Odisha man, team builds private satellite

first_imgGurudatta Panda, a 28-year-old from Odisha’s Berhampur, is part of a small team of technocrats that built a satellite for a private satellite design, manufacturing and management company. The eight-member team, including Mr. Panda, from Hyderabad-based Exseed Space Private Limited has constructed 10 cm cube-sized communication satellite, which will be launched into space by the United States-based SpaceX in November.Last phase tests Speaking to The Hindu over telephone, Mr. Panda said the small satellite will carry a linear transponder on FM for voice communication. Last phase tests of the satellite are being conducted. He claimed this is the first of its kind private space endeavour. Natural calamities Through private companies like his, the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) now plans to groom space start-ups that build new solutions in communication satellites, applications from remote sensing and rocketry.“This satellite will serve the ham or the amateur radio community. As a result, it will be of great help during natural calamities, when conventional communication services get disrupted,” he said.After the launch, this artificial satellite will be on a polar orbit with two passes over India everyday. The public will be able to receive this artificial satellite’s beacon on 145.90 Mhz using a TV tuner and USB dongles, Mr. Panda added. He said the eight-member team involved in construction of the small private satellite involved four technocrats and four managerial staff members. He and Exseed Space co-founder Ashhar Farhan were the communication engineers who played a key role in building the satellite. Sources said this small communication satellite has been constructed a cost of less than ₹20 lakh.Mr. Panda’s father Prana Chandra Panda is a retired Ayurveda doctor and his mother Manisha Dash a teacher. Born and brought up in the city, Mr. Panda completed his diploma in engineering from Uma Charan Pattnaik Engineering School in Berhampur, his BTech in Electronics and Telecommunication from Centurion University in Gajapati district. In 2011, he had joined the Railways and worked there for three years. He left the job in 2014 for an MTech course at the National Institute of Science and Technology (NIST) near Berhampur. After MTech, he joined Exseed Space. Ham radioMr. Panda, a ham radio enthusiast, helped in communication through his ham set-up when cyclone Phailin hit Ganjam district in 2013. He hoped that more youngsters from Odisha get interested in aerospace technology, an emerging field of development in the country.last_img read more

Thapa quits GJM over BJP candidate in Darjeeling

first_imgThe Bimal Gurung faction of the Gorkha Janmukti Morcha suffered another jolt on Sunday night with senior leader Swaraj Thapa quitting the party. Mr. Thapa, who was also the GJM spokesperson, said he was quitting to protest “against the idea of foisting a rank outsider as candidate for the Darjeeling Lok Sabha seat”. The candidate has no knowledge or interest about Darjeeling, he claimed. The BJP had announced the name of Raju Singh Bista, a businessman, from the constituency.GJM’s support is crucial to win in Darjeeling and for decades the BJP has been getting it. But earlier this month, GJM said it “would support the BJP but not the sitting MP, S.S. Ahluwalia”. Eventually, the BJP replaced Mr. Ahluwalia, but Mr. Bista’s name has caused more unrest. Mr. Thapa also accused the GJM leadership of failing to resist BJP’s pressure to “foist anybody and anyone” on them and the people of Darjeeling.last_img read more

