Labour is set to table a new amendment that seeks

first_imgLabour is set to table a new amendment that seeks to enshrine its five demands for Brexit – including permanent customs union membership – in law.The proposal, which would change the UK’s negotiating position, will be voted on this week, when the government’s latest Brexit motion is presented to the Commons. It is likely to be rejected.Jeremy Corbyn is also expected to announce to Labour MPs at the meeting tonight that the party plans to back a fresh EU referendum, either by supporting or tabling its own amendment.It is thought that this will take place at the second meaningful vote, now taking place before 12th March.The Labour leader will tell his parliamentary party tonight: “The Prime Minister is recklessly running down the clock, in an attempt to force MPs to choose between her botched deal and a disastrous no deal. We cannot and will not accept.“Last week, after our visit to talk to EU officials and leaders in Brussels and Madrid, no one can be in any doubt Labour’s alternative Brexit plan is serious and credible. We are convinced our alternative, which puts jobs and living standards first, could command support in the House of Commons, bring people who voted Leave and Remain together, and be negotiated with the EU.“That’s why we will be putting down an amendment in parliament this week setting out Labour’s plan: for a comprehensive customs union with a UK say; close alignment with the single market; guarantees on rights and standards; protection for Britain’s role in EU agencies; and a security agreement which guarantees access to the European arrest warrant and vital shared databases. And we will be calling for legislation to underpin this mandate.“We will also be backing the Cooper-Letwin amendment to rule out a no deal outcome. One way or another, we will do everything in our power to prevent no deal and oppose a damaging Tory Brexit based on Theresa May’s overwhelmingly rejected deal.“That’s why, in line with our conference policy, we are committed to also putting forward or supporting an amendment in favour of a public vote to prevent a damaging Tory Brexit being forced on the country.”Below is the full text of Labour’s latest Brexit amendment.That this House instructs Ministers:(a) to negotiate with the EU for changes to the Political Declaration to secure:i. a permanent and comprehensive customs union with the EU;ii. close alignment with the single market underpinned by shared institutions and obligations;iii. dynamic alignment on rights and protections;iv. commitments on participation in EU agencies and funding programmes, including in areas such as the environment, education, and industrial regulation; andv. unambiguous agreement on the detail of future security arrangements, including access to the European Arrest Warrant and vital shared databases;(b) to introduce primary legislation to give statutory effect to this negotiating mandate.Tags:Labour /Jeremy Corbyn /Brexit /last_img read more

28 of Labour members voted against their own part

first_img28% of Labour members voted against their own party in the recent European elections, a LabourList poll has found.In our latest survey, over 32% of 9,286 respondents said they voted against Labour in the national election, while nearly 65% said they didn’t vote against Labour.The figure for those who voted against Labour was slightly less but still high for those survey respondents who identified themselves as members – at 28.4%.A total of 3% readers chose the ‘not applicable’ option, suggesting they could not vote in the elections.The finding comes amid renewed criticism from large pro-EU parts of Labour’s membership and activist base, with many calling on Jeremy Corbyn to shift the party towards a firmly anti-Brexit stance.A recent YouGov poll found that 41% of Labour members voted for a party other than Labour in the European elections, with 19% opting for the Greens and a further 15% supporting the Liberal Democrats.Its sample size of 2,189 Labour members was smaller than that of the latest LabourList latest survey, which attracted 7,650 self-identified members, though ours is self-selected and unweighted.Did you vote against Labour in the European elections?Readers:No – and I’m a Labour member – 59% (5,477)Yes – and I’m a Labour member – 23.4% (2,173)Yes – and I’m not a Labour member –  8.9% (829)No – and I’m not a Labour member – 5.7% (533)N/A – 3% (274) Members:No – and I’m a Labour member – 71.6% (5,477)Yes – and I’m a Labour member – 28.4% (2,173)The survey was open from 11am on Sunday 2nd June until 6pm on Monday 3rd June. Thank you to all 9,286 readers who took part. Read the full results here.Tags:Labour /European elections 2019 /last_img read more

