The case analysis is how to identify a station group


had a station group appeared not only in late 2010 when the emergence of a large number of a monopoly industry as large quantity, in 2011 almost a lot of people say that Baidu stations have been killed, but things are not so simple, there are still standing there, but the quantity is not so large. But the station master station to promote the group form, still have stations exist, but some are hard, some are out to see, I point out I found the station group:

three, increased drug industry

beauty is a woman born, they are shopping preferences, shopping online is a homely food is only, those white-collar workers, both men and women, acne, but not how to care for the female man, it is not the same, a long acne were to be destroyed, that this is certainly by the station of the group, before the station occupied for a long time, but did not find it, now there are still some stations, as follows:

I don’t know if this is the regional or national ranking, just to give you a reference only, see snapshots:

second is a station group mode, first introduced on the two, the rest of the industry would simply say no map, sorry Oh, a brief introduction of some industries will appear station group situation.

many people know, the first station group of words is L-carnitine, the elder brother of info occupy the entire home page and a few pages, and then it was artificial off, everyone is jealous and envious, we worked hard to do it, no matter the black hat is like white hat, make up is a good cat, but I we don’t want to cheat in order to rank, this certainly do users love The loss outweighs the gain., website, do not rely on search engines to eat can still exist, the word L-carnitine are very fire, a doctor recommended Hunan satellite TV, a sudden fire, also left a series of 360 coffee, not diet pills have no effect, I will not discuss, that I give you see below:

this is the two station group, I don’t know if it is the result of regional or national results, to see how they stand? Some website snapshot is very slow, can refer to whether the station group, through the love of Shanghai directly as shown in figure



: Snapshot

, a drug industry


is a team or individual stations, I do not want you to report, but I have been published, these sites will inevitably be constructed off, I just don’t let these sites make the Internet garbage.

two, anti acne products industry

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