With ice bucket algorithm will upgrade how to enhance the mobile search experience

It is reported that Shanghai The position of The development trend of

how to enhance the mobile search experience

mobile search and PC search

news November 19th, love will be upgraded to the ice bucket bucket algorithm, algorithm is on-line in August of this year, mainly for the love of Shanghai mobile search experience. Including the fight against mobile phone advertising popups, forcing the user to download the full screen APP hurt the user experience page. Ice bucket algorithm upgrade also illustrates the importance of love Shanghai mobile search, mobile search results in search results are roughly the same with PC. But mobile search is a new search mode, the need to constantly upgrade and rectification, mobile search can display the search results according to geographical differences.

is more and more important in mobile search

mobile Internet is very obvious, the future number of mobile search users may exceed PC search, as the domestic search engine Mount Taishan and the North Star. Shanghai love won’t give up the field of mobile search, it will pay more attention to mobile search. But after all, computer and mobile phone PC, limited screen size, using a mobile phone to search for information users have their own habits and requirements. In order to enhance the user experience of mobile search love Shanghai, love Shanghai launched a bucket algorithm, which obviously. As other search engines will optimize their mobile search platform, for example: 360 search, Sogou search etc..

in the field of mobile search have started the war, love Shanghai, 360 search, Sogou search engine will join in, and now is a good time to grab market share. But in the end there is an old saying "users in the world, mobile search is still a long way to go. The square dimension network 贵族宝贝szfan>

mobile search has a strong regional, for example: a user wants to search for relevant information near the hotel, of course, he does not want to see other city information. This time love Shanghai mobile search can provide users more accurate and concise search results, after all, mobile phone screen is so big. If too many irrelevant results, then the user may have to flip to find. I love Shanghai mobile search results are different from the PC side of the search results, how to let the local users really want to quickly search for information, this is the key to future mobile search link optimization.

often use mobile phone search friends will estimate this feeling, is to see some garbage pop ads on the search page, or you download a mobile phone application force. Originally the mobile phone screen is not big, lead to turn off this page, let users very disgusted. So in love with the sea ice bucket algorithm firstly focus on these pages, but I’m afraid it is not easy to prevent spam popups fundamentally. At the technical level, and the PC side of the search results, the website of every hue is too many, in the computer we close those spam easily. But in the mobile phone screen will allow users to click on the doom.

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