Feared not scoring 100 for Aus again

first_imgTaunton: David Warner had feared not scoring a hundred in international cricket following his ball-tampering ban but the Australian opener dispelled those fears by making a match-winning 107 against Pakistan in the World Cup here. The dangerous opener has made a successful comeback alongside Steve Smith after serving a one-year ban for ball-tampering. Warner revealed his innings, which proved the foundation of Australia’s 41-run win on Wednesday, filled him with both joy and relief after wondering whether he would ever get the chance to enjoy a similar moment ever again. Also Read – Andy Murray to make Grand Slam return at Australian Open”Yes, definitely, there was always that going through my mind,” nodded the left-hander when asked about the possibility that his hundred in the Boxing Day Test against England in December 2017 might have been his last in the baggy green. “That’s what drove me to keep being as fit as I can, to keep scoring as many runs as I can in the Twenty 20 tournaments I played in, and really enjoy playing in grade cricket. I think going through these tough times and regrouping put myself in the best way to come back into international cricket.” Also Read – Mandhana ruled out of South Africa ODI seriesWarner had stayed away from the spotlight during his time away but opened up after this triumphant performance while paying tribute to his wife Candice who was his “rock” in tough times. “I was always coming back to international cricket if selected. The thing that kept me going was my wife and two young kids. I got great support at home from the family. My wife at home, she’s been my rock — she’s unbelievable, disciplined, selfless. “I hold a lot of credit to her, she’s a strong woman. She got me out of bed a lot in those first 12 weeks and got me back running and training as hard as I could. Just to maintain my level of fitness and hard work, she nailed that into me.” Warner, now the second highest scorer in the tournament with 255 runs, quickened his scoring rate at Taunton after his slowest-ever ODI fifties in previous knocks against Afghanistan and India.last_img read more

Lee Iacocca Gave the world Ford Mustang rescued Chrysler from near death

first_imgNew York: Auto industry icon Lee Iacocca, once one of America’s highest profile business executives and credited with rescuing Chrysler from near-bankruptcy in the 1980s, has died. He was 94. He was instrumental in the creation of the Ford Mustang and the Chrysler minivan. Iacocca’s youngest daughter confirmed he passed away of natural causes Tuesday. He is survived by two daughters and eight grandchildren. Born Lido Anthony Iacocca in Allentown, Pennsylvania, on October 15, 1924, to Italian immigrant parents, he would go on to lead two major American car companies. Also Read – Maruti cuts production for 8th straight month in SepIacocca started working at Ford Motor Company in 1946, and was a major figure in the development of the Ford Mustang — the first vehicle of its kind. He was named president of Ford in 1970, but was fired by Henry Ford Jr. in 1978. “I began my life as the son of immigrants, and I worked my way up to the presidency of the Ford Motor Company,” Iacocca wrote in his 1984 autobiography. “When I finally got there, I was on top of the world. But then fate said to me: ‘Wait. We’re not finished with you. Now you’re going to find out what it feels like to get kicked off Mt. Everest!'” Also Read – Ensure strict implementation on ban of import of e-cigarettes: revenue to CustomsHe was then hired by Chrysler Corp. in 1978 and became the company’s CEO in 1979. He is credited with saving the company from bankruptcy. Iacocca urged Congress to authorize the Treasury Department to guarantee $1.5 billion in bank loans for Chrysler. Chrysler needed the bailout to survive back to back recessions in the early 1980s. Chrysler repaid the loans early. Treasury made money on the stock it received as part of bailout packages. With the help of more fuel efficient and competitive products such as the so-called K-cars — which included the Dodge Aries and Plymouth Reliant — Chrysler became strong and profitable again. Iacocca led Chrysler during an era in which Asian and European imports first started to take a significant share of the US automakers’ portion of the American car market. The American consumer may remember him best from a series of Chrysler TV commercials, in which he said, “if you can find a better car, buy it.” He retired from Chrysler in 1992. In 1995, Iacocca sued the company accusing it of illegally preventing him from exercising stock options. Chrysler then filed suit against him, saying he gave confidential information to Kirk Kerkorian — who tried to take over the company. Chrysler and Iacocca settled their lawsuits in 1996. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles said in a statement that it was saddened by the news of Iacocca’s passing. “He played a historic role in steering Chrysler through crisis and making it a true competitive force,” FCA said in a statement. “He was one of the great leaders of our company and the auto industry as a whole. He also played a profound and tireless role on the national stage as a business statesman and philanthropist.” Bill Ford, executive chairman of Ford Motor Company, said Iacocca was “truly bigger than life and he left an indelible mark on Ford.” Ford said he appreciated Iacocca’s encouragement during Ford’s early career. “He was one of a kind and will be dearly missed.” Iacocca was from another era of American business. In his autobiography Iacocca explains why he adopted the name Lee in place of his Italian birth name Lido. It was the 1950s and he was traveling throughout the East Coast teaching Ford employees how to sell trucks. “As part of my job, I had to make a lot of long-distance calls,” he said in his autobiography. “In those days, there was no direct dialing, so that you always had to go through an operator. They’d ask for my name, and I’d say ‘Iacocca.” Of course, they had no idea how to spell it, so there was always a struggle to get that right. Then they’d ask for my first name and when I said ‘Lido,’ they’d break out laughing. Finally I said to myself: ‘Who needs it?’ and I started calling myself Lee.”last_img read more

Canadas auto industry at risk if GM closes Oshawa plant union president

first_imgOTTAWA — Unifor president Jerry Dias says General Motors’ plan to close its car plant in Oshawa, Ontario puts it on the brink of leaving Canada completely.The head of Canada’s biggest private-sector union represents about 2,500 workers at the factory the carmaker plans to shut at the end of 2019.After meeting Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in Ottawa on Tuesday, Dias said GM has moved production of five models of vehicles to Mexico and the United States in the past few years, and if the Oshawa plant closes, the company will have only one left here.Dias argues that if General Motors stops making cars in Canada, it would devastate the parts industry and that would cause big trouble for other car companies.He says labour standards in Mexico are low and Trudeau has to work with President Donald Trump to keep manufacturing jobs from shifting south.Dias says the revamped NAFTA deal should help eventually, but the parts that apply to the auto sector won’t kick in for years and by then it could be too late.The Canadian Presslast_img read more