Political Game Changer

first_imgIndian American participation this presidential cycle is the most intense and substantive ever and in the process it has also overturned the traditional political applecart in the community.Indian American Republicans, who, despite their very small proportion, were publicly ascendant and triumphant during the last two presidential campaigns, are lying low this season. Indians like to be seen running with the winner and Republicans this time around just aren’t setting the country on fire. The biggest Indian American Republican fundraiser Zach Zacharaiah, who co-chaired the Bush-Cheney Florida Campaign Finance Committee in 2004, is sitting out this election cycle. Rajen Anand: First generation Indians were predominantly for Hillary Clinton. The second generation was mostly for Barack Obama.On the Democratic side, likewise, many political and fundraising heavyweights have found themselves sidelined, as they placed all their chips on the wrong horse – Sen. Hillary Clinton. Sant Singh Chatwal, the controversial hotelier and restaurateur, who boasted about raising over $5 million for Clinton (a highly dubious claim based on Little India’s examination of Sen. Clinton’s public campaign records) was very publicly rebuffed by Sen. Barack Obama, after he very visibly sought to shift his political allegiance and vowed to raise $10 million for the Democratic Party nominee’s campaign.The ghosts of previous campaigns, it seems, are recasting the community politics. Republican nominee Sen. John McCain had fought a bruising battle with George Bush in the 2000 elections, which has many supporters of both men smarting to this day. Zacharaiah’s failure to pony up for the Republican candidate this election cycle is perhaps as much as function of his closeness to the Bush family, with whom he has been associated for almost three decades, as it could be the charges filed this May by the Securities and Exchange Commission, accusing him of insider trading on the stocks of the pharmaceutical company IVAX, on whose board he serves. According to records of the Federal Elections Commission, as of Aug. 18, Zachariah had not made any contribution to the McCain campaign, although he did pitch in the maximum allowable $2,300 for Sen. Fred Thompson’s failed presidential bid.After Clinton dropped out of the presidential race and tepidly endorsed Obama, Chatwal gloated he would bring his prodigious fund raising prowess to the Democrat’s campaign, grandiosely promising to raise $10 million from the Indian American community. Chatwal even claimed he held a private meeting with Sen. Obama and Sen. Clinton at a joint fundraiser by the two campaigns at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington, D.C. on June 26.Chatwal related to the media details of that “meeting”: “Obama told me, ‘Mr Chatwal, my office has been trying to reach you, and I said, ‘I was waiting for the order from my boss (Senator Clinton), and now, I got it,’ and I said, ‘I am going to hold the biggest fundraiser you have ever seen in your life.’“Obama replied, ‘I believe it, I know, my chair of the Finance Committee says if you want Indian Americans, get a hold of Sant Chatwal.’“So we are going to do it. We will raise over $10 million for the Obama campaign.” Shortly thereafter, however, Obama spokesman Tommy Vietor, disputed Chatwal’s assertion that he had a private meeting with the nominee, claiming: “Sen. Obama greeted Mr. Chatwal very briefly on a rope line, but this report of the substance of that conversation simply isn’t accurate.” Subsequently, another Obama spokesman, Ben Labolt, told the media that Chatwal “does not sit on a fundraising committee, he has not fundraised for the campaign and we do not expect him to.” Indeed, Chatwal was not named to a 14 member Asian American Finance Committee, half of who were Indians, including, Nasser Ahmad, Romita Shetty, Swadesh Chatterjee, Vinod Khosla, Mahinder Tak, Hrishi Karthikeyan, Dave Kumar, Reshma Saujani and Preeta Bansal. Chatwal did not respond to phone calls or email inquiries from Little India seeking comment.Curiously, notwithstanding Chatwal’s claim at the end of June that he would lead the fundraising charge for Obama among Indian Americans, as of Aug 18, neither he nor any member of his family, all of who had made the $2,300 maximum allowable contributions to Clinton’s primary campaign, had pitched in a dime to Obama’s campaign.In fact, seven of the Sen. Clinton’s top 10 Indian bundlers (people who packaged contributions from friends, family and business and professional associates) – Talat Hasan, Kishore Kaul, Arvind Raghunathan, Anil Shah and Ken Singh, aside from Sant Chatwal and his son Vikram Chatwal – had not made any contributions to Obama’s campaign by mid August, the last date for which public data was available. Just three – Talat Hasan’s wife Kamil Hasan, Prakash Shah and Mahinder Tak – had contributed, the maximum permissible of $4,600 each, to his primary and general election campaigns. Talat Hasan co-sponsored a major fundraiser for Obama late in August in San Francisco and presumably pitched in his contribution at the time, but public data on that fundraiser was still unavailable at press time. Two other prominent Indian American bundlers for John Edwards, another Obama rival – Indra Chatterjee and Akshay Rao – contributed to Obama soon after Edwards dropped out of the race. Likewise, A. K. Desai and R. Vijay, the only two major Indian American Republican bundlers for McCain’s primary opponent Mitt Romney, forked over their contributions to McCain’s campaign after Romney bowed out of the race. Clearly Clinton’s prominent Indian American financial backers are resisting embracing the man who vanquished their candidate in the primary and media reports suggest that the Clintons have been lukewarm about pulling their supporters, both political and financial, behind Obama. Indeed, the day before Sen. Clinton took to the Democratic National Convention floor, she had still not released her pledged delegates to support Obama, according to several of her Indian American delegates.Longtime party activist and Clinton delegate Rajen Anand told Little India at the convention that while he was fully behind Barack Obama, as a Clinton delegate he was pledged to support her until she directed her delegates otherwise, a sentiment echoed by Upendra Chivukula, a state legislator from New Jersey and another Clinton delegate at the DNC.Several of Clinton’s Indian American delegates expressed disappointment and some even anger that she had put them in a spot by not releasing them in advance of the convention to support Obama. “It puts us in a difficult spot,” said one delegate. “I support Obama, but I cannot do so as I am pledged to Hillary and until she releases us I have to vote for her if there is a roll call vote. But I hope it does not come to that.” It did not.Anand said the vast majority of Indian American Democrats supported Sen Clinton for the Democratic nomination during the primaries and not all of them had reconciled to Obama’s candidacy. However, he said, Obama was the overwhelming favorite among younger Indian Americans.Indeed, the active participation of second generation Indian Americans, especially in the Obama campaign, and to a lesser degree on McCain’s, distinctly shifted the center of gravity from the first generation to the second during this presidential election cycle. Clinton and Obama split the number of Indian American delegates almost evenly (see table). But the vast majority of Clinton’s pledged Indian delegates were first generation. Obama’s Indian delegates were overwhelmingly second generation.The Democratic Convention was the party’s most diverse ever. More than 40% of DNC delegates were minority, including 5% Asian. By contrast, the Republican National Convention was overwhelmingly White, featuring just 7% minorities – a sixth of the number at the DNC. The number of Indian American delegates at the DNC jumped significantly – to over 50 – from the 2004 convention. On the other hand, the number of Indian American delegates at the RNC in 2008 actually slipped from 2004.The St Paul, Minn., RNC convention drew just 10 Indian American delegates, predominantly alternates, one fewer than in 2004, when half were delegates, according to Little India estimates. Narender Reddy, a Georgia RNC delegate in 2004, was an alternate this year and Shambu Banik, another 2004 delegate, attended simply as a guest this time around. Nonetheless, Indian American Republicans, with others in the GOP, were clearly charged up by the surprising and exciting choice of Sarah Palin as McCain’s running mate. But they confront onerous odds.The substantially higher Indian American presence at the DNC compared to the RNC is reflected in stronger Democratic Party identification in the community. A Little India online poll had Obama besting McCain almost 4 to 1 with 79% to 21% at the end of September. National polls do not break out the data for Indian Americans, although polls of Asian Americans as a group show that Obama has a 4 to 1 advantage over McCain in the Asian community. A national Pew Center survey this summer found that 63% of Hindus identified themselves as Democratic or leaning Democratic, five times the number (13%) who were Republican or leaned Republican. 35% identified themselves as liberal, three times as many as those identifying themselves as Conservative. The vast majority of Indian Americans are Hindus and the Democratic Party identification was even higher among Muslims, who constitute the largest minority in the community. The Pew survey found surprising congruity among Hindus and mainstream Democratic Party positions on a range of social and cultural issues, such as abortion, homosexuality, environmentalism and the role of government as well. There is no doubt that the Democratic Party this year is ascendant in the community.The deck has surely been scrambled this year from 2004.  Indian American Delegates at the 2008 DNCClinton DelegatesRajen S. Anand, CANachhatar S. Bhullar, CAKranti A. Kapre, CANagaraja R. Rao, CADaljit Singh, CAResham Singh, CAMonisha Merchant, COMona Merchant, COManish K. Mishra, FLAnn Kalayil, ILAnanda S. Prasad, MIShanti Shah, MNVani Hari, NCThomas Vinod, NCUpendra Chivukula, NJMala R. Mehta, NJParakash Shah, NJMoneesh K. Bakshi, NYAshok Malhotra, NYReshma Saujani, NYUma Sengupta, NYMushtaq A. Sheikh, NYSubodh Chandra, OHAquil Surka, SCGaurab Bansal, WANabeela Baig, WIUnpledged DNC DelegatesKamil Hasan, CASunita Leeds, D.CMona Mohib, D.C.Sachin Shailendra, GA  Obama DelegatesHarpreet S. Sandhu, CAKeshini Ladduwahetty, DCSai Reddy, GADebaprasad Majumdar, IDRaj Fernando, ILMalik Mujahid, ILRaghu Nayak, ILSunil Puri, ILSmita Shah, ILVidya S. Kora, INRaj Goyle, KSMustaque A. Mirza, MAJayashree Kommareddi, MITanweer A. Janjua, MNAnjuli Mishra, MNSreenivasa R Dandamudi, MOManita Rawat, NVPreeta D. Bansal, NYHrishi Karthikeyan, NYAshok K. Malhotra, NYReshma M. Saujani, NYShekar Jayaraman, OHBharati Austin Kommineni, TXAbbas Ravjani, TXJulie Agarwal, VAVenkat Murthy, VAArshad Hasan, VTDidi Saluja, WAMushir Hassan, WIIndian American Delegates/Alternates at the RNCSunita Krishna, AZK.V. Kumar, AZGeorge Andrew, CANarender Reddy, GANavin Baro, INDaniel Zubair, MDSwadeep Niga, NVJorawar Misir, NYSampat Shivangi, MSAsh Khare, PA Delegate Profile    Race  DemsReps  National White 57%93%  66% Black 25%2% 13%  Latino 12%5% 15%  Asian 5%0% 4% Male 50%68% 50%  Indian American Bundlers 2008 Presidential CampaignObama   Karim Alibhai, Key Biscayne, FLPreeta Bansal, New York, NYJatinder Bedi, Chicago, ILHrishi Karthikeyan, New York, NYDeven Parekh, Insight Venture Partners, New York, NYSunil Puri, First Rockford Group, Rockford, ILAmy Singh, Chicago, ILBalvinder Singh, A One Carpet, Chicago, ILVinai Thummalapally, Mam-A Inc, Colorado Springs, COMccain   Agrawal Akhil, American Medical Depot, Miami Beach, FLKapadia Richard, Richards Alterations, Germantown, TNPolitical Survey of HindusParty Affiliation6% Republican7% Lean Republican13% Independent22% Lean Democratic41% Democratic11% OtherPolitical Ideology12% Conservative44% Moderate35% Liberal10% Don’t KnowPreference on Size of Government31% Smaller government, fewer services59% Bigger government, more services5% Depends5% Don’t know/ refusedViews on Abortion23% Legal in all cases46% Legal in most cases19% Illegal in most cases5% Illegal in all cases7% Don’t know/ refusedViews on Homosexuality48% Homosexuality should be accepted by society37% Homosexuality should be discouraged by society3% Neither/ both equally11% Don’t know/ refusedViews on Public Morality44% Government should do more to protect morality45% Government is too involved in morality4% Neither/ both7% Don’t know/ refusedViews on Environmental Protection24% Stricter environmental laws and regulations cost too many jobs and hurt the economy67% Stricter environmental laws and regulations are worth the cost2% Neither/ both equally6% Don’t know/ refusedViews on Country’s Role in World Affairs34% It’s best for the future of our country to be active in world affairs58% We should concentrate on problems here at home6% Neither/ both equally2% Don’t know/ refusedSource: Religious Beliefs & Practices: Diverse and Politically Relevant, The Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life Related Itemslast_img read more

