Do site optimization for more than a year of personal understanding of the website snapshot

when I just contacted the Shanghai dragon, when Links and some webmaster, they always told me, your website weight is low, not right and I website Links. At that time I didn’t know what is your weight, weight in today I have a basic understanding of what will directly reflect the website! Website weight is nothing more than: Web site keywords ranking, included the number, website snapshot, website weight general point that is reflected in the site classification system of "treatment" in the eyes of the search engine. Another idea is a comprehensive search engine algorithm all favorable factors brought about by the "value effect" is recognized by the search engine. Today I want to say is the so-called web site snapshot weight system.


four, the influence of the server on the same server, the site is down right, or be K, will also have certain effects on the snapshot site, if you have economic strength. "

website snapshot representative? What is the website snapshot? Website snapshot refers to, when the search engine in the capture data for the web site has some cache, convenient site because the server or code to the website does not open, can also be some reference value is accessed. But not equal to the website website snapshot update time, from another point of view, the weight of the website snapshot also represents the site to a certain extent reflect.

if a website snapshot updates slow, a week or a month to update a website snapshot to a certain extent, also shows that the weight of this web site is a bit low, but does not represent the site’s ranking is not in the home, said here, website snapshot and website key word ranking is Never mind, not to say that the updated snapshot faster, the higher the rank. In fact, influence a snapshot of the update site the main reasons are:

three, the quality of the chain, some owners think that the website chain is better, so every day to go to Links, no matter how, despite the quality of the website of the other side, to improve the chain site. Some sites also appeared in the website does not open, or by the K station. Often such links would be on your own web site also has a direct impact, not the snapshot is inevitable. This is the reason why three.

, the web site no rules, some owners will love this today, dozens of posts a month later to update, or wait to have time to update the content on the website, spider to bring bad impression, spiders don’t know when you to update your website, this is the effect of a snapshot update reason a.

two, causing the site to update the quality problem, whether it is love or Shanghai two Google search engine for the original content of the increasingly high demand, especially for a new station, in order to improve the site weight, the original site update is a must. Some Adsense is lazy, update the site is ctrl+c, ctrl+v, causing the site to repeat too much content, nature will affect the site updated snapshot, this is two.

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