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In order to search

love Shanghai know knowledge search results show

reputation as an example, the search of popular models "this year’s Shanghai auto show the Mazda 6" can be found, the relevant information of the models are all presented in the results page based on users for the car include comments. At the same time, Shanghai will know love intelligent recommendation that retrieval model for phase contrast, contrast word-of-mouth users intuitively provide two models. At present, WOM has covered the keywords automobile, notebook computer and mobile phone, camera, the follow-up will also provide more categories.

and data mapping function is mainly to meet the needs of the users of the biographical information retrieval, such as the user asked "Scorpio star", love Shanghai know can ask questions of content to a user for accurate recognition and understanding, and relying on the entity information database to know, the questions of user query and reasoning, and ultimately the user need answers to be presented through intuitive visualization scheme.


love Shanghai know knowledge search data show

[TechWeb] April 28th news reports, Shanghai recently launched love know knowledge search service, keywords for the related fields of the retrieval to provide special display, is now on-line reputation of medical search, search, map data and answer aggregation function, and at the same time to cover the PC terminal and wireless terminal.

know love Shanghai responsible person, Shanghai love knowledge search involving knowledge mining, knowledge proof, hot knowledge analysis, knowledge recommendation and emotion analysis, the official authoritative data collaboration, Natural Language Processing, semantic correlation analysis, demand recognition reasoning, data visualization and dozens of techniques and methods.

medical, love Shanghai know for retrieval of various diseases can provide pathological presentations, hospital doctors recommend recommendation, and users are most concerned about the recommendation. Is now on-line thousands of kinds of common diseases, the relevant medical data are from the domestic medical website good doctor online, and by the authority of physician certification audit love Shanghai Wikipedia entry.

love Shanghai know medical knowledge search results show

in addition, answer user questions and aggregation function can know the love of Shanghai related resources aggregation based on. For example, the user puts forward "how to do" diarrhea ", children 6 months to pay attention to what other common problems, love Shanghai know will retrieve the related quality automatic display to the user answer it is reported that the follow-up will also introduce more love Shanghai know in the field of professional website information and authoritative answer.

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