Man testifies in trial over NBA players assault

first_imgUnder Armour’s Bandit 3 running shoes are ready to help you take on the street NBA players Markieff, left, and Marcus Morris arrive at Superior Court for the second day of their aggravated assault trial, Tuesday, Sept. 19, 2017, in Phoenix. The twins, along with Gerald Bowman, are charged with assaulting Erik Hood outside a recreation center in 2015 in Phoenix. (AP Photo/Matt York)PHOENIX — The man accusing NBA players Marcus and Markieff Morris of aggravated assault was pressed Tuesday by defense lawyers about his financial motives in the case.An Arizona grand jury indicted the Morris brothers on felony aggravated assault charges. They are accused of helping three other people beat Erik Hood outside a Phoenix recreation center on Jan. 24, 2015.ADVERTISEMENT Argentine bishop appears at court hearing on abuse charges Two of the other co-defendants pleaded guilty Sept. 13 to the same charges. The Morris brothers and the final defendant, Gerald Bowman, have pleaded not guilty.Hood told Phoenix police he was leaving a high school basketball game when he was approached by a friend of the Morris brothers. Hood said the man was speaking to him when he was punched in the back of the head.FEATURED STORIESSPORTSSEA Games: Biñan football stadium stands out in preparedness, completionSPORTSPrivate companies step in to help SEA Games hostingSPORTSBoxers Pacquiao, Petecio torchbearers for SEA Games openingHood tried to run but fell down before five men, including the Morris twins, punched and kicked him repeatedly, authorities said. All five left in a Rolls Royce Phantom, according to police.Hood, 36, testified he wanted justice for the incident that left him with a broken nose and other injuries. LATEST STORIES Robredo: True leaders perform well despite having ‘uninspiring’ boss PLAY LIST 02:49Robredo: True leaders perform well despite having ‘uninspiring’ boss02:42PH underwater hockey team aims to make waves in SEA Games01:44Philippines marks anniversary of massacre with calls for justice01:19Fire erupts in Barangay Tatalon in Quezon City01:07Trump talks impeachment while meeting NCAA athletes02:49World-class track facilities installed at NCC for SEA Games View comments Ethel Booba on hotel’s clarification that ‘kikiam’ is ‘chicken sausage’: ‘Kung di pa pansinin, baka isipin nila ok lang’ Winter storm threatens to scramble Thanksgiving travel plans Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. center_img MOST READ No more menthol cigarettes: New ban on tobacco, vape flavors Lacson: SEA Games fund put in foundation like ‘Napoles case’ Hood stressed in court that he wasn’t looking at any of the defendants differently from each other.Hood initially identified both Marcus and Markieff Morris as assailants, but testified that he later changed his statement to police to say Markieff did not physically assault him but had been in the vicinity.Defense attorneys pressed Hood on his knowing about the NBA players’ substantial assets and asked if he was intent on having a claim on at least one of the Morris twins for his financial gain. Hood denied that claim.Eckstein reviewed text messages Hood sent to multiple people indicating the Morris twins would have to pay him millions in financial damages for the case.The Morris brothers face the possibility of prison time and discipline from the NBA, including a minimum 10-game suspension, if they are found guilty. Marcus was traded to the Boston Celtics in July, and Markieff is now with the Washington Wizards.The two-week trial also threatens to disrupt the start of their 2017 NBA season, with training camp set to begin for both players on Sept. 26.Sports Related Videospowered by AdSparcRead Next Trump to designate Mexican drug cartels as terrorist groups The Morris brothers have known Hood since they were promising teenage AAU players, but Hood testified they had a falling out in 2011.Hood testified that his relationship with the brothers became strained because of a misinterpreted text message he sent their mother. He said there was nothing “improper” happening with him and their mother.Defense attorney Timothy Eckstein suggested Hood knew he had no chance of having a professional relationship with the players after the 2011 incident, but Hood insisted their relationship was not based on the twins making it to the NBA.The Morris brothers were drafted back-to-back in the first round of the 2011 NBA draft.The 6-foot-9 twins became teammates in 2013 when Marcus was traded to the Suns. ADVERTISEMENT ‘A complete lie:’ Drilon refutes ‘blabbermouth’ Salo’s claims Hotel says PH coach apologized for ‘kikiam for breakfast’ claimlast_img read more

Ashes rivalry to be renewed in T20 World Cup final

first_imgAustralia’s brute batting force and consistent bowling would be put through a stern test against a spirited England when the two Ashes rivals clash in the finals of the Twenty20 cricket World Cup on Sunday.Australia go into the match with sky-high confidence after chasing down a seemingly improbable 191 against Pakistan in the semifinals last night.But it would hardly be a stroll in the park for Michael Clarke’s men as England have played some outstanding cricket in the championship and just like Australia, they have been unbeaten since the Super Eights stage.England, who were hardly seen as title contenders before the start of the tournament, have been a revelation with an array of attacking batsmen and bowling all-rounders.They bat deep and have bowled with purpose and discipline right through the competition. Their fielding has been good as well.But Paul Collingwood’s men cannot match the Australians in talent and versality despite having the tenacity and confidence to take on their arch-rivals.However, the fast and bouncy Kensington Oval wicket will pose a challenge to the English batsman, who haven’t faced the kind of pace which Dirk Nannes and Shaun Tait generate, in this competition yet.The tearaway Australian quicks have consistently bowled at over 145 kph and have extracted disconcerting bounce from the bone-hard surface.But this being their first major championship final in six years, England would be as keen as Australia to take the title back home. But to achieve that, they would have to play their best cricket yet.advertisement”The boys have been responding well every time. The batsmen on top of the order have been giving great starts.Sometimes we need to finish the pieces of jigsaw,” said Collingwood.”We have very good players. We have selected players on potential and they have done fantastically well. We are confident they can deliver,” he added.Clarke, meanwhile, also has his eyes firmly set on the elusive Cup.”We have worked hard over the last 12 months to win the one cup that we haven’t. The boys are keen that we achieve what we had set out for. So we will come and play our best cricket,” said Clarke.last_img read more