Realty Seeking SF Address Faces Opposition

first_imgA lukewarm welcome awaited the proprietors of a potential new real estate office and coffee shop at the Planning Commission, where Keller Williams Realty on Thursday sought a permit to move into what was once ArtZone 461 on Valencia Street. The realty firm has dozens of locations across the country and several in the Bay Area, and at issue is whether it should be able to move into a space reserved by city zoning for retail.To comply with zoning and other city restrictions on what may occupy storefront space on the corridor, the realty firm proposed turning the storefront portion of the space into a cafe and real estate themed bookstore area accessible to the public. The office, it said, could be tucked away behind the cafe and bookstore.“We’ll embrace whatever so we can add that retail component,” said Andre Davis, a consultant who spoke for Keller Williams. Despite the compromise, the firm will still be required to get a conditional use permit from the city – and local merchants took that opportunity to express concern that the coffee shop would merely be a facade.“This is a sham, this is not a real retail space,” said Jefferson McCarley, general manager of Mission Bicycle and vice president of the Valencia Corridor Merchants Association.Jason McArthur, who runs the store Five and Diamond, characterized the coffee shop as an extension of the realty office.“This is troubling to me because shifting around office space to shift the conference room and water cooler space in the front does not to me mean an active retail space,” he said.Representatives from Ritual Coffee worried that the vendor at the new cafe might be a chain store like Starbucks or Peets.These concerns fell on fertile ground at the commission.“I think the space is well-designed, but I’m a little concerned we’re following the letter of the law and not necessarily the spirit of the law,” said Commissioner Rich Hillis. “We do want to promote retail.”Commissioner Christine Johnson, meanwhile, pointed out the permanence of the permit.“We’re doing a change of use and that stays on the land,” she said. “I’m a little bit concerned about that.”Others were concerned specifically about adding another coffee shop to the street. “It’s really becoming a restaurant destination,” said Commissioner Dennis Richards. “I’m not sure adding another coffee or food provider there is a great idea.”“I am concerned about the competition and oversaturation of coffee shops in the corridor,” said Commissioner Kathrin Moore, who wasn’t sold on the combination of office and coffee either. “Whether a real estate office is really the place where I would want to have my coffee… I question that.”Commissioners traded ideas for alternatives, like expanding the retail portion of the space, requiring that the entrance to the realty offices be in the rear, on Caledonia Street, or even asking that the firm trade out the coffee shop idea for a new art gallery, but seemed to agree that the retail and office spaces should be clearly separated.Davis pushed back against concerns about the cafe, emphasizing that Keller Williams had held two outreach events about the proposal and touting his own experience as a lifelong San Franciscan and as the designer of Toast cafe in  West Portal.Ultimately, the commission decided unanimously to revisit the decision on June 16, and asked that Keller Williams work with local merchants to reformulate their plan – leaving merchants and realtors to argue further in the hallway.The space has been a point of contention before. After ArtZone 461 moved out, luxury automaker Pagani eyed the space as a non-car accessory design showroom. City requirements for high-cost repairs ultimately prompted the automaker to look elsewhere, and the former gallery, along with two other adjacent retail spaces, has been vacant since. 0%center_img Tags: Business • real estate • San Francisco Planning Department • valencia street • vcma Share this: FacebookTwitterRedditemail,0%last_img read more

