Shanghai dragon how to query the DNS server is in force

?The free DNS server

4. the input you want to query the domain name without WWW, such as fast SEM marketing team web site: press.

Godaddy of the domain name than domestic cheap members Shanghai dragon friends will know that each domain is always cheaper than domestic in many spend the least money to do the same thing in the professional marketing spirit, many Shanghai Phoenix are chosen as the domain name registrar Godaddy fast SEM own marketing team ( is choose Godaddy as the domain name registrar of their own, but there are many problems with Godaddy followed is the most troublesome is the Godaddy DNS server are basically domestic harmony, the site open to everyone in the Godaddy for the other crazy DNS server is not available, after a long time the optimization of the website not to throw away the

1. open CMD.EXE (that is Windows in the annex to the command prompt).

DNS server is in force?


input set type=ns and press enter.

DNS server is actually very simple, just a few steps.

2. in the CMD input NSLOOKUP press enter.

so that we can easily check the URL you want to query the DNS server information, good, and to share with you today to here, Shanghai dragon more welcome to join Shanghai dragon combat strategy QQ group: 174119755 this paper discussed by swift SEM marketing team 贵族宝贝 original starting Admin5 welcome to reprint, please keep the site. Thank you for your cooperation.

After 3.

5. will appear below you want to query the DNS server, for example: nameserver = x.x.x.x

we can only choose other DNS servers for elite baby at home and also provide be harmonious, free DNS server we can also use DNSPod to provide this now still can be used, fast SEM marketing team has a lot of foreign registered domain names are used to parse DNSPod, always need some time DNS domain name server switching but uses an external force and a lot of friends, but the urgent need to query the DNS effect that we can check whether the new

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