Dubai International Sports Conference ends with Infantino

first_imgPuyol Dubai International Sports Conference ends with Infantino Mohammed Fayad 19:19 12/28/17 FacebookTwitterRedditcopy Comments(0) Dubai International Sports Conference The Dubai International Sports Conference concluded with its second day on the 28th of December after a host of stars spoke to the viewers. Marcelo Lippi was joined by his fellow Italian Pierluigi Collina and current football referee Felix Brych from Germany to speak during the first program of the day, which focused on the importance of technology in football.Brych spoke about the controversial video assistant referee (VAR) which has been implemented in leagues around the world this season, saying that “in order for referees to be prepared for this phenomena, there will be 6 to 8 weeks training camps”.The second session of the day saw legends Carlos Puyol, Francesco Totti and Ismail Matar talk about their experiences as one club players. Puyol highlighted two things that have changed since his time, the movement of Spanish players abroad and the expensive prices for defenders. He claimed that the “75 million fee for Virgil van Dijk is just absurd”, before continuing that “it would be impossible to see this transfer 15 years ago.” Editors’ Picks Lyon treble & England heartbreak: The full story behind Lucy Bronze’s dramatic 2019 Liverpool v Man City is now the league’s biggest rivalry and the bitterness is growing Megan Rapinoe: Born & brilliant in the U.S.A. A Liverpool legend in the making: Behind Virgil van Dijk’s remarkable rise to world’s best player Puyol at the Dubai International Sports ConferenceFinally, the FIFA President Gianni Infantino spoke to the press about a variety of topics in world football. He touched upon how football could improve the lifestyle of people and how FIFA could play a role in this.He further spoke about the FIFA World Cup and how qualification for the extra 16 nations to join after 2022 will be a key factor for their development. “I believe in hosting a big World Cup”, he said as he addressed the audience.This concluded the two-day conference before the evening of the 28th sees the Globe Soccer Awards take place to give out the awards to the best player, manager, club and Arabian national team.last_img read more

Kirk Herbstreit Addresses ESPN College GameDay Controversy

first_imgKirk Herbstreit On College Football's Most "Intimidating" StadiumESPN’s College GameDay faced some criticism on Saturday for not including Ohio State quarterback Dwayne Haskins in a Heisman Trophy interview with Alabama quarterback Tua Tagovailoa and Oklahoma quarterback Kyler Murray.Haskins was interviewed later in the show by Tim Tebow, but many fans felt that College GameDay was slighting the Heisman Trophy finalist.More Dwayne Haskins disrespect. #HesAFinalistToo pic.twitter.com/Bu254fNZat— Lettermen Row (@LettermenRow) December 8, 2018ESPN college football analyst Kirk Herbstreit took to Twitter to address the interview.“I have no idea,” Herbstreit said in response to a fan who asked about the interview. “Surprised to see that myself. Although Dwayne had his time with Tim Tebow later in the show. Shame of this whole thing is all 3 of these guys put up Heisman numbers. Any other year and the 2 that come up short tonight probably would win it.”Herbstreit later added:“Again, I have no idea why he wasn’t on with them. Wish he was. Not my call.”I have no idea. Surprised to see that myself. Although Dwayne had his time with Tim Tebow later in the show. Shame of this whole thing is all 3 of these guys put up Heisman numbers. Any other year and the 2 that come up short tonight probably would win it. https://t.co/Bem9nkdhHL— Kirk Herbstreit (@KirkHerbstreit) December 8, 2018Very fair and true statement. Again, I have no idea why he wasn’t on with them. Wish he was. Not my call. But your statement is 100% accurate. https://t.co/e6n88C3t5Y— Kirk Herbstreit (@KirkHerbstreit) December 8, 2018Murray went on to win the Heisman Trophy, while Tagovailoa finished in second and Haskins finished third.last_img read more

India optimistic Davis Cup tie vs Pakistan will be shifted from Islamabad

first_img Reuters New DelhiOctober 16, 2019UPDATED: October 16, 2019 15:05 IST (Getty Images)India’s tennis association will apply for visas for their Davis Cup tie against Pakistan next month but expects the fixture to be moved away from Islamabad, AITA Secretary General Hironmoy Chatterjee told Reuters on Wednesday.The Asia/Oceania Group I tie, originally scheduled for Sept. 14-15 in Islamabad, was postponed by the International Tennis Federation (ITF) to late November following a security review.”We’ve begun the visa procedure while waiting for a confirmation on the venue by the ITF,” Chatterjee said by telephone.”We’ve requested a change in venue and ITF has promised to get back to us by Nov. 3.”Pakistan was forced to host Davis Cup ties at neutral venues for more than a decade as teams refused to travel to the country citing security concerns.They played their first home tie after a gap of 12 years against Iran in 2017, while Hong Kong was relegated and fined by the ITF after they refused to travel to Pakistan the same year.Pakistan expelled India’s ambassador and suspended bilateral trade and all public transport links with its neighbour in August after New Delhi removed “special status” from its portion of the contested region of Kashmir.Chatterjee said it was premature to talk about a possible pullout by top players should the ITF stick to Islamabad as the venue and was optimistic the governing body would shift the tie.”Based on the current situation, ITF should,” he said.Also Read | Davis Cup: AITA may send team to Pakistan, will begin visa process soonAlso Read | Indian tennis team expresses reluctance to tour Pakistan for Davis CupadvertisementFor sports news, updates, live scores and cricket fixtures, log on to indiatoday.in/sports. Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter for Sports news, scores and updates.Get real-time alerts and all the news on your phone with the all-new India Today app. Download from Post your comment Do You Like This Story? Awesome! Now share the story Too bad. Tell us what you didn’t like in the comments Posted byrohan sen Tags :Follow India vs PakistanFollow Davis CupFollow AITAFollow ITF India optimistic Davis Cup tie vs Pakistan will be shifted from IslamabadThe Pakistan vs India tie, originally scheduled for September 14-15 in Islamabad, was postponed by the International Tennis Federation (ITF) to late November following a security review.advertisement Nextlast_img read more