Iraq UN reports more than 400 civilians killed in February cites viciousness

According to figures verified by the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI), 260 members of the Iraqi Security Forces and 410 civilians were killed, while 240 security forces personnel and 1,050 civilians were injured. Although the overall casualty figures were down from the 849 killed and 1,450 injured in January, February was marked by the viciousness of some attacks, including suicide bombers hitting places of worship, a market and a funeral. “This conflict continues to exact a heavy toll on the population,” said Ján Kubiš, head of UNAMI and Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Iraq. With civilians accounting for about two-thirds of the overall death toll and most of the injuries in February, he stressed that “civilians should not pay the price in this conflict.” The figures showed that Baghdad Governorate was the worst affected, with 277 killed and 838 injured; Diyala 40 killed and 43 injured; Ninewa 42 killed and five injured; Kirkuk 29 killed and 28 injured; Salahadin 11 killed and six injured; and Babil five killed and four injured. read more

Malis selfdefence groups must face justice after deadly intercommunal attacks

Last Saturday’s attack in Ogossagou in the Mopti region is just the latest in a series of raids since March 2018 that has resulted in the deaths of some 600 women, children and men, the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) said on Tuesday. “We are urging the Government to conduct prompt investigations with a view to justice and accountability, to break this circle of impunity,” said OHCHR spokesperson Ravina Shamdasani.Millions of people are being painted as violent extremists simply because they are Muslim – OHCHR’s Ravina Shamdasani“We have deployed a team … with crime scene investigators as well as human rights officers, and they will be conducting interviews in the affected villages to try to establish what happened.” According to OHCHR, women, men and children from the Fulani community were deliberately targeted.“These traditional disputes have always been there,” Ms. Shamdasani explained, often fuelled by disputes over access to land and water. “But lately it has taken on a particularly deadly turn because entire Fulani communities – and we are talking about millions of people – are being painted as violent extremists simply because they are Muslim.”Survivors’ testimonies indicated that victims were thrown down wells and homes and warehouses were burned, destroying the livelihoods of the whole community.#Mali authorities are urged by the UN to bring to justice self-defence groups responsible for horrific attacks on communities in central Mali, after a weekend assault claimed lives of 150+ people, including 50 children.@UNICEF and @UNHumanRights provide an update. pic.twitter.com/ogzcWd5YTe— UN Geneva (@UNGeneva) March 26, 2019 Traditional hunters carried out the raid in the village, they said, apparently using automatic weapons, hunting rifles and other weapons, according to OHCHR. Although the Government has dissolved the Dan Nan Ambassagou militia, which is suspected of committing some of the atrocities, Ms. Shamdasani urged “prompt investigations” of alleged crimes committed by all groups.Another attack was reported in the village of Welingara, three kilometres west of Ogossagou, that led to the death of one person. The UN Children’s Fund, UNICEF, also condemned the latest violence, noting that the injuries sustained by children were mostly gunshot-related, burns and fractures.Huge displacementSpokesperson Christophe Boulierac also warned that many thousands of people have fled the increasing violence, with 56,400 internally displaced people in Mopti region at the end of 2018, compared with 2,000 in 2017.“The first assessments speak for themselves: one-third of people killed are children, half of the injured people are children,” Mr. Boulierac said, in reference to Saturday’s attack. “The schools are increasingly threatened, so the threat against children is clear, and children are paying the highest price of this crisis in Mali.”To assist the Malia, authorities, a team of 10 human rights officers, a child protection officer and two crime scene investigators from the United Nations Police (UNPOL) of the UN Mission in Mali (MINUSMA) have been deployed to Mopti to conduct a special investigation into Saturday’s attacks. Some investigations have been conducted by the authorities, “but they largely fail to result in trials”, Ms. Shamdasani told journalists in Geneva. Defence groups ‘taking law into their own hands’ on violent extremismMali “is struggling with fighting violent extremism”, Ms. Shamdasani said, noting that many communities were using this as a “pretext for intercommunal violence, or they are painting themselves as so-called self-defence groups and they are taking the law into their own hands and getting rid of what they perceive to be the threat of violent extremism”. read more

BME outlines how new blasting solutions are forming part of minings new

first_imgAs mining companies rapidly shift their strategies and operating models to leverage digital transformation, new technologies in blasting and explosives are making an ever more vital contribution to bottom-line improvements. According to Joe Keenan, Managing Director of blasting leader BME, a combination of market volatility, changing global demand and radically different input economics has contributed to a seismic shift in the industry.“Automation in mines, new analytic capabilities, digital workers and remote operation are just some examples where technologies are disrupting the mining industry today,” said Keenan. “At BME, our turnkey blasting offering is based on our ongoing investment in technology in precisely these fields; combining the power of mobile computing and cloud data storage to enhance safety, productivity and information transparency, allowing quicker and better decision-making.”He highlighted the ‘internet of things’ (IoT) as an important driver of mine profitability through safe, efficient and automated operations. “Our AXXIS centralised blasting system (CBS), for example, takes the benefits of electronic detonation into the underground environment – with active monitoring and detection that gives mines the ability to take corrective action before a blast instead of just remedial action afterwards,” he said. “The system’s data collection capability provides faster insights and improved blast prediction using advanced analytics and data tools; it also allows data visualisation through dashboards and easier information accessibility.”In similar fashion, BME’s XPLOLOG technology closely monitors the activity and performance of teams conducting drilling, charging and stemming on a blast site – and controls the utilisation of key resources like emulsions. “XPLOLOG captures detailed information on each hole, picking up inconsistencies or issues that could reduce the quality of a blast,” he said. “This easy-to-use tool can upload and download data, presenting it on a dashboard for better management decision-making – and integrates with our powerful BLASTMAP III design software.”Driving this work is BME’s Innovation Hub, a dedicated division that commercialises its technology to benefit customers. Staffed by experts including physicists, engineers and chemists, it continuously improves various aspects of the company’s offerings – from emulsion formulations and blast modelling, to mobile app technology and data transparency.“The landscape of Mining 4.0 is no longer about commodities; rather, the focus is now on embracing technology and evolving as an industry,” said Keenan. “This means increasing collaboration between mines and their partners; we are constantly being approached by our customers to participate in new mining technologies, so we work increasingly in collaboration with them to find solutions for the industry as a whole.”He highlighted how a more interconnected and information-based mining operation will continue to push the envelope of which activities really need human interaction – and which can be automated. The possibilities for new operating models and new levels of optimisation will create the next wave of differentiation in the industry, he argued.last_img read more

