Search engine optimization techniques for the noble baby

2.1 optimized link create descriptive classification for website document and file name helps to better organize website, search engine to crawl the page. Create easy and friendly links to help others to create website external links. In connection with the word address, especially to use words and site content and structure, which helps visitors to browse the site, remember the address and website navigation, so maybe more willing to do external links to the site. Create a directory structure simple, use the directory structure to organize content also help visitors understand the real time in the position.

The structure of

2 link optimization

strategy is placed in the sitemap page on the website or by using the XMLSitemap file. The itemap page contains links to the main website, display the website structure, usually contains only the hierarchy list of the web page, browsing on the site if not found in the page, the page can pass to query; search engine has access to the page to grab a web page. In order to set up a website XMLSitemap file helps to ensure that the search engine can find 1 pages in the website. XMLSitemap file by Goosle webmaster tools to submit, noble baby easy to find the pages in the web site.

is one of the major search engines aristocratic baby, is the main entrance to the use of the Internet user information query. How is the site in the search results in the ranking is the main goal of the website optimization. GooSe ranking algorithm based on the noble baby search engine, this paper discusses the site optimization strategy, especially analyzes the page navigation links optimization, optimization and optimization of the page. This paper is beneficial to the optimization of the primary site.

1 navigation optimization


2.2 writing good anchor text anchor text is displayed in the link click on the text, in order to provide the target page information for users and Coogle. A link can be internal links, can also be external links. The anchor text is better, more users easy to navigate, baby is easy to understand the nobility of the target page content. Select the descriptive text, anchor text should at least provide basic information of the target page. Jane > Writing

1.1 site map site navigation to help visitors to quickly find the target content, helps search engines understand the webmaster’s important. The homepage is the site most frequently accessed pages. The web page level for a long time, should consider how to easily browse from the general page to the specific content of the page.

1.2 web site navigation optimization hierarchy create natural and smooth, make it possible to help visitors from the general to specific content. Create a navigation page necessity, establishment of internal link structure. The use of "breadcrumbs" bread crumbs navigation, internal links in the top or bottom of the page is composed of lines, allowing surfers can quickly back to the front page or home page. A lot of bread crumbs to the home link, and gradually transition to a specific page.

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