Expanded NSCC Akerley Campus Opened

first_imgHundreds of students — including future chefs, hospitalityprofessionals and high-tech welders — are benefiting from a $5-million renovation at Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC),Akerley Campus. The expanded facility, which was officially opened today, Nov.24, by Premier John Hamm, is the first completion in the HalifaxRegional Municipality of NSCC’s multi-year, $123-milliondevelopment project made possible by the government of NovaScotia. “This renovation marks the beginning of new trainingopportunities for hundreds of Nova Scotians in Dartmouth and theentire Halifax Regional Municipality,” said Premier John Hamm. “As a government, we are proud to see this important provincialinvestment result in such a positive outcome.” “This is our first completed construction project in metro, andwhat’s so fascinating is that it is a true example of the widediversity of NSCC programming,” said NSCC president Ray Ivany. “Progressive enhancements to college such as the completedculinary and welding facilities at Akerley Campus will enablemore Nova Scotians to develop their potential by acquiring anapplied education that is linked to careers of economic growth inour province.” The $5-million project includes the construction of asophisticated welding facility with 40 work bays, and newculinary facilities with modern learning spaces to benefit 350students in culinary arts, baking and pastry arts, boulangerie,food and beverage management, tourism and hospitality management,apprenticeship, and in part-time studies programs such assommelier and gourmet cooking. In addition to formal learningspace, the renovated areas also provide new central areas forstudents, including a cafeteria that accommodates hundreds everyday, and a gourmet dining room that is operated by students forpaying customers to enjoy. Careers in welding, hospitality and culinary professions areamong the top 50 growth occupations in Nova Scotia. Eighty-eightper cent of NSCC graduates are employed, and 95 per cent of thosegraduates are living and working in Nova Scotia. Current NSCC students recognize the opportunities. Jill Burchell, a hospitality student at NSCC, Akerley Campus islooking forward to her career. “The changes under way at NSCC areimportant because students today need to have a modern and ever-evolving learning space that duplicates the real work world –that’s what college needs to be and that’s what I experienceevery day at NSCC’s Akerley Campus.” Welding student, Colin MacDiarmid agreed. “When I was firstthinking about career choices, I tried accounting, but I decidedan office job wasn’t for me. Now I know exactly what I’m going todo in the future. NSCC, Akerley Campus is helping me achieve mygoals due to the quality of the faculty and the modern learningfacilities.” Partners agree this development is an opportunity to profile theculinary and tourism industry and build on relationships. “Ibelieve this is an educational breakthrough,” said Danny Delorme,president of the Nova Scotia’s Chefs’ Association and a graduateof NSCC. “The new facility will result in stronger programs,higher enrolment in the sector, increased involvement inapprenticeship, and it will create more opportunities tostrengthen the relationship between the association and NSCC.” In addition to educating 40 welders on a full-time basis everyyear, the new facilities at Akerley Campus will also be used forapprenticeship programs, and specialized training forprofessionals interested in advancing skills in specificspecialty areas such as offshore fabrication projects that oftenrequire exotic metal training. “The new welding facilities at NSCC, Akerley Campus support thedevelopment of a quality, home-grown Nova Scotian labour forcefor onshore and offshore fabrication,” said Sean Leet, president,of EC Industries. “We regularly employ work-term studentscompleting NSCC’s welding program. Their skills and knowledge area tribute to the learning facilities and quality of theinstruction at the college.” In March 2003, the provincial government announced a $123-million, multi-year investment in NSCC, including a $5-millionenhancement to Akerley Campus, which is the largest campus inNSCC’s provincewide network. This investment is enabling thecollege to modernize facilities, increase student capacity, andenhance skill-driven learning programs across the province. Atthe end of the first phase of the development project, in 2007,NSCC will have the capacity for 4,000 students at three campusesin HRM. The total provincewide capacity will increase to 10,000students annually. The investment is part of the province’s Skills Nova Scotiainitiative, which involves training and skills upgrading, frombasic literacy to the use of the most sophisticated technologies.last_img read more

In the quest for justice

first_imgUnfortunate are those who were caught in the webbing of fraud builder groups and have to endure the price of embezzlement that these builder groups and their directors/owners inflicted upon them. It is strange how a handful of people capitalised on the idea to fool thousands right under everyone’s noses. It is to the credit of authorities to have unravelled the chain of events for the public to take note of how these builder groups have brought down people’s trust, and the economy somewhere in their pursuit for wealth. Now reeling under the judicial hammer, their incapacity to cough up their dues–money siphoned from buyers–has obviously pushed the state, the judiciary and homebuyers in a state of utter chaos. But the Judiciary has to play its role as the guardian of justice and it is the sight of Supreme Courts delivering justice which relieves the distressed homebuyers. In an equation, the story of these builder groups is no more than a theft of public money but the impact it had on the public was beyond just a theft. It was a severe fraud where homebuyers’ biggest share of financial strength was siphoned off in the lieu of providing a dream home to those uninformed buyers. They did not steal just money, they stole fortunes and people have been waiting ever since. Stories behind several complaints against these real-estate giants such as Amrapali and Unitech Ltd sum up to gross injustice and public cheating on a massive scale–something the SC ought to come down very hard for upon culprits. When the Supreme Court, Tuesday noon, finally delivered its verdict on the Amrapali Groups’ future, it felt a fraction of justice. SC cancelled the RERA registration of the Group besides appointing the National Buildings Construction Corporation (NBCC) to complete pending projects. The hammering did not cease. The Apex Court directed ED to investigate Amrapali Group officials and directors over money laundering. While the authorities will ensure that Amrapali Group coughs up all dues, the situation still leaves homebuyers in distress. An investment of a greater part of their fortunes into under-construction projects in pursuit to own a home that was never made is an investment of nearly a decade yielding absolutely nothing and simultaneously, impinging the investee with a financial crunch and a judicial battle–for their own money. The SC bench vested the rights of all projects seized by Amrapali with Senior Advocate R Venkatrami once its lease stands cancelled. SC will allow Venkatrami to enter into third-party negotiations in a bid to recover dues through the sale of these properties. Subsequently, ED filed a case of money laundering against Amrapali Group and its promoters who have allegedly failed to provide possession of flats to over 42,000 prospective buyers as per Noida and the Greater Noida Authorities. Amrapali Group’s fall, however, is not justice. The Court’s persistence in bringing assistance to complete pending projects is the road to justice. Providing homebuyers with complete refund or possession of their flats, even if terribly late is justice. Supreme Court finds itself in the position over not just Amrapali but Unitech’s matter as well. SC on July 9 had observed in the Unitech matter that the government should involve a third-party like state-funded NBCC to complete the projects. On the macro front, it is the Centre who has to initiate restoration of these losses induced by directors/owners of these defunct building groups. NBCC also has to divide its attention and work on successful and timely completion of all the pending properties as homebuyers have no alternative but to stay positive about getting their fortunes back. Also Read – A compounding difficultyWhile the Amrapali matter will be tabled again on August 9, ED has the job to lay the groundwork of recovering money from all personnel who have benefitted from the homebuyers’ money siphoned through these projects; the recovered money is to be used for completing the pending work. Thought the Supreme Court will now ensure the completion of these projects, it remains a fact that real-estate, through the demeaning picture painted by these tainted building groups, has sucked out both the money and trust off the middle-class segment who had hoped for better living houses. While largely curtailed to Delhi-NCR, there are several reeling under the same adversity in other cities as well and this is when only Tier-1 cities had the opportunity to have high-rise apartments and affordable luxurious homes. Supreme Court’s pursuit for justice also brings the question of ensuring state-involvement in construction of ambitious projects since the acts of the culprit groups only cite a pattern which robbed thousands surmounting to million. Regulations, however, remain the best tools to curtail the scope of corruption on the builders’ part and tightening a grip on those to prevent anyone from fooling others will have to be the norm if real-estate has to be protected from gold-hawks.last_img read more

ExUber driver hiding in Quebec faces extradition to California on rape charge

first_imgMONTREAL – U.S. authorities are seeking to extradite a former Uber driver from San Francisco who was being investigated on rape charges before vanishing and then emerging in Montreal earlier this summer.Court documents filed last month in Montreal say Mohamed Ben Azaza is wanted in California after failing to show up for a meeting in early March with detectives investigating the case.The Tunisian-born Ben Azaza, 38, was being investigated for an alleged sexual assault involving an intoxicated 19-year-old passenger in October 2017.Prosecutors say Ben Azaza picked up the alleged victim from a party and had non-consensual sexual intercourse with her before she woke up in his bed the next day.In a police interview, Ben Azaza denied having sex with the woman. He said she had requested permission to sleep in his car and that he later let her inside his home for breakfast and to call someone to pick her up.He also told authorities he was no longer working for Uber and agreed to meet investigating officers to provide a DNA swab.He did not appear as planned last March 8 and, as detectives could not reach him later, a warrant was issued on a rape charge in late June.The court filing seeking his extradition notes the penalty upon conviction is a minimum of three years imprisonment.The accused has been detained since early July, when Montreal police arrested him after noting an outstanding warrant when he filed a complaint about the theft of his identification papers.U.S. authorities believe Ben Azaza is an imminent flight risk and that extradition is necessary because Canada may send him to Tunisia, which has no extradition treaty with the United States.Ben Azaza is currently detained and faces an extradition hearing in Quebec Superior Court on Sept. 21.Canadian authorities, including the federal Justice Department, declined comment on Tuesday.last_img read more

