January 2 2013photo by Tomiaki TamuraThe Planning

first_imgJanuary 2, 2013photo by Tomiaki TamuraThe Planning department has finished the year with an office full of young and enthusiastic women from 4 different countries; interns Eleanor McIntyre from England since October, Mandy Shen from China since September, Samantha Rose from USA since June, and Planning Coordinator Nadia Begin from Canada.[Photos by TT and text by Nadia Begin]photo by Tomiaki TamuraThe interns’ work in the Planning department has been to assist in planning and construction of the greenhouse(Energy Apron) project, exploring several alternative designs for the remainder of East Crescent Complex, researching rainwater collection system, working on the Bakery renovation designs, and developing site utility plans that include an overall site utility layout and chase/tunnel designs.last_img read more