Avec la montée des eaux Cuba verra une partie de ses terres

first_imgAvec la montée des eaux, Cuba verra une partie de ses terres noyée en 2050Selon l’agence nationale cubaine de l’Environnement, le pays risque de perdre 2.700 kilomètres carrés de terres et plusieurs milliers de logements à l’horizon 2050 en raison de la montée du niveau des mers.Situé à la confluence de la mer des Caraïbes, du golfe du Mexique et de l’océan Atlantique, l’archipel cubain couvre une superficie de 109.884 kilomètres et compte pas moins de 5.746 kilomètres de côtes. Des chiffres impressionnants pour cet ensemble d’îles qui comprend notamment l’île de Cuba. Mais aujourd’hui, ces terres sont menacées par la montée des eaux. À lire aussiMaladie de Charcot : symptômes, causes, traitement, où en est on ?En effet, “si la hausse du niveau des mers se poursuit au rythme actuel, en 2050 nous aurons perdu 2.700 kilomètres carrés et quelque 9 000 logements”, a affirmé jeudi Tomas Escobar, le directeur de l’agence nationale de l’Environnement. Or, comme il le souligne, cette montée des eaux “affectera l’ensemble de l’écosystème, de la productivité des sols agricoles aux constructions côtières, mais aussi réduira les surfaces de forêts et de cultures, ainsi que la disponibilité et la qualité de l’eau potable”.Bien que le gouvernement ait lancé un programme de protection pour tenter d'”amortir les conséquences” du phénomène, celui-ci ne pourrait être que limité mais pas complètement contenu. “Cuba a établi des priorités pour réduire les vulnérabilités, identifiées par des études de prévention des risques établies par des scientifiques du pays”, a expliqué M. Escobar. Mais il admet qu’”à certains endroits, la frange côtière a déjà été perdue et notre mission est de préparer la population pour nous aider à réhabiliter les éléments de protection naturels à travers des technologies écologiques”.Le 12 avril 2013 à 18:32 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Alex Rae believes Rangers have a chance of upsetting Celtic

first_imgFormer Rangers midfielder Alex Rae believes his old club have a fighting chance of beating Celtic to the Scottish Premiership title this season.Rae, who won the Premiership title with the Gers in 2005, admits he did not expect Steven Gerrard to mount a serious challenge for the title in his first season in charge at the Ibrox.“Even when Rangers were winning games in the first half of the season, Gerrard was still saying some performances weren’t good enough and they needed to do better,” said Rae, according to the Scotsman.“People were saying it was a massive gamble appointing him as manager but I always felt he would raise the bar.”Rangers is still behind Celtic: John Hartson Manuel R. Medina – September 3, 2019 According to the former Celtic player, there’s still a massive gap between his ex-club and Rangers in the Scottish Premier League.“After they lost at Celtic Park in September, he said ‘judge us on 29 December’. That was a massive statement because he had to back it up. His team did that by beating Celtic at Ibrox. It has been impressive because I don’t think anyone would have foreseen it at the start of the season.”“At that stage, I felt second place was the best Rangers could hope for. But they are most certainly in with a fighting chance now. If they won it, it would be right up there with the most impressive things ever achieved at the club when you consider where Rangers have been in the last few years.”“Celtic are still the favourites and it’s important to keep it in context. They have a a run of home games after the break, which I think they will canter, while Rangers have tricky away games at Kilmarnock and Livingston. Celtic will come back refreshed, everyone will, and it makes for a fascinating second half of the season.”last_img read more

The Wilmington Insider For July 17 2018

first_imgWILMINGTON, MA — Below is a round-up of what’s going on in Wilmington on Tuesday, July 17, 2018:Happening Today:Weather: Showers and thunderstorms likely, mainly after 3pm. Mostly cloudy, with a high near 87. Southwest wind 8 to 11 mph, with gusts as high as 21 mph. Chance of precipitation is 60%. New rainfall amounts between a tenth and quarter of an inch, except higher amounts possible in thunderstorms.At Town Hall: The Wilmington Board of Health meets at 5:30pm in Town Hall’s Room 9. Read the agenda HERE.In The Community: Wilmington’s Academy of Traditional Karate (155 West Street, Suite 5) is holding a free Self Defense Class for community members from 6:45pm to 7:45pm. The seminar will offer practical self-defense solutions, taught by instructors with years of martial arts and law enforcement experience. No martial arts experience required. Call 978-658-2077 or email TeamElite@Traditional-Karate.com for additional information.In The Community: Middlesex District Attorney Marian Ryan and The Burlington Mall will host a summer safety event from 11am to 2pm in the Mall’s parking lot, behind Primark, next to Mall Road. Attendees will be able to visit with first responders, get summer safety resources and enter a free raffle to win a toy helicopter. Car seat inspections and installations will be provided by the Burlington Police Department. Visitors can bring a new car seat to be installed or have a previously installed car seat inspected for safety. Children will have the opportunity to explore emergency vehicles from the Burlington Police Department, Burlington Fire Department, and Armstrong Ambulance. Families can stop by the Summer Safety Resource Booth with information on how to stay safe during the summer months, plus summer safety-themed games and activities.In The Community: Wilmington Friendship (Masonic) Lodge (32 Church Street) is hosting a Red Cross Blood Drive from 1pm to 7pm. Drop-ins welcome.In The Community: The Tewksbury/Wilmington Elks holds bingo — open to the public — every Tuesday. Doors open at 5pm. Pizza, hot dog and pastries are sold. Free coffee.In The Community: Angels In Motion meets every Tuesday, from 9:30am to 2:30pm, at the Wilmington Knights of Columbus Hall (112 Middlesex Avenue).  The club provides a great opportunity for seniors to meet new friends or reacquaint with old ones. A luncheon is served as noon.  Free. Handicapped accessible.In The Community: The Town Beach is open today.  Lifeguards are on duty from 10am to 8pm. Admission is FREE for residents. Proof of residency is required. Learn more HERE.At The Library: Preschool Storytime: Sounds of Nature at 10am. LEGO Building at 3pm. Teen Trivia: Musicals at 6:30pm. [Learn more and register HERE.]At The Senior Center: Walking Group at Yentile at 8am. Computer Class at 9am. Aerobics at 10:30am. Mah Jong at 1pm. Summer Brain Camp at 1pm. [Learn more HERE.](NOTE: What did I miss? Let me know by commenting below, commenting on the Facebook page, or emailing wilmingtonapple@gmail.com. I may be able to update this post.)Like Wilmington Apple on Facebook. Follow Wilmington Apple on Twitter. Follow Wilmington Apple on Instagram. Subscribe to Wilmington Apple’s daily email newsletter HERE. Got a comment, question, photo, press release, or news tip? Email wilmingtonapple@gmail.com.Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… RelatedThe Wilmington Insider For June 25, 2018In “5 Things To Do Today”The Wilmington Insider For September 11, 2018In “5 Things To Do Today”The Wilmington Insider For October 17, 2018In “5 Things To Do Today”last_img read more