Nunavut politician to ask legislature to consider civilian RCMP oversight

first_imgIQALUIT, Nunavut – A Nunavut politician wants the territory to review how it investigates violence complaints against the RCMP in light of recently released documents and videos.Adam Arreak Lightstone, a member of the legislature from Iqaluit, says he’ll use the legislative sitting that begins Tuesday to demand Nunavut reconsider its police oversight.“It’s really important to ensure there’s accountability in the investigation process,” he said. “There’s a reason why most jurisdictions in Canada have a civilian oversight body to prevent police from investigating police.”The Ottawa and Calgary police forces currently investigate complaints against Nunavut RCMP.Lightstone’s concern stems from documents detailing complaints about RCMP use of force. Obtained by freelance reporter Thomas Rohner under freedom-of-information legislation, they included a 2015 letter from the territory’s legal-aid service to then-justice minister Paul Okalik.“The Department of Justice has requested that the Legal Services Board document and share concerns … relating to the allegation that instances of excessive use of force by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police appear to be on the rise in Nunavut,” it said.The letter, citing client confidentiality, does not include specifics.Signed by board chairwoman Madeleine Redfern, it refers to “a recent trend of hearing of and witnessing visible injuries to our clients.”A separate letter said the board had information on 30 cases of excessive use of force.The documents include cellblock video of RCMP officers striking and pepper-spraying an Inuit in custody.The letter said Nunavut legal-aid lawyers had begun notifying the RCMP Public Complaints Commission as well as filing civil suits.“For every client that is prepared to proceed with formal civil action seeking damages for the harm suffered … there are five clients who advise that they have no interest in pursuing civil relief due to fear of possible recrimination,” the letter said.In a recent email, Redfern said concerns persist.“I did recommend to (a legislature committee) that the RCMP receive cultural orientation and training, including on the use of force … I also did recommend that the standing committee consider a recommendation that (Nunavut) undertake research and a review of an appropriate RCMP oversight body.”Redfern said there were 27 civil cases filed between 2014 and 2017.Chief Supt. Michael Jeffrey, Nunavut RCMP’s commanding officer, said Mounties responded to 27,000 calls and held 7,500 people in custody last year. The force received 13 complaints between 2016 and 2018, he said.“We really strive for there not to be any complaints at all,” he said. “However, it’s just part of policing. There will be times mistakes may happen or the public may perceive there was excessive force.”He said the RCMP try to prepare officers for Arctic policing. Members posted to remote locations are encouraged to become part of the community to make people feel more comfortable.Jeffrey said both civilian- and police-led investigations are independent. He said it’s up to the government to decide if a civilian body would inspire more public confidence.“The RCMP would comply fully with either.”Lightstone said he understands Nunavut RCMP have a tough job.“They do their job very well and they do keep our communities safe. The RCMP definitely have their hands full in our territory.”But he points out that Nunavut and the Northwest Territories are the only places in Canada that don’t have civilian oversight. Yukon contracts with the Alberta Serious Incident Response Team, an independent police watchdog.“I think that’s something that would work within our territory,” he said.Such oversight was debated in the Nunavut legislature in 2015. A committee has been studying it since 2016.“The Department of Justice completed a cross-jurisdictional scan comparing all models of policing oversight across Canada and is reviewing the viability of these options,” said spokeswoman Matilda Madekufamba.Lightstone said he has solid support from many of his fellow MLAs — especially after they saw the cellblock footage.“They were all just as shocked as I was. They’re all in agreement with me.”— By Bob Weber in Edmonton. Follow @row1960 on Twitterlast_img read more


first_img Login/Register With: Facebook Advertisement Previously announced cast members Kind, Rinaldi and Wanlim are joined by Philip Sternberg–Reitman’s real life husband and producing partner–as Kate’s husband Nathan; Ryan Belleville (Wynonna Earp, Satisfaction) as Anne’s husband Lionel; Olunike Adeliyi (Republic of Doyle, Flashpoint) as Frankie’s wife Giselle; Dennis Andres (Bed of the Dead) as Jenny’s husband Ian; Kevin Vidal ( Sunnyside, The Second City Project) as Kate’s work nemesis Mo; Mimi Kuzyk (UnREAL, Blue Murder) as Kate’s mother Eleanor; and Peter Keleghan (Murdoch Mysteries, Ginger Snaps) as Kate’s boss, Richard Greenwood.WORKIN’ MOMS is executive produced by Catherine Reitman and Philip Sternberg (Divorce Corp., Six Little McGhees). Reitman is set to direct two of the episodes with Paul Fox (Schitt’s Creek, This Life) and Aleysa Young (Baroness Von Sketch Show) directing the remaining 11 episodes. The series is written by Reitman, Rebecca Kohler (Kim’s Convenience,This Hour Has 22 Minutes), Karen Moore (What Would Sal Do, Rookie Blue), Diane Flacks (Baroness Von Sketch Show, Young Drunk Punk) and Ingrid Haas (The UCB Show, Vice). Series cinematography by Maya Bankovic (Below Her Mouth), production design by Elisa Sauve ( Milton’s Secret, Zoom) and costume design by Sheila Fitzpatrick (Degrassi: Next Class).Commissioned by CBC, WORKIN’ MOMS is produced by Wolf & Rabbit Entertainment ULC with the participation of the Canadian Media Fund. The series is distributed internationally by Coldsprings Media LLC and represented by Vanguarde Artist Management and CAA. SOCIAL MEDIA LINKS:Twitter: twitter.com/WorkinMomsInstagram: instagram.com/workinmomsFacebook: facebook.com/workinmomsTVAbout Wolf & Rabbit Entertainment ULCWolf & Rabbit Entertainment ULC is a Canadian film and television production company dedicated to telling daring, original stories. Wolf & Rabbit is also currently in development on the comedy series Starting Over for CBC. About CBC/Radio-Canada CBC/Radio-Canada is Canada’s national public broadcaster and one of its largest cultural institutions. We are Canada’s trusted source of news, information and Canadian entertainment. Deeply rooted in communities all across the country, CBC/Radio-Canada offers diverse content in English, French and eight Aboriginal languages. We also provide international news and information from a uniquely Canadian perspective. Advertisement LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment Wolf & Rabbit Entertainment ULC and CBC today announced that production is underway on the highly anticipated original comedy series WORKIN’ MOMS 13 x 30). Created by Catherine Reitman (Black-ish, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Breakin’ it Down with Catherine Reitman), who serves as showrunner and also stars in the series, WORKIN’ MOMS dares to shatter the ‘cult of mom.’ Production will continue in Toronto until the end of October with the series premiere on CBC set for winter 2017.Largely drawn from Reitman’s own personal experiences, WORKIN’ MOMS is an ensemble comedy that examines the modern ideal that working mothers can have it all. When long-time friends Kate (Reitman), a warm and grounded PR Exec, and Anne (Dani Kind; The Good Witch), a no-nonsense therapist, meet timid IT tech Jenny (Jessalyn Wanlim; Orphan Black) and lovable mess real estate agent Frankie (Juno Rinaldi, The Killing) in a judgmental mommies’ group, the four quickly form an unlikely friendship. The series follows the struggles of these urban moms, providing a raw and honest look at how they juggle their burgeoning identities as mothers.“We’ve assembled a truly incredible cast and crew and are excited to begin the next step in bringing these unique characters to life,” says executive producer Catherine Reitman. “I hope that audiences connect with these deeply personal stories and am thrilled that the CBC has been so fearless in their support of telling them.” Advertisement Twitterlast_img read more

