Shanghai dragon general keyword density how many

, for example, density optimization of key words, like going to the same girl, is the search engine, search engine to understand your own situation, I just want to know what you are currently engaged in work, you said that I am currently engaged in XXX work, make a month XXX, as well as a car, the work is easy, but now is the manager, have XX shares next month to buy the villa. That date will be very disgusted, as if deliberately express what.

is the author of these two sorts according to the group discussion of the results, but about whether it is necessary to optimize the keyword density of Shanghai dragon, the author gave me the answer is of course to optimize, and to focus on the optimization and optimization of the key! Here is not deliberately optimization, a lot of people in order to improve keyword density, and the content to stack keywords, this method may be useful to put in a few years ago, but now it has become the object of search engine hit.

believes that the keyword density requires proper optimization of reason: Keywords partly reflect the content of the article (website), it is necessary to make the appropriate optimization, the appropriate keyword density is helpful to improve the website keyword relevance, improve site keywords ranking, appropriate optimization key word density, help you tell the search engines this is a page or tend to what kind of content, because the search engines do not know the contents of the article, he only through frequent keyword to determine the post or page you about these words, then, the Internet search request.

too deliberately, not what meaning, or to resolve customer problems. After all, our service is the first user, user satisfaction, keyword density as a low ranking.

saw a group of friends to discuss the topic today in the group, a Shanghai dragon optimization keyword density how to control, many people give the answer only you understand ready to accept either course, estimated that many people think that the keyword density have no matter, there are a lot of people think the rational layout of the keyword density is still an important means of Shanghai dragon and Phoenix optimization, then the keyword density exactly in general how much detail below discuss appropriate?.

believes that the keyword density does not need to go to the optimization of reason: keywords as the core content of the website, can be said to have a pivotal position in the site, around a keyword optimization, if can guarantee the keyword relevance, is not always repeat the words, deliberately control the frequency of keywords, a simple example a keyword, the layout of the content on the website only, and did not make the word ranking, but there will still be the ranking results,

and I are summarized, it is of great concern, the author will share their views.

partly reflect the article (website), is the main content of the relationship, so that the keyword density is not so important!


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