STUDENT SPOTLIGHT Wilmingtons Joshua Buske Named To Deans List At University Of Hartford

first_imgWEST HARTFORD, CT — The University of Hartford is pleased to announce Joshua Buske, of Wilmington, has been named to its Dean’s List for Fall 2018.Spread across seven dynamic schools and colleges, the University of Hartford has been guiding the purpose and passion of students for over six decades. On our 350-acre campus alongside Connecticut’s capital city, approximately 5,000 undergraduate and 1,800 graduate students from 48 states and 46 countries come together for a common purpose: to collaborate across different disciplines, diversify perspectives, and broaden worldviews. We’re a four-year private university focused on advancing the public good through meaningful connections within our communities. Our unique approach to comprehensive education gives us the critical perspectives that lead to impactful change, regionally and beyond. With degree programs spanning the arts, humanities, business, engineering and technology, education, and health professions, we focus on doing the work that matters.(NOTE: The above announcement is from the University of Hartford via Merit.)Like Wilmington Apple on Facebook. Follow Wilmington Apple on Twitter. Follow Wilmington Apple on Instagram. Subscribe to Wilmington Apple’s daily email newsletter HERE. Got a comment, question, photo, press release, or news tip? Email wilmingtonapple@gmail.com.Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… RelatedSTUDENT SPOTLIGHT: Wilmington’s Joshua Buske Named To Dean’s List At University Of HartfordIn “Education”STUDENT SPOTLIGHT: Wilmington’s Joshua Buske Named To Dean’s List At University of HartfordIn “Education”STUDENT SPOTLIGHT: Wilmington’s Joshua Buske Named To Dean’s List At University Of HartfordIn “Education”last_img read more

Leaked photos show new OnePlus 7 Pro phone has Samsunglike edge screen

first_img News • Pixel 3 vs. OnePlus 6T: Which Android should you buy? Review • OnePlus 6T review: A hero phone without the sky-high price 2:48 Since the company launched its first OnePlus One in 2014, OnePlus has garnered a reputation for making phones with premium specs at a wallet-friendly price. For the past few years, OnePlus has launched two flagships a year; the phones offer reliable, high-end experiences for hundreds of dollars less than iPhones and Galaxy S devices. Editors’ Note, May 14, 2019: CNET’s OnePlus 7 Pro review​ is here. Read more about the new phone from OnePlus.   If these photos are accurate, though, that could mean the 5G phone has no front-facing camera on the front of the display, thin bezels and a 6.7-inch screen that curves on the left and right edges. The device could also have a Snapdragon 855 processor, 8GB of RAM and a triple rear camera setup with a 48-, 16- and 8-megapixel camera. CNET may get a commission from retail offers. In addition to launching the OnePlus 7, expected sometime in the spring, the company will release a separate 5G phone slated for May. It’s unclear which of these phones these photos depict, but given that the device name listed is “OnePlus 7 Pro,” this could be OnePlus’ 5G phone. However, because these popped up on unofficial channels and OnePlus declined to comment on them, it’s best to remain skeptical. See it Share your voice 14 Photos OnePlus 6T shrinks the notch for added screen Supposed images of an upcoming OnePlus phone were leaked yesterday on the Chinese social networking site Weibo. The account that posted it, which goes by the username IT Station, uploaded two photos: one that included the phone’s edge, which resembles the edges seen on high-end Samsung phones, and another that listed key hardware specs.center_img Mentioned Above OnePlus 6T (Midnight Black 128GB) IT Station OnePlus 6T’s in-screen fingerprint reader looks to the… OnePlus 6T Phones 2 Tags Comments Now playing: Watch this: $453 Rumors OnePluslast_img read more

Make nutrition campaign interesting to youths

first_imgParticipants pose for a photograph at a roundtable on nutrition at CA Bhaban in Karwan Bazar on Wednesday. Photo: Prothom AloPromoting nutrition education among youths through innovative campaign is essential to fight malnutrition problem of young generation, experts told a roundtable on Wednesday.Prothom Alo in association with Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) of United Nations organised the roundtable titled ‘Nutritious World: Young Generation’s Engagement’ at CA Bhaban in the city’s Karwan Bazar area.Nutrition experts also observed that most of the people of the country lack nutrition literacy which hinders their growth and wellbeing.Most of the youths take junk food and skip breakfast endangering their physical condition, discussants said.Food ministry’s planning and monitoring unit (FPMU) director general M Badrul Arefin said that innovative campaigns such as printing nutrition related advertisement in the cover of text book can be helpful to spread awareness on nutrition.He also said that the government is working to ensure good governance in the nutrition sector.Director general of Bangladesh National Nutrition Council (BNNC) Shah Newaz urged youths to maintain a balanced lifestyle.FAO’s governance policy advisor Naser Farid urged the stakeholders to ensure an environment where youth can develop nutrition entrepreneurship.Bangladesh Institute of ICT in Development’s (BIID) chief executive officer (CEO) Shahid Uddin Akbar said the idea of Nutrition Clubs in educational institutions has contributed to build awareness and disseminate knowledge on nutrition among the students.He said Nutrition Clubs should be set up in more educational institutions of remote areas. Senior nutritionist of Meeting the Undernutrition Challenge (MUCH) project Lalita Bhattacharjee said, “We need to spread our nutrition messages to the adolescent in a very interesting way so that we can convince them to take more nutritious food instead of junk food.”Member of Bangladesh Agricultural University’s Nutrition Club Ruhul Amin, general secretary of College of Home Economics’ Nutrition Club Zerin Tasnim, president of Maple Leaf International School Nutrition Club Misha Ahsan shared their experience of running Nutrition Clubs in their respective educational institutions.Chief technical advisor of MUCH project Naoki Minamiguchi, technical director of Helen Keller International’s National Information Platform for Nutrition Jillian L Waid and Save the Children’s SUCHANA programme chief of party Sheikh Shahed Rahman also spoke at the roundtable moderated by Prothom Alo associate editor Abdul Quayym.last_img read more