Diverse candidates crowd SF tech job fair but tradition may clog pipeline

first_imgStereotypes tell me tech conferences don’t look like the hundreds of aspiring tech workers queuing up to get into the Armory on Tuesday: I could count the number of white men on my crowded patch of sidewalk on one hand. Tech Inclusion, which held a career fair and then a day of talks with another series of speakers lined up for today, had clearly done a good job of attracting the diverse candidates that critics say the industry so sorely needs. Inside, it was also apparent planners had taken care to try to take concerns of every underrepresented group into account. People walked around with their pronouns — “she,” “he” or “they” — pinned to their shirts on pre-made buttons. The dozens of bathroom stalls were, signs announced, to be used by all genders. I walked past one conversation in which an ostensibly hearing-impaired person introduced himself to a company representative through an interpreter — the company rep didn’t skip a beat. Accents from around the world mingled in the packed spaces between company booths. It felt comfortingly progressive. But, in some ways, oddly old-school.“Do you have a resume for me?” could be heard at every turn on the floor where companies had set up their tables. They meant a paper resume. One woman who attended said she was nearly dismissed outright when she couldn’t produce one.Not, she said, what she expected at a technology job fair. Another woman was surprised and dismayed to find that there was no wi-fi. If she needed to get online, she was told, she could go to a nearby cafe. What? No internet? I checked later. Yep. Wi-fi only for company representatives.On the tech job hunt at large, the bigger barrier is the insistence on a degree, job seekers told me. “I feel it’s kind of a challenge to break into tech, a challenge from the base level, because even for internships they’re looking for someone who just finished a computer science degree,” said Spencer Dezart-Smith. He and Patrick Porche attend a coding boot camp and are switching industries, hoping to break into tech. Both have found it to be an industry that, despite its reputation for disruptions, sticks to rigid traditional hiring practices — most notably, that everyone wants to see a computer science degree from a traditional four-year university. “People have gotten two or three rounds of interviews, even meeting the CTO, and then getting turned down in the last [round] for someone with a computer science degree,” said Porche, who has a background in rehabilitation science and physical wellness.“It’s just not giving them the chance,” added Dezart-Smith, formerly a social worker in Australia and more recently a restaurant worker in San Francisco.“Taking out more debt for another master’s or bachelor’s wasn’t in the cards,” said Porche. “What you get is a white male workforce,” if you insist on such pre-requisites, added Dezart-Smith.Some there worried about being the odd person out. “You don’t want to be the token woman,” said one applicant who is trying to break into the industry. She, too, noticed the emphasis on tradition while on the online job hunt. When it came to asking about education, she said, the only possible answers on one application were three elite schools.It helped to have people from different backgrounds manning the company stations — which included small companies, educational institutions and tech giants like Google and Airbnb. Three people I talked to said they were encouraged by the fact that they’d spoken to employees who had themselves come from a boot camp or other nontraditional route.Despite the diversity of the fair and the open vibe of the day, there was still an awareness that it would not be easy to snag a job.Company representatives were kept busy with a dense crowd of job seekers.“The bias is always there,” said Surabhi Lodha, who recently received her master’s degree in computer science from the University of Southern California. She actually studied diversity in venture capital, finding that the ratio of men to women founders whose projects were funded was a depressing 10:1.  That number improved, she said, when there were more women venture capitalists. Lodha, in line for the Google booth, already has two job offers on the table but was casting around for opportunities that will offer her the best salary and work-life balance. Once hired, the environment needs to be one where women and other underrepresented groups feel welcome, said Beena Agrawal. She’s been an engineer for 15 years or so, and spent a good deal of time working in the gaming industry. The booths and swag at conferences and the ping pong tables and foosball in offices cater to the young and unattached, often male, workers who are willing to spend all of their time at the office.Agrawal has seen the VC phenomenon firsthand — she was at the career fair looking at the sorts of work that’s available because her startup, an education technology company aimed at encouraging girls to pursue tech, has had difficulty getting funding.Among the kids, too, stereotypes persist. “I find even at that age, tech is not a cool thing to do. You’ll have a smart 12-year-old who might be really good, but doesn’t consider it popular or cool,” she said. Chris Nguyen, who just finished his first year studying computer science at San Jose City College, was also surprised by the size and diversity of the crowd. He said few women are in his program, but looking around at Tech Inclusion, you wouldn’t know that there were fewer women engineers.Diana Fajardo, a chemical engineer originally from Colombia, was at the career fair to get to know people. “I’m not here to network, I’m here to make friends,” she said. She learned the local cultural ropes through two nonprofits that specialize in getting international professionals on their feet. She pointed out the career counselors ready to advise a line of candidates in one section of the drill court.“We all need that. Nobody is born with knowing how to communicate with people, how to sell yourself,” she said, though she grimaced at the idea of selling. “If you want to have diversity, you need to teach those skills.”Ultimately, this was clearly the place to be for all kinds of people interested in tech — and, for employers, the fair made it clear: The diverse candidates are here if you are willing to look. “When you move to California, you just see opportunity,” Fajardo said. “You feel like everyone is a dreamer and wants to change the world.” 0%center_img Tags: Business • San Francisco Armory • tech Share this: FacebookTwitterRedditemail,0%last_img read more

