Recovery of several small folk prescription right down the website

two, 301 to the new domain name

of course, we love called love right down, the official said Shanghai as punishment is recessive punishment, we also love is called a web site by K. Is the meaning of K is not only the rankings included no love, Shanghai has no official K station that included ranking all loved sea known as the dominant punishment.


I’m here with their own experiences to collect some weight recovery after K small folk prescription, of course I have tried one by one, if you can’t, try to die straws when.

This is why

To popularize the knowledge of

, because a lot of Shanghai dragon Er some of the basic concept is not very clear, now a lot of website drop right phenomenon, the emergence of a large number of snapshots is included normal, normal, but the ranking is not normal, slightly serious point all the keywords ranking no, even the word is also not a brand. Light is a mostly keyword ranking dropped significantly.

of course, when your site right down, we will not discuss your anchor text, because too much, excessive chain website, spam links too much, the website is linked to the horse and so on. When we love Shanghai recover right down a lot, that is nothing more than one of these reasons will be correct, what a bunch of crap stick to the original, does not seem to have what too much valuable information.

folk prescription? Because most feel the love of Shanghai complaints and no complaints no two, then you are wrong, please don’t say complaints similar to my.

this is similar to the first point, but a lot of people are afraid to try the first said, if you long time to update the original, did not return to the weight, then you can try it no matter what, it also shows that the site is not used, the more accustomed to the more bad ass, this approach has some successful recovery.


this method is actually a lot of people have successfully achieved weight recovery, domain name redirection method is to be right down to the new domain name, but you can think very easy, I will drop the right domain name redirect to the new domain, the new domain name will also be implicated in the drop right? Actually have the official love sea that is right down don’t redirect to the new domain name domain name. But there is still a lot of stationmaster successfully obtained by this method. The exact cause is unknown.

, a web siteIn fact, a large number of

four, love Shanghai complaints

owners will find a problem, the site is down right after long time no ranking, then angrily to the website to be deleted, after one or two days in Shanghai and found that love can search to your site, glad, found that the site has no tears, no tears. So, when you long time no website ranking, do not delete the site, you can try to shut down for a period of time, and stop DNS, this method also has a large number of owners restored the ranking.

does not update the site

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