool to worry about