Distillations The Virgin Mary takes up residence at the 24th Street Bar

first_img“Okay, look,” I asked Michael, the heavily bearded bartender at the 24th Street Bar, “I have to ask — I have to — what’s with the Virgin Mary theme?”“No problem,” he said. “We get that a lot, actually.”“No kidding.”The 24th Street Bar in San Francisco has an okay beer list and an okay wine list, but it specializes in refreshing non-tiki drinks. Michelle stuck to beer all night, but the sign outside advertised an apple cider ginger whiskey cinnamon combination, and I wanted some of that. “I don’t understand people who try to create a bar without a theme!” she told me.“Actually, what I hate are the people who create bars with hackneyed themes, themes they don’t even believe in or care about,” I said. “That creates a layer of bullshit artificiality that a bar can almost never recover from. What I love about this bar is the way it just settled in and let its theme emerge. That’s what happens if you focus on just making a really great bar and then letting things happen — with a little wear and time, your theme comes out naturally, there’s no bullshit, and it’s all the stronger for it.”“As long as there’s room for inspiration,” she agrees. “That sounds right.”But for all that we love the bar — and the drinks (when I asked what else they could do up special, the bartender replied that they do great things with fresh watermelon juice, and then gave me a watermelon/agave/tequila cocktail that I could have drank all night) — Michelle and I weren’t actually feeling very religious. In our discussion of life’s tribulations, we did not even consider asking for intercession. We had instead discussed the virtues of self-reliance, of inner strength, and of the need to own one’s own flaws and take a tragic view of life — even as one tries to stay emotionally open, even to the point of vulnerability.We couldn’t think of a philosophy that really combined those elements properly, so we invented one. We call it: Cuddly Stoicism.Go ahead and laugh. It covers all the essential bases. It’s how we think life should be lived. I’d tell you more about it, but, we haven’t worked out the details yet: we’re planning to let them emerge, over time. That often works out so much better than a plan, by the grace of God, and if an angel flies through your door and takes up residence, so much the better. We were telling each other stories about horrible life experiences we’ve had to climb out of — which is really hilarious in the right company — and absolutely nothing about the conversation in any way suggested The Virgin Mary. She wouldn’t have come up at all, except that she was everywhere. Otherwise the 24th Street Bar is relatively standard fare: a long, L-shaped bar in a small room; dark; mirrors framed in wooden arches hanging on one wall; the two televisions turned to a ballgame. Nice, but in no way unusual … except for all the statues of Mary, mother of Jesus. I honestly haven’t seen so many of them in a bar before, ever. Not even in Mexico. Not even in the Vatican. “Well, the owner is Cuban, and when she opened the bar, her mother insisted that she had to have a Virgin Mary on the bar … this one …” Michael gestured at a plastic bust with a light inside of it … “so that the space would be blessed. And the owner said okay, and she did it. And that’s the Lady of Guadalupe, who is the Mexican Virgin Mary, who heals the drought, which means she brings the booze.”“Is the owner religious?” Michelle asked.“No, but she’s practical,” Michael said. “Then, on a trip, she found Our Lady of the Lourdes, and liked her so much and had a perfect space for her, so since there was already one Virgin Mary she took her back and there she is now,” he gestures to the wall to our right. “The Lady of the Lourdes is the Italian Virgin Mary, she looks over the bartender Bernadette, and she brings healing water — which, again, is the booze. After that, they just kept coming. On the wall behind you, we have the Santa Crocia …” he gestures to an angel, her face and arms covered by her two wings, mounted on the wall between the bathrooms “… which is the Italian angel who looks over the bar distillers’ and bar owners’ tombs when they die. And in the two bathrooms and on our shelves, we have the Virgin Mary’s three angels, who look over people. Before you reach the bar, right over the door, illuminated in red, we have the Lady of Guadalupe again …” this statue is a full bodied representation … “who heals the drought. And right when you walk in, bathed in the blue the blue light of the ATM, is the angel of redemption, so she takes away all the demons and troubles when you come inside the bar.”We take all this in for a moment. “And, when did you start selling the candles?” Michelle asks, with a nod at the tall candles with images of the Virgin Mary on them, running the length of the L-shaped bar, so that they are literally in front of every seat. A sign on the liquor shelf announces that the candles are available at $2 a pop. “That was kind of an accident,” Michael says. “They were just supposed to be decorations, but, she ordered way too many of them. Way too many. We’ve got boxes of them stacked on top of boxes of them in the back. So, we figured, why not sell them? They retail at $1.75 online, I figure a 25 cent convenience fee … why not?”“And … how has this all been received around here?” Michelle asked.“It’s turned out really well for us, actually,” he said, pleased with the miracle of it all. “People remember it, and they hear about it, and it sets us apart. It wasn’t something we did on purpose — at all — but it’s become who we are, and I wouldn’t have thought it would be popular around here, but, it really works.”That sounds exactly right. By the time we leave, Michelle and I agree that we like just about everything about the 24th Street bar. Subscribe to Mission Local’s daily newsletter Email Addresslast_img read more