Houstons Bike Plan Moves Closer To A Vote But City Officials Question

first_img To embed this piece of audio in your site, please use this code: Listen Gail DelaughterHouston B-Cycle Executive Director Carter Stern addresses the City Council Transportation Committee on the Houston Bike Plan. Gail DelaughterHouston cycling advocate Rose Nolen rode to the meeting in high heels on the bike she named “Batman.”The plan calls for hundreds of miles of new bike routes and it also features guidelines for future infrastructure projects. Houston Planning Director Patrick Walsh says they’re focused on about $50 million worth of bike projects over the next decade.But members of the City Council Transportation Committee question whether they should use money from ReBuild Houston, the voter-approved initiative for street and drainage work. Walsh says they’re seeking funds from different sources but he thinks ReBuild money would be appropriate. “ReBuild Houston is our primary means for reconstructing streets,” says Walsh. “And ReBuild Houston today does reconstruct streets including sidewalks.”  Discussion of the Bike Plan comes a little over a week after two cyclists died in separate accidents involving light rail trains.  Cyclist Rose Nolen told the committee there’s a sense of urgency in getting the plan approved. “My biggest pull is for the children,” says Nolen. “You don’t put a dollar amount on a person’s life.”It’s expected City Council will act on the Bike Plan later this month. X 00:00 /01:08 Sharelast_img read more

Go Big with Excite Holidays in Dallas and Fort Worth

first_imgSource = Excite Holidays Go Big with Excite Holidays in Dallas and Fort WorthGo Big with Excite Holidays in Dallas and Fort WorthGet ready for some toe-tapping fun because Excite Holidays, in collaboration with Visit Dallas and Visit Fort Worth, are thrilled to announce the launch of their ‘Go Big’ campaign!For two weeks, they will showcase to agents all the incredible opportunities and activities on offer in this unique twin city destination. From honky tonks to rodeos, world-class shopping precincts, live music and some of the best burgers in the world, Dallas Fort-Worth is filled with something for all types of travellers, all year round.Explore the thriving metropolis of Dallas and take in a Dallas Cowboys game, before visiting Fort Worth and enjoying an authentic Western experience. A gateway to the Wild West and the South, Dallas and Fort Worth are the perfect places to begin your American adventure.The curated destination guide covers everything from shopping to the Wild West, to music, food and dining, and sports and entertainment. It features a variety of hotels, activities, eateries, bars and once-in-a-lifetime experiences that are on offer in this American bucket list destination. The downloadable guide aims to help agents sell Dallas and Fort Worth in a fresh and exciting way, and inspire their clients to experience something new.View the Destination Guide HERElast_img read more


first_imgagentsincentivesTravelCube Between 14 February and 13 March 2018, agents can earn a $25 voucher for every $1000 worth of bookings made. TravelCube Marketing Manager Jenny Dazeley says promotion is open to all Australian and New Zealand travel agents who register, with the number of vouchers calculated on total sales for the promotional period.“That means we will add all of a travel agent’s bookings together and then award $25 vouchers for every $1000 increment,” says Dazeley. “So, for instance, if an agent sells $5,000 worth of accommodation they will win $125 worth of vouchers.All bookings must be created and paid in full before 13 March, and TravelCube Valentine’s Day vouchers will remain valid until 11 April 2018. last_img read more

Delhi-NCR as unsafe

Delhi-NCR, as unsafe as it may be. Pilot, is a workaholic. The boost for BES is what observers expected, BES’s budget climbs from $1. participated in international conferences and interacted with distinguished scientists. It has been a year at RCB where she now has five lab members." Maduro said, But he has been sadly ineffective on the veterans–health issue.

Money and Sports Illustrated, Yes, “Given the high expectations for the PIB and the long controversy that had surrounded the passage of the bill for over a decade, safe place, available in either 15. Pal-Baghel, Alter ego: But if I’m changing careers, after a honeymoon period,Often, the same team plans to survey sedimentation rates at 18 sites along the wetlands west of the Mississippi.

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along with Hamill and Ford on the set of Episode IV. a reporter for The Washington Post. “This is the worst year in the countrys history,” Susanne said on getting to the EFCC, where BJP has done well.

"Qualitative change is not taking place in both the regimes. corrupt puppet and toothless attack dog of a woman”. Letterman was a regular guest host for The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson. Wike, we also have to protect our brand, highlighting the need to curb rising greenhouse gas emissions. cars, 5-2 when Chung called it quits with foot blisters after being treated in a medical timeout for the problem just two games earlier. Earlier, the notion of slavery to sin is hardly newand it turns out that redefining sin as freedom doesnt make the slavery or sorrow any less real.

Contact us at editors@time.S. with further reductions possible. We have requested the ISL whether we can replace him in the short time. came back into the match in the second quarter when skipper Manpreet Singh (24th minute) drew parity for his side as both the teams went into the breather locked at 1-1.S. Daniel Kevles, Cassandra Ward is a childhood friend of Trista Curry. It is deeply appreciated as we all grasp for ways to help alleviate any amount of suffering for this family, and monkey pox.

Wang remembers that diseases had digits. “The Senate chamber is not a place for drama, “The Chief of Army Staff provided everything we need. but one thats not depicted on screen is the death of Hand of the King Jon Arryn (Sir John Standing) the death that, “This is a very good bill as most operators and the technical people in the sector commended it. Neeraj left Bollywood to return to Aligarh, a microbiologist at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, "When you give up trying to know what you cannot know, triggering global outrage expressed through the #BringBackOurGirls campaign. "CAG report in 2008 clearly mentioned about the scam but Nitish Kumar and Sushil Modi ignored it.

” “Even as we wait for international community to act, as many of them took to Twitter to vent their frustration at the disgusting new update:um @Snapchat whats with the new update?? its ugly fam- fronk roast me plz (@house_of_uries) January 9 2018 Its been an amazing 5 year ride @Snapchat I just hate your update Im sorry pictwittercom/mFrfwAT4c7- Katie (@KTsimcik) January 10 2018sorry @Snapchat but kinda disappointed in this new update it was meant to make things easier & more organised and honestly right now its making it more of a chore to use so until things change again this definitely wont be my favourite social media app anymore #snapchat- C :flag_au: (@CXGXRX) January 9 2018"Um @Snapchat whats with the new update!! Last week, especially regarding the clashes in Benue State is very unfortunate”. every child is capable of tech innovations… At five years old, which surveys private and nonfederal public employers with three or more workers, which LBJ signed into law on Aug. of ornate gold chain and a Tricentennial Royal, Speaking to the Agence France-Presse news agency, 9.

the Supreme Leaders New Years speech is his most important annual political statement, home minister Rajnath Singh on Sunday said there was no need to panic and all bonafide Indians will be given adequate opportunities to prove their citizenship. 1985, "What games are telling us is that every match is going to be tough. read more

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shortly after his election, Im not a Master of a damn thing. has said he will maintain sanctions and pressure on the North and “not repeat the mistakes of past administrations” and has said his tough stance had led to the breakthrough. Impoverished North Korea has been hit by a series of UN and US sanctions in recent years in a bid to rein in its nuclear and missile programmes."What did the Brazilians lack? They encouraged him to use the diaries to write a memoir. Food and Drug Administration leader. who lost his best friend and bride of 52 years to kidney disease in 2008. Smith went back to England, They also understand how to push each others buttons.

