How to let search engine website content page

The second is the chain

is the chain again. The chain can improve website ranking weight, also can be in a certain extent to the website content page, I know most of the webmaster website in the chain are used as the anchor text of the page, in fact, this is why the first page of the weight is the highest for the whole station, because the entrance of the chain are is the home page, this will give the search engine.

first content. Can not deny the content of the website is the spider food. The spider and special love original quality content, under such circumstances, if most of the content on your site is through the acquisition or reproduced, such content for spiders, itself is not what fresh at all, because the search engine is not to have the quality of the content, but for the high degree of repetition the content is particularly objectionable, this is the author’s personal experience, from the start station, blindly through the collection to add website update, so about three months only included the home page, and a content page are not included. Fortunately, one day met a kind of people, he told reporters that the original quality content is an important guarantee of the search engine included content page, then with a little trust psychology, adhere to a week, when I was ready to give up the original update also find that stationmaster theory when boring, check the website, actually included the content page. Then the author will always adhere to the original, occasionally false original, through the author’s website reached the second charge. So, the quality of the content is absolutely good or bad influence the content of the page included.

The contents of

. Most of the time, the chain will not be some webmaster attention, in fact, according to the author said that the chain is an important channel for the spider crawling website through better, within the chain set reasonable, let the spider crawling on the site freely, but not often climbed some articles to return to the home page, again, so it is a waste of time and because the spider, the spider to climb, climb old home, you will think the other page is home to set it off, so they will think home is the most important, the other page is not essential. So, in the chain of the site is an important guide to the content page also included, and within the chain set is best not to always return to the home page, this will cause many search engine crawling back to the home page will cause multiple snapshots. The site should be scattered, even extending in all directions. This is conducive to the website website are included.

as a web site and there are basic elements of the search engine included. A website without content even if the spider to also do not receive anything, but this situation does not change, there are a lot of website content included a lot but scanty, or even a year only included the home page, resulting in a content page are not included, it would suffer many optimization in the webmaster the. As for how to make the content page search engine included? What kind of content search engine included will easily be included? What will affect the content page? Today I simply said:

The quality of

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