The Search ask why not transfer the weight of the link

first, I think the friend learning attitude is very good, Shanghai should progress in communication and questioned the dragon, must not blind worship and believe. I personally admire such people. Absolutely can not say, because my paper is good, or that love my blog, my article will not have any doubts. If so, it would be too terrible. If in the future one day, I tell you, your bank card all the money to my account, you will be ranked more than love Shanghai auction, no one will do, hehe. Next, we look at the question whether this friend, right.


four days ago, exposing the love Shanghai experience and Search ask cheating chain", in one of my articles in the form of graphic proof in Shanghai love experience and Search ask plus links, not a lot of Shanghai dragon er said outside the chain of high quality, the reasons for the love of Shanghai experience with " nofollow", and to link;; the link to Search ask JS. But today there is a netizen questioned in my blog as follows:

I sent yesterday in the "5" should be paid attention to in the construction site outside the chain.

first, we open this link:



but is it able to explain some links in Search ask can transfer the weight value? We see below:

because this article I put it as the answer, so it is not a lot of pictures, I think I’m on the two picture you will understand, look at the picture:

from the map source, link is indeed in the frame, rather than JS. At this point, his argument is correct, but I ignored this point.


贵族宝贝wenwen.soso贵族宝贝/z/q369532122.htm? W=%CB%AD%D3%D0%BD%F0%D7%D6%CB%FE%BE%D8%D5%F3%B5%C4%C5%C5%C3%FB%BD%CC%B3%CC& spi=1& sr=3& w8=%E8%B0%81%E6%9C%89%E9%87%91%E5%AD%97%E5%A1%94%E7%9F%A9%E9%98%B5%E7%9A%84%E6%8E%92%E5%90%8D%E6%95%99%; E7%A8%8B& qf=20& rn=9& qs=4&

I sent an article called "


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