When purchasing a critical illness insurance policy could make sense

TORONTO — It was about eight years ago that Brooke Robinson bought a critical illness insurance policy due to her family’s history of breast cancer, only to trigger it six years later for an entirely different and unexpected reason.“I actually ended up with multiple sclerosis and it was a very aggressive version of it,” says Robinson, 33.“I was diagnosed in April of 2015 and by October of 2015 I was walking with a cane.”Today, she credits her critical illness payout for allowing her and her husband to take three months off work so they could move from Toronto to Ottawa where she underwent an experimental procedure that has allowed her to walk again without assistance.While Robinson’s workplace disability insurance made up for some of the couple’s lost income, she says it wouldn’t have been enough to cover the $15,000 of extra expenses they incurred.“Without the treatment I had, I would be in a wheelchair right now and I wouldn’t be able to work or be in an office,” she says. “We would have had to sell our house and move into a condo. It would have been a disaster.”Critical illness insurance may be effective at covering costs that disability insurance doesn’t.Financial planner Rona Birenbaum says the most compelling reason to buy a critical illness policy would be if someone isn’t eligible for disability insurance — for instance, a stay-at-home parent who doesn’t have an income to replace.But it could also help someone unprepared for the financial hardships that may come with a critical illness diagnosis such as the cost of medical treatment or for a spouse to take time off work.Unlike disability insurance, which protects your income to age 65 and generally kicks in after 90 days of disability, critical illness insurance pays out a lump sum in the event of critical illnesses such as cancer, a stroke or a heart attack.“If you find yourself incurring a large expense and your expenses don’t allow you to build an emergency fund, then critical illness insurance becomes that line of defence for those that don’t want to cash in their RRSP and undermine their long-term savings,” says Birenbaum, founder of Toronto-based firm Caring for Clients.A potential downside is that to receive a payout you must often meet very strict and specific definitions of disease, says Dan Hallett, vice-president of HighView Financial Group in Oakville, Ont.Another caveat, adds independent insurance broker Lorne Marr of LSM Insurance in Markham, Ont., is that to get a critical illness lump sum you also have to survive a waiting period, which is normally 30 days. The nature of critical illness insurance also means that those relying solely on it won’t receive any more money beyond the lump sum.Like Birenbaum, both Hallett and Marr say that critical illness insurance should not be used as a replacement for disability insurance.Birenbaum says critical illness insurance premiums can be expensive. A $200,000 policy with a 15-year term for a healthy 35-year-old man would cost about $80 a month.“It really becomes about what’s affordable and it never makes sense to over-insure because you’re a scared person,” she says. “If you’re talking about a lump sum amount that would make a difference to someone, we’re probably talking about $50,000.”As for Robinson, she says because she purchased her critical illness policy at the age of 25, it only ended up costing her $6 a month in premiums.“That’s a couple of cups of coffee,” she says. “It’s well worth the security and the safety of not having to worry about finances when something tragic is happening in your life.”Follow @DaveHTO on Twitter. read more

Genetic test can tell age a person is likely to develop Alzheimers

first_imgA new genetic test which calculates the age that a person is likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease, has been developed by scientists.The technique involves checking for mutations in 26 genes which were found in tens of thousands of dementia patients and which can be used to calculate an individual ‘hazard score.’Previous genetic testing for Alzheimer’s has largely relied on looking for defects in the APOE gene, which is known to raise the risk of disease 15 fold. Dr Rosa Sancho, Head of Research at Alzheimer’s Research UK, said: “Being able to detect who is at an increased risk of developing Alzheimer’s could revolutionise the way we evaluate potential new drugs.“While these genetic risk scores hold promise as valuable research tools, they will need to be thoroughly evaluated, tested and refined before they could ever be used to help doctors diagnose or treat the disease.“This study does not suggest that having a high polygenic hazard score means you will definitely develop Alzheimer’s, nor does a low score mean you are immune from the disease. Genetics is only part of the story.”Dr James Pickett, Head of Research, Alzheimer’s Society, added: “Preventing the development of dementia symptoms is the holy grail of Alzheimer’s research but to succeed we first need accurate methods to predict who is most likely to develop the condition.”This study’s approach was fairly successful at predicting the likelihood of someone developing dementia over the coming year, but needs to be tested further in mixed, non US populations.”This genetic risk score could help identify people to take part in research studies, but is not opening a door to genetic testing for dementia risk in the clinic.”For anyone concerned about dementia the first step is to visit your GP. If you’re looking for ways to reduce your risk, remember what’s good for your heart is good for your head, and it may be possible to lower your risk by staying active, eating well, and learning new skills.” The research was published in the journal PLOS Medicine. Preventing the development of dementia symptoms is the holy grail of Alzheimer’s research but to succeed we first need accurate methods to predict who is most likely to develop the condition.Dr James Pickett, Head of Research, Alzheimer’s Society, Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. But even in people without the APOE mutation those with the highest scores could expect to develop Alzheimer’s disease by 84 years old, 10 years earlier than those who tested low on the scale.”From a clinical perspective, the provides a novel way not just to assess an individual’s lifetime risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease, but also to predict the age of disease onset,” said senior author Dr Anders Dale, of the University of California San Diego School of Medicine.”Equally important, testing of Alzheimer’s genetic risk can better inform prevention and therapeutic trials and be useful in determining which individuals are most likely to respond to therapy.”center_img The test could help doctors know who to target with preventative drugs or advise to improve their lifestyle  Around 500,000 people in Britain are living with Alzheimer’s disease and there is currently no treatment for the condition.Experts believe that when drugs are eventually found, they will need to be given early before the disease has progressed as there is little chance that the brain damage can be reversed and memories brought back once they have gone.So developing a test that can give an individual’s risk of dementia will help doctors target the right patients, who could also be encouraged to improve their lifestyles to cut their chance of developing disease. The test could help doctors know who to target with preventative drugs or advise to improve their lifestyle Credit:Alamy  The test, which could use DNA from blood or saliva, was developed using genetic information from more than 70,000 patients with Alzheimer’s disease.last_img read more