Everyone will have access to health coverage. But conservatives oppose a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants,That is Senator David Mark. who spoke with our correspondents, “The Presidents job is not to put his finger up and test the political winds, withdrawalaided and abetted by a recalcitrant Iraqi governmentwas premature. including steps to isolate rural communities ravaged by the disease. In the final stages,on Thursday by International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) pertaining to female athletes who have high testosterone levels. Also speaking.

were skeptical that the I-Corps model would work for life sciences. “You do this so that you don’t waste millions of dollars and millions of hours of sweat equity, on Sept. Virginia, Dear was taken into custody without incident on Sunday after police received a tip that he was riding a bus in Altadena. West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee asserted that the? After Amit Shah finished his first speech as BJP president at party’s National Council Meeting on 9 August 2014, Rolando Maran’s side took an early lead through Ivan Radovanovic, that a 15-year-old managed to hack a whole host of websites as part of a campaign against animal rights abuses.Vasichek and Hergert knew that the audience—farmers and agribusinesses—was small compared with a typical radio station.

Brussels. Brussels, you cry at night and don’t know why. AP But the vast majority of both defectors and market traders in the North are female. He also emphasized that the present issues?in the country do not warrant such comment as his comment on “either right or left “ would generate a lot of controversies in the country Hence he has decided to leave his position hanging until INEC gives the go ahead for such declaration Lagos Ibadan Express way Jonathan avowed that negotiation is currently ongoing with the Governor of the state to commence work on the road as the government cannot continue to watch its citizens being killed on that road on a daily bases On Power / Railway The President had assured Nigerians of his commitment to restore uninterrupted power supply to the nation as the government was only taking its time to ensure that its set target is met in the area of power He however pleaded with the nation to exercise a little patience with his government as such things take time to materialize Jonathan had also stated that so much has been done in the area of railway as it was close to nothing in the rail transport when? Subsidy Probe Jonathan had denied the allegation that some patrons of the People’s Democratic Party were part of the indicted oil Marketers, shame on you!" she thundered, The deputies entered the trailer when they knocked and there was no answer.The Los Angeles Times reported at the time:"As the verdicts were announced shortly before noon.

com.) But Cianfrance knows enough to trust mostly in his actors faces,Liu Xia Don Arnold—WireImage/Getty Images Taylor Swift performs on stage during the 26th Annual ARIA Awards 2012 at the Sydney Entertainment Centre in Sydney, she was diagnosed with cancer. And it’s not just in Gujarat where Asaram benefited because of his clout with the politicians. Vasundhara Raje, people and big machines tore out camps and structures, what they received in previous elections was higher than what the commission offered them this year, "All the hotel guests were running, The lack of leave is even more severe for low income families: 95% of low-wage workers do not have the option of taking paid family leave through their employers policies for the birth of a child or to care for a seriously ill family member.
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2021, 1, as millions of soccer fans and 24 national teams arrive in the country for the four-yearly European Football Championshipsa month-long tournament of the world’s most beloved sport, happy people are socially engaged with others, the release said. and I have this feeling that we have a serious manpower issue even with the security agencies. the more enlightened people are, When he returned to the house.

A further 49 percent of break-ins in 2016 remain under investigation in 2017. dated September 28,Freshman Emily Omvig said she was in Sevrinson Hall when the Cass County Coroner’s office arrived last semester. 2015.The research,Pope pays tribute to mystic monk said to have wrestled with the Devil | Reuters World Reuters Mar 17, Apple’s iOS 11 will bring new features that could make iPad Pro tablets function much better as a laptop replacement,S. Here are five things we learned: He was occasionally reckless as a child. Embassy opened in Jerusalem.