ROYCE Simmons was all smiles after Saints 4018 wi

first_imgROYCE Simmons was all smiles after Saints 40-18 win over Catalans as he believes his charges are finally going in the right direction.The victory was Saints third in a row – and they climbed to third in the table putting two points into the Dragons in the process.“I was happy to get the win,” he said. “We played a side that has won 11 of its last 13 and played well.“I thought we were always going to win the game but a couple of times there was ricochets from kicks that didn’t go in our favour and we came off second best from it. That was a little concern.“Our defence has been good recently, but I think we let in some soft tries… we didn’t work them hard enough and they didn’t need to build up pressure. But, our ball control went in the right direction and we scored some good tries too.”He continued: “We got a good 20 minutes from Leon and his experience will be valuable to us for the rest of the year. But you can’t take too much away from the other halves as they have done a great job.“Getting him back to fitness is a work in progress and we don’t want to go too crazy with him. We’ll sit down and see what is best to do with him now for the next few weeks.“Jamie Foster played well tonight and his goalkicking was really good – he doesn’t miss too many. He is scoring tries too but you have to give credit to Francis Meli. He works in restricted areas and the opposition has to worry about him, then he has that clip pass. Jamie is doing well and Franny is assisting him too.“One guy that hasn’t had the plaudits since about the first ten weeks is James Roby. He sets the bar so high that perhaps people look over the top of him. If he hasn’t run 180+ metres and done 40/50 tackles tonight then I would be surprised.“I didn’t know he was this good before I came in – I didn’t know how someone could be so fit. His defence is superb. He sits you on your tail and puts in massive hits.“He is very close to the complete player and has added a kicking game to that too. He is right up there with the Cameron Smiths and Robbie Farahs. This year he has been given some leadership roles and jobs and it has made him a better player.“You’ll see that in his rep football this year – he will lead more and bring forwards on to the ball. He learnt off the best and is close to becoming one of the best.”last_img read more

They took home a 2112 victory in Perpignan thanks

first_imgThey took home a 21-12 victory in Perpignan thanks to a huge defensive effort.“It was a great performance by the boys,” he said. “Catalans is always a tough place to go. They have a strong record there so to get two points is always good.“We worked hard on our defence in pre-season. They had some key players missing but there was still four or five times when we defended repeat sets on our line. Then, we went down the other end of the field and scored.“Absorbing pressure is massive in rugby league and it is pleasing to see the things we have worked on come through in this game.”He continued: “You can never train for being down to 12 men, it is more of a mental thing you have to prepare for. When you lose a man you just have to work that little bit harder and be more resilient.“Mark Percival and Alex Walmsley both made important tackles and they saw us over the line.”Next up for Tommy and the Saints is a trip to the John Smiths Stadium next Friday (Feb 23) to take on the Huddersfield Giants.“They have some good talent, good individuals and they work hard as a team,” Tommy added. “We have a heavy week of training and then a lot of prep to get ready for the game.“Hopefully, that will stand us in good stead and we can kick on.”Saints travel to Huddersfield next Friday (February 23) before hosting Salford Red Devils on March 2.Tickets are now on sale from the Ticket Office at the Totally Wicked Stadium, by calling 01744 455 052 or online here.last_img read more

