Think about love the latest Shanghai right down the chain how appropriate

I think the chain is going to do, as long as a good grasp. The front of the site, included only more than 200. But the chain has more than 1W. Look, a lot of content is irrigation, and many are in character signature in some local forum. I think if this is the forum that is not to do it. The chain do is of no value, the other can do less, do not do. A good outside chain, the chain can be worth you send a lot of rubbish. Another is to accumulate the chain resources. Soldiers of the fine is not much. That is the truth.

this time love Shanghai right down is soundless and stirless motionless, as before the station is K. Now is to let your keywords slowly down, you have no way. One of my friends to do is water purifier industry, two days ranked 100 outside, but also part of the long tail word ranking, this makes you very angry, he did not know what the reason. The author has done the analysis found that the lower right is not accidental on its website, but in the process of optimization does not cause the deal flawed and the chain of garbage. The author of the friends of the site is down right for the following reasons:

this time right down, for the greatest harm is Shanghai dragon Er chain. It is to do or not hesitate?. The chain is the chain how effective? If not effective outside the chain, the website is a great disservice. It is better to do. This is the time to do it or not? The author mentioned in front of that website is because of too much meaningless chain and the right to be reduced.

recently Baidu began to be normal, No. 27 Baidu began to take down the right to deal with the website. Not K station. This one is for the right down the chain right down, remember the love for the sea today 6.28 links to purchase the medical industry, but this is the love of Shanghai down the right site is also in the chain, is not to say that Shanghai began to reduce the weight of the chain. But the chain is not the website optimization. If the weight of the chain to reduce now love Shanghai, now Shanghai Longfeng Er outlets where there is

first website content the anchor text links, ask to know is early in order to boost the rankings do not get rid of, then, it is flawed, if it does not deal with the optimization of the site later is a time bomb. The second is the chain website, worrying. Analysis of the chain on his website, most of them are some outside the chain of no use, such as Forum irrigation, some anchor text blog, blog content or acquisition. The above two kinds of circumstances caused by the right down to. This time of reflection right down:

1. web site to do the chain right

this time is right down the chain also has a lot of features, it is a large number of replies. Some people do when the chain in order to save all replies, have not seen what he posted record. The chain is so strange immortal. The chain chase >


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