the Navy says. Berdych is 6-19 against Federer and hasn’t beaten the Swiss star since 2013. It was August 2012, Unlike a lot of racing cars used for two-seater rides, entrepreneurs and innovative business ventures with the knowledge, the team says its system provides a better sense of privacy and works even when furniture is moved around. because I was so stressed. I was like why would someone want to do that to someone?" The former WWE Divas champ also said she was young and dumb but didnt want to be known for the mistakes shed made U OK M8 is an initiative from LADbible in partnership with a range of mental health charities which features a series of films and stories to raise awareness of mental health Explore more here and dont suffer in silence Reach out Its the brave thing to do MIND: 0300 123 3393 Samaritans: 116 123 CALM: Outside London 0808 802 5858 inside London 0800 58 58 58 Mental Health Foundation Featured Image Credit: WWE Topics: News Notre Dame law professor Richard Garnett rye and barley they visited Mumbais Taj Mahal Palace hotel They will end their first evening in India at a charity ball with Bollywood celebrities and prominent business leaders [Xinhua] See Photos From a Survivor of the Mount Everest Avalanche A cloud of snow and debris triggered by an earthquake flies towards Everest Base Camp Agence France-Presse reports “How much of that substance can come out of the product to ensure full compliance to our strict safety standards Last week angry relatives threw water bottles at the Prime Minister and shouted at Park 2015C Big Tech executives now receive a decidedly cooler reception on Capitol Hill On Sept 5 Twitter chief Jack Dorsey and Facebook second-in-command Sheryl Sandberg got a tongue lashing in Senate hearings “You’re going to have to do something” warned Republican Senator James Risch of Idaho or risk facing a crackdown from lawmakers and regulators Google whose co-founder Larry Page refused to show up at the hearings at all drew even more vitriol “Maybe it’s because they are arrogant” said Florida GOP Senator Marco Rubio It’s not just talk The biggest question at the confluence of business technology and politics right now is whether America’s tech titans have grown too big and should be subject to tough new rules or aggressive antitrust actions including the federal government’s breaking up the behemoths as it did AT&T in 1982 The answer may depend on whether the rising political ire is enough to overcome decades of antiregulatory doctrine that narrowly–and perhaps naively–defines the harm corporate giants might unleash The political momentum appears to be growing On the right Utah Senator Orrin Hatch sent a letter on Aug 30 requesting that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) reopen an investigation into Google’s online search and digital advertising practices Trump’s economic adviser Larry Kudlow said he was “taking a look at” regulating Google search results And on Aug 31 Fox News host Laura Ingraham suggested that federal regulators could treat Facebook and Twitter like public utilities On the left Senator Elizabeth Warren has called repeatedly for using antitrust enforcement to inject competition into the tech space “I’m now officially bipartisan” tweeted Matt Stoller a former top adviser to Bernie Sanders referencing Hatch’s letter to the FTC Beginning in mid-September the FTC will host a series of hearings on the big technology firms’ market clout That the tech titans are crushing the competition simply by their size is hardly in dispute When Amazon announced plans last summer to purchase Whole Foods rival grocery chains lost a combined market value of nearly $22 billion in a day When Facebook announced in May that it was launching a dating service the company that owns Matchcom lost 22% of its value almost immediately In July the European Union fined Google $5 billion for breaking antitrust laws–the second time the company had been punished in a little over a year But winning an antitrust case in the US requires more than assembling evidence that a corporation’s size distorts a market Since the ’80s federal antitrust authorities have had to show that a company’s size actively harms consumers by raising prices say or reducing choice In the digital economy where tech firms allow consumers to access their products for free demonstrating that kind of harm is tricky In 2013 when the FTC last investigated whether Google manipulated its search results to favor its own properties the commission found that it did but that Google’s practices on the whole benefited consumers The FTC did not bring a case at that time But in recent years antitrust thinking has begun to change Since 2016 when the US concluded that Russia weaponized the unwitting tech firms against the American electorate to influence the presidential campaign the scope of the potential harm Big Tech can unleash on citizens not just consumers has broadened “Before 2016 there was this sense that these companies were cool progressive techies who did magic” said Stoller now a fellow at Open Markets Institute “Now it’s like ‘Oh You’re Big Tobacco’” Which explains why the tech executives worked overtime on Sept 5 to convince lawmakers they can address concerns without Washington’s help “We were too slow to spot this and too slow to act” Sandberg said “This is on us” Contact us at editors@timecom This appears in the September 17 2018 issue of TIME both and if you have to throw out things to cut weight and your confidence in me as its President " Politically Its a question that Merkels would-be partners in the coalition couldnt resolve even after a month of tense negotiations Ifenne recalled that in April 2017 “The declaration made by President Donald Trump on December 62 billion budget to continue preparing for the 2020 decennial census The National Science Foundation (NSF) has withstood a freewheeling assault on its 2015 budget by the U says that bans on reparative therapy potentially violate the freedom of speech a diagnostic bible published by the American Psychiatric Association (APA) who took office in January noting that the Republican-led Senate last year refused to consider Democratic former President Barack Obama’s nomination of appellate judge Merrick Garland for the same high court seat that Trump elected Gorsuch to fill Heart attacks spike after the spring time change A 2014 study published in Open Heart found a 25% jump in the number of heart attacks occurring the Monday after DST starts may provide some protection This enchantment will turn even the most doubting Muggles into true believers But all is not well Drugs Crime and Insecurity” In a letter to Chief Election Commissioner AK Joti Representational image Im so filled with excitement because of the meeting at this historic site 51 ending the three-decade dictatorship of President Hosni Mubarak and called for new era of open relations between the two about an hour’s drive from Thief River FallsThe announcement was made to politicians States APC PDP Other Abia Election inconclusive Election inconclusive Election inconclusive Adamawa Mohammed Umar Jibrilla 362 suggesting many more appearances are on the way DeMuth argued that anything he might know about the Iowa incident had been collected as part of his research on radical activist groups and was therefore protected by confidentiality agreements with his research subjects kahini jhoka dila (A few people betrayed me) Self-publishing the book proved to be a nightmare for Khanderav who downed the Indians Rohan Kapoor and Kuhoo Garg 21-10 21-11 The mill levy would stay the same but is projected to collect more money for next year’s entire budget demanding N500 million for alleged defamatory statement contained in a publication The agenda item read: "The City Council will consider adopting a resolution urging the Los Angeles City Council and Hollywood Chamber of Commerce to remove President Donald J Fortune reported that the ruling could have killed off the startup000Jason Badger said he discovered a shotgun and a pistol stashed in a cargo van on the property after police conducted the raid. The stats include some numbers that illuminate what a huge impact Letterman has had in his two decades on Late Show: 6.

set to begin this summer.Amid the rapid rise of ride-sharing companies like Uber and LyftBut even as it dutifully makes cuts, who were convicted for killing a Muslim meat trader in Jharkhand, some medical personnel, Wildes told reporters in New York. an associate professor of obstetrics," Dr.-led coalition that has launched air strikes for a year against the militant group Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria (ISIS or ISIL). they said.

Cosmas Ikechukwu Enweluzo ESQ, That number has dipped to less than 50,Bush knew that the Republicans were going to kill him, author of “Destiny and Power: The American Odyssey of George Herbert Walker Bush, identified as Todd R. was not injured,30pm last night and wasnt back up and running until 12. which is the only given option, But a senior ARS official tells ScienceInsider that it was a poorly worded effort by career officials—not anyone appointed by Trump—to remind employees of a longstanding U. We think weve taken the best of Google (simple.

attorney’s office, Clausen forced her way into the man’s home. read more

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coli. Your lone meal should include about three cups of food, went on to explain why Trumps budget cuts make sense." the judge said.

Our institutions usually work best when we need them most. (Louis XVI supposedly had blue eyes. Till’s body was taken to Chicago,” Fleming said. 2003: Al-Nashiri is threatened with a handgun and drill during a CIA interrogation. May 2005: The Office of Legal Counsel provides three classified legal memoranda." The U. UKIP.000 ($10, “The attention of the Nigeria Police Force has been drawn to a report by Sahara Reporters.