Sampson County Sheriffs Deputy involved in Pender County crash

first_imgPENDER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) —  A log truck, a sheriff’s deputy vehicle and another car were involved in a crash this morning in Pender County.Trooper B.R. Long with the NC Highway Patrol says just before 7:00 a.m., a car driving on Malpass Corner Road failed to yield at the Hwy 421 intersection. When they drove  through the intersection, a Sampson County Sheriff’s Deputy was driving south on 421 and had to take evasive action to avoid being hit.- Advertisement – The deputy ran off the right side of the road and hit a log truck that was stopped at Malpass Corner Road at the stop sign.Trooper Long says there were minor injuries.The crash is still under investigation. Charges are pending.Related Article: Highway Patrol investigating deadly crash in Pender CountyNames have not yet been released.last_img read more

Four Brunswick County races up for recount

first_imgBRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Four municipal races in Brunswick County are so close that a recount is planned for Wednesday, two days before the votes are officially canvassed.The Brunswick County Board of Elections will conduct a discretionary recount in the race for Boiling Spring Lakes Commissioner, Southport Mayor, Sunset Beach Councilman and Brunswick Regional H2Go Commissioner.- Advertisement – In Boiling Spring Lakes, only two votes separate the candidates vying for the second seat up for grabs. Guy R. Auger had 245 votes while Ed Wilkie received 243.The Southport Mayor’s race came down to a difference of 14 votes. Current mayor Jerry Dove received 663 votes while Joe Pat Hatem got 649 votes.A very close race in Sunset Beach, where only one vote separates the candidates up for the third councilman seat. Jan Harris has 661 votes and E. Wilson Sherrill has 660.Related Article: NC election fraud probed long before 2018 raceThe hotly contested race for H2Go Commissioner could determine the future of the H2Go reverse osmosis plant. Only a handful of votes separate three candidates who would hold the second and third seat on the board.In third place, Bill Beer, who is against the proposed plant, received 1,808 votes. Carl Antos, who supports the plant, came in fourth with 1,790 votes. Rodney McCoy came in second with 1,812 votes.The recount starts at 9:00 a.m. at the Brunswick County Board of Elections and is open to the public.last_img read more

Christmas tree recycling gets underway as postholiday cleanup begins

first_imgA pile of Christmas trees in Ogden Park waits to be recycled on Dec. 26, 2015. (Photo: Madison Morgan/WWAY) WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The presents have been opened. The big meal has been eaten. Soon many of us will start packing up the Christmas decorations. And if you have a real Christmas tree to get rid of, you can recycle it.New Hanover County offers free Christmas tree recycling beginning today and running through January 15. The county recycles them into mulch or compost. The trees can be dropped off at:Home Depot, 5511 Carolina Beach RoadHome Depot, 210 Eastwood RoadOgden Park, 225 Ogden Park Drive (near the baseball fields)New Hanover County Landfill, 5210 US Highway 421 North- Advertisement – There will be a designated area at each location for the trees to be neatly stacked.In Wrightsville Beach, residents can put trees out curbside for free pick-up through Jan. 31.The Town of Carolina Beach will provide free Christmas tree removal each Monday, Wednesday and Friday during January. The town will also work with the Cape Fear Surfrider Foundation again this year in a dune re-building program using the recycled Christmas trees.  The program will take place on Saturday, January 20, at 11 a.m. at the Ocean Blvd. beach access. Volunteers are needed and welcome to join in this family friendly event to help protect our beaches. Participants are asked to bring a shovel, tape measure, and scissors if possible.Related Article: Watch hundreds of stingrays swim off Wrightsville Beach coastChristmas tree recycling begins today in Brunswick County. Residents and property owners can drop off trees at the landfill for free through Jan. 31. The county’s Convenience Centers will accept also accept Christmas trees but there is a $5 per tree fee.In Pender County you can drop off Christmas trees starting Saturday and until Jan. 15 at the Convenience Centers in Hampstead and Rocky Point.Lights and decorations must be removed from all trees.last_img read more