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for 2 years, the most of the time is in the enterprise stand optimization. Compared to other types of sites, such as electricity, forum and portal, enterprise station keywords is less, so the main examination is around a few key words ranking expansion. The promotion personnel tragedy here, ranking pay commissions and a few words. I came to discuss the one-sided pursuit of ranking, and to promote the staff and customers bring troubles.


1, ranking K eager to pour a large

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site structure and layout, the author try to DIV+CSS the main page layout with "navigation navigation + product + product + product picture list list + product text" this combination. The chain using +b2b to do the classification of the long tail of the layout related wide outside the chain, then use soft to make the high quality the chain. This article, the author take a week to write more than 30 articles related to the original article.

the lessons learned last year, I did not hesitate to leave the Shanghai dragon company, came to the parking lock manufacturers of traditional enterprises. There are several hands before private. The author of the company for the company’s website, immediately worry. A enterprise stand, actually made by ECSHOP mall, a shopping mall or even home only two parking lock core products. The rest of the many other numerous car supplies. This site, no matter from the user experience or from the optimization did not pass. I know very well, even if the revision of the site, and then focus on the promotion, such as ranking up at least 3 months. But the main orders for the parking lock manufacturers, mostly from the Internet, the company can afford to wait, I can not afford to wait. For this reason, the author has enabled an old domain name.

a year ago, I stop doing business promotion, with the hands of some resources, such as a large number of companies provide a chain customer website. Then let the editor provides more than 30 articles, the main keyword optimization illustrated articles. Go to A5, Chinaz webmaster portal submission. Key words many times, the competition is not very intense, will be within 2 months, made a good ranking.

, I believe it should be law-abiding, cautious. In fact, the ranking for a week before the eager, although refrained from what the chain, to attract spiders, and increase the frequency of original article published, and strive to give a good impression of search engine. But 10 days later, I slowly increase the chain strength, early site is very awesome, love.

the second half of last year, greatly reduced the chain effect, if there is improper operation, love Shanghai update, immediately punish even a large station. Every time I give each customer site do friends chain, especially suspected of excessive optimization, I always wonder about it, to do so, love Shanghai will give me the station right down. Last year, in addition to the 6, July was K a few stations, generally speaking is firm and secure a year.

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