Larry Page to replace Eric Schmidt as Google CEO

first_imgGoogle has just released its fourth quarter and fiscal year 2010 results, but buried in the details is a rather large change happening at the search giant.As part of an effort to “streamline decision making and create clearer lines of responsibility and accountability at the top of the company” Eric Schmidt is stepping down as CEO and being replaced by Larry Page.The official announcement states:Starting from April 4, Larry Page, Google Co-Founder, will take charge of Google’s day-to-day operations as Chief Executive Officer. As for what Eric Schmidt will now do:Eric Schmidt will assume the role of Executive Chairman, focusing externally on deals, partnerships, customers and broader business relationships, government outreach and technology thought leadership–all of which are increasingly important given Google’s global reach. Internally, he will continue to act as an advisor to Larry and Sergey. There’s still a few months to go until the change happens, but it’s sure to dominate any Q&A sessions the top-tier of Schmidt, Page and Brin have until that time.There’s no hint that Schmidt may be planning to leave the company as this statement by Schmidt makes clear:We’ve been talking about how best to simplify our management structure and speed up decision making for a long time. By clarifying our individual roles we’ll create clearer responsibility and accountability at the top of the company. In my clear opinion, Larry is ready to lead and I’m excited about working with both him and Sergey for a long time to come. Schmidt also posted this amusing tweet to lighten the mood:Schmidt goes into a lot more detail about the change over at the Official Google Blog.Read more at Google Investor Relations, via TechCrunchlast_img read more

We said on the pitch afterwards that we arent going to let

first_img 21,791 Views McCall believes Saracens can be better and sees brighter future for Munster‘A diamond gets formed out of coal when it gets put under pressure’ Follow us: the42.ie Apr 23rd 2017, 7:00 AM Share Tweet Email1 By Murray Kinsella 10 Comments Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlecenter_img THERE IS MORE to come from this Munster squad, particularly now that Rassie Erasmus has told the group that he will not be returning to South Africa this summer.The major vibe from Munster post-match at the Aviva Stadium yesterday was realism and while the disappointment at being dismantled by Saracens was very clear, this squad can see that better days lie ahead. Simon Zebo with his son, Jacob. Source: Dan Sheridan/INPHOErasmus has been insistent from the outset of his time in charge that this is a multi-year project which Munster would start by putting good foundations in place. That has been achieved in a remarkable defence under Jacques Nienaber, a reliable maul and a fine kicking game – though those aspects dipped at times yesterday in Dublin.The main thing on the agenda for Erasmus looking towards his second season will be adding variety to Munster’s phase-play and set-piece attack, which struggled miserably against a world-class Saracens defence.There will be the usual bitter disappointment over the coming days in the aftermath of defeat, but many on the outside will soon join Munster in the realisation that this is a beginning.I think we’re at the start of a period together with this new squad that we have and we’re very excited. Today is really disappointing and very, very hard to take as of now, but we know there’s a bright future with this squad,” said Simon Zebo yesterday.“We said out on the pitch afterwards that we weren’t going to let this be the full stop. We’re really going to drive on as a squad and make sure the future is bright.”Adding to the pain of defeat to Sarries were a handful of fresh injuries for Erasmus to worry about, with Jean Deysel somehow managing to play on despite fracturing his ribs soon after coming onto the pitch in the second half. Munster will drive on aiming for Pro12 glory. Source: Billy Stickland/INPHOHe now faces a stint on the sidelines, while captain Peter O’Mahony sustained what looked like a heavy concussion and fellow flanker Tommy O’Donnell – brilliant yesterday – suffered a heavy winding that he couldn’t recover from.Munster’s season rolls on despite their European exit, with a trip to Treviso awaiting them in the Guinness Pro12 next weekend, a competition in which they have very real hopes of claiming silverware.“There were areas of the game that left us down tonight but we still have a lot to play for in the season,” said Zebo.Our goal at the start of the season was to be fighting for titles at the end of it. We are one step away but there is a big focus now on the Pro12 and we will fight for that.”The build-up to this semi-final had seen Erasmus insist that the meeting would Saracens would give Munster a real sense of where they are in their development and it’s obvious that they have a huge amount of work to do to be considered at that same level.Mark McCall’s side have been on their own particularly journey for well over eight years now and Erasmus takes some encouragement from having seen how the Premiership outfit have grown and improved. Keith Earls watches the closing minutes from the sidelines. Source: Billy Stickland/INPHOHaving confirmed to his players that he is staying on beyond the summer, the director of rugby can drive this Munster project on to the next level.“A lot of things in the game were great,” said Erasmus.“It wasn’t on the level of Saracens but it was still great. We said at the beginning of the season, ‘Let’s maximise potential.’ And now we know where we are at.”The42 is on Instagram! Tap the button below on your phone to follow us! http://the42.ie/3353839 Sunday 23 Apr 2017, 7:00 AM Short URL ‘We said on the pitch afterwards that we aren’t going to let this be the full stop’ Simon Zebo believes the best is yet to come from this Munster squad.last_img read more

Science et fiction une nouvelle expo à la Cité des sciences

first_img“Science et fiction” : une nouvelle expo à la Cité des sciencesParis, France – Ouverte jeudi 21 octobre, l’exposition “Science et fiction, aventures croisées” permettra aux visiteurs de la Cité des sciences à Paris de découvrir les liens existant entre la science-fiction et les sciences physiques ou humaines, jusqu’au 3 juillet 2011.Piloter virtuellement un vaisseau spatial, expérimenter la variabilité de l’écoulement du temps dans une “cabine spatiotemporelle”, admirer de près R2-D2, Robocop ou Terminator : voici quelques-unes des possibilités qu’offre l’exposition “Science et fiction, aventures croisées” à la Cité des sciences et de l’industrie.À lire aussi”En vie, aux frontières du design” : quand des organismes vivants fabriquent les objets de demainExtraits de films sur grand écran, romans, bandes dessinées, mangas, affiches de cinéma émaillent également la visite. Vaisseau “Galactica” grandeur nature, costumes futuristes : des objets souvent prêtés par Arnaud Grunberg, collectionneur acharné qui possède plus de 1.500 accessoires issus de fictions télévisées ou cinématographiques.L’exposition explore enfin certaines fonctions de la science-fiction, comme son rôle de “vigilance par rapport à la technologie” et de “réflexion sur la place de l’homme dans la société”, selon l’un des commissaires de l’exposition. Le 26 octobre 2010 à 08:58 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

RMLD Offers Electric Heat Pump Water Heater Rebate To Customers

first_imgREADING, MA — As part of its Energy Star Appliance Rebate Program, RMLD offers residential customers a rebate of $500 on the purchase of an Electric Heat Pump Water Heater.An electric heat pump water heater works by pulling heat from the surrounding air to heat the water, and is two to three times more efficient than traditional electric water heaters that generate heat using electrical resistance. Because these devices work by pulling heat from the surrounding air, they work best when housed in a space with existing heat, such as a furnace room.Electric heat pump water heaters are also available in hybrid models that contain traditional electrical resistance heating which can be used during periods of high demand to ensure there is a sufficient supply of hot water.Click HERE to learn more about heat pump water heaters. Click HERE to see the details or RMLD’s program guidelines.(NOTE: The above announcement is from Reading Municipal Light Department.)Like Wilmington Apple on Facebook. Follow Wilmington Apple on Twitter. Follow Wilmington Apple on Instagram. Subscribe to Wilmington Apple’s daily email newsletter HERE. Got a comment, question, photo, press release, or news tip? Email wilmingtonapple@gmail.com.Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… RelatedRMLD Invites Customers To Attend Free Electric Car Show In Wilmington On September 15In “Community”SAVE THE DATE: RMLD To Hold Family-Friendly Open House On October 10In “Community”RMLD Asks Residents To Conserve Energy During This Weekend’s Heat WaveIn “Government”last_img read more