Shanghai dragon blog site optimization to take you out of the Amazon (two)

link, meaning that all your blog, 100-500 range, tightly held together, become a huge relationship circle, and transfer the weight and popularity of each other. For example, A, B, C blog blog – D – E – F – A, this is probably the case, there are two kinds of sprocket way, one is added in the blog Links, one is to make an appropriate recommendation at the bottom of the article.

if the original, starting A5.贵族宝贝baidajob贵族宝贝, reproduced please keep this link.

continued on a "blog site optimization of Shanghai dragon lead Amazon" to some tips for you on the blog optimization. Three previous, just some basic blog promotion, people must first learn to crawl, only hope to continue to walk, here for everyone to share.

for your blog to take a good name for

blog sprocketThe so-called

many people go to the blog

The powerful

general blog can set up personalized domain name, this time you have to choose a good domain name, such as my station, 100 network of excellence, I can choose job or bdjob these are relatively easy to remember, the purpose is to let readers remember your domain name, the premise is to enrich your blog content in this case, he also want to see, you will directly enter the personality domain to your blog.

if you have time to look at other people’s blog, comment, good blog add a concern, others made some good articles you first time to grab the sofa, if his article on the Sina blog page, you this sofa or a little exposure, is a good way to increase the popularity of the. On the other hand, the general blogger you go to his blog, he will also visit your blog, look at your blog, or see who you are, you can also be cooked after more exchanges.

blog personalized domain name

hero sad beauty, who don’t want to play Diao Chan! To the popularity of the blog, try to use some information such as: female, unmarried, want to find a boyfriend, love etc.. Then upload some pictures of the girl, let the reader to feast our eyes, remember not to upload the star, too fake. Set up according to your personal data to the promotion of the website to decide, for example, your site is middle-aged people love the set middle-aged love, if is 90, you can set up some kind of non mainstream.

blog personal data

is a good name, good call, can deepen people’s impression of you, so get an easy to remember but not vulgar name dropping is extremely important for your blog, but also help to the search engine, shoot two hawks with one arrow, Why not?.

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