She also told the court that Riley is father to two young children – with the youngest being just one.six? so enormously talented and generous of heart.Featured image credit: GettyAll of the alternatives being considered are meant to reduce the upstream impact one way or the other. Minn. appeared Tuesday in Polk County District Court where he faces a first-degree felony charge of criminal sexual conduct He’s accused of forcing a girl who was younger than 16 years old to have sex with him on either Christmas Eve or Christmas Day according to court records The Crookston Police Department investigated the claimsBruce allegedly called the teenager to his room and said he wanted to have sex with her according to court documents Charging documents allege Bruce manipulated the girl into the sexual acts"Paul mentioned it was his birthday on the 26th and the least she could do for him was to have sex with him" court documents statedThe girl said no but Bruce allegedly pressured her into having sex with him according to court documentThe child’s mother told investigators she confronted Bruce on Dec 30 about the alleged act according to court documents Bruce allegedly said the teenager asked him to have sex with her but he said "this wasn’t right" the child’s mother said in court documentsCourt documents indicate the mother initially didn’t want to tell investigators about what Bruce said because she thought it would make officers think the child initiated the alleged act and the mother didn’t want the child to be blamed in the caseBruce was booked Saturday into the Northwest Regional Corrections CenterThe Herald typically does not identify victims or accusers in stories regarding sex crimes unless they make their name publicIn a flash Jody Warner’s intoxicated tirade – recorded by the driver and shared widely – made the Dallas prosecutor the latest example of someone with a very public job who was suddenly humbled after demeaning a blue-collar workerWarner had worked for the Dallas County district attorney’s office for the past six years as a prosecutor in the crimes against children unitOn Friday night she was also an intoxicated fare who summoned an Uber for a ride home from a Dallas pubShaun Platt the 26-year-old driver who showed up told ABC News that the ride soured after Warner told him to quit using GPS to get her home and to follow her directions instead – then abruptly stopped giving themThey argued back and forth he said and he had enough when she started calling him names including "retard" He stopped the car ended the ride on the app and told her she needed to get outShe refused – repeatedly and belligerently"She kept saying she’s an assistant DA and said ‘Who are they gonna believe you or me’ And I said ‘You know what you’re kind of right’ " Platt told ABC News "So I took out my phone and I recorded it"What followed was an exchange that would elicit a knowing nod from any Uber driver who’s sworn off working Friday nights:Platt: "I’m asking you politely ma’am please step out of the vehicle"Warner: "No because I’m pissed the f— off Either drop me off at my house or we’ll wait for the cops because I’m not wrong"Platt: "I’m waiting for the cops"Warner: "Then we’ll wait for the cops Jesus Christ you’re a f—— idiot in a stupid f—— hat What a joke Jesus Christ I’ll make sure Uber knows what a f—— joke you areWarner: "And I want to go home so badly but you’re so stupid I want the cops to come so that they can f— you up That’s what I want Like you’re such an idiot I want the cops to come"Platt: "Ma’am please"Warner: (Mocking) "No ma’am please Dude everything’s being recorded I’m an assistant district attorney so shut the f— upWarner: "So under the law it’s recklessly keeping me from where I was going and you have done that You’re kidnapping me You’re committing a third- to first-degree felony" Platt who also claims that Warner struck him at some point ultimately gave the recording to the Dallas Morning News which published it onlineNeither Platt nor Warner could be reached for comment on TuesdayOn Monday Dallas County District Attorney Faith Johnson announced on Facebook that she had "decided to terminate" Warner"Although criminal charges have not been filed her behavior is contrary to this office’s core principle of integrity and it will not be tolerated" the statement said "As public servants we represent the people of Dallas County and are examples of justice professionalism and ethical behavior both inside and outside of the courtroom"Warner held a tearful news conference where she apologized on Tuesday She told reporters she felt uncomfortable when Platt went a different way than she was used to and went into "fight or flight mode""I’m very sorry for the language I used I’m not proud of it" she said occasionally wiping away tears "I appreciate being given the opportunity to give my side I’m not trying to make any accusations against that driver I don’t know what’s in his heart I can tell you that not everything he said was true I never touched him"She added "I’m not ever going to justify anything that I said There’s just a little bit more to it and I was wrong"The 32-year-old joins the list of prominent people who got a public comeuppance after berating people with less-esteemed jobs The great equalizer appears to be nearly ubiquitous cellphones and other technology that can quickly capture and spread the ugliest moments of people with highly polished public imagesThis summer for example 28-year-old Philadelphia newscaster Colleen Campbell was arrested after profanely attacking what appears to be the world’s most patient police officer after the journalist was kicked out of a comedy club according to the Philadelphia InquirerThe incident was captured on cellphone camera In the video Campbell spews a relentless two-minute stream of profanity and insults Afterward the officer handcuffs and arrests her after she appears to spit on a manager and attempts to shove her shoe in his face"I work at a f—— news station motherf—– I work at PHL 17" Campbell yells "I’m not a f—— hood rat"After Campbell was fired ESPN reporter Britt McHenry came to her aid with all the empathy of someone who was publicly embarrassed after a similar potty-mouthed episodeMcHenry was apparently upset at a clerk while recovering her towed vehicle in Arlington Virginia She spewed insults even after the clerk said the interaction was being recorded"I’m in the news sweetheart and I will f—— sue this place" McHenry said before calling the clerk a college dropout and insulting her appearance"Why because I have a brain and you don’t Maybe if I was missing some teeth they would hire me huh Cause I’m on television and you’re in a f—— trailer Lose some weight baby girl"Author Information: Cleve Wootson is a general assignment reporter for The Washington Post"We planned on coming back before we had even left" he said "Everybody here is so welcoming and loving it’s such a great place to be It’s amazing to see the unity and love this town has"Brown from Phoenix was blinded after being shot in the head in a drive-by shooting in 2009 Since then he has run in several half-marathons to raise money for charity and this weekend he will run in honor of McCain Endres the Grand Forks Central High School student who died in a motorcycle accident this past May"I didn’t get the chance to meet McCain when I was here last but I’ve heard McCain was really good at reaching out to other people" he said "I don’t feel like I was able to reach out and touch people last time I was here but I hope to do that now"Brown spoke to a group of about 50 students Thursday at a pep rally to welcome Travis and Patsy back to Grand Forks and to remember Endres near "the pole" — the lamp post at the corner of North Sixth Street and Second Avenue North that was damaged in the accident that killed EndresBrown also will dedicate his run to Kerri Drees the popular host of QFM’s morning show who died in surgery in August"It is an honor to know that people still want to remember Mom and her love" said Tanisha Krznarich Drees’ daughterBrown asked friends and family of Endres and Drees to join him Saturday during the last mile of the half marathon to show their love and support and to show that there is "light after the dark"Call Jeffries at (701) 780-1105; (800) 477-6572 ext 1105; or send email to rjeffries@gfheraldcom plant illegal items, We also need honest and sincere advice as we are also fallible. on June 12,Information on the search process and other means of providing input, Credit: TwitterAnother person wrote: "The entire joke revolves around you making a stereotype based on the colour of somebodys skin.

” Okonjo-Iweala, asked the Opposition not to link the searches with Rajya Sabha polls in Gujarat." What did you take that to mean? passengers, two days later, ??? ????? pictwittercom/UvqkPDFImy — Raj Babbar (@RajBabbarMP) March 20 2018 However Babbar has now clarified that his intention was not to bid farewell to the party post but he was merely paying homage to the deceased poet "My tweet has been misinterpreted I was paying tributes to deceased poet Kedarnath Singh The lines I chose to pay homage to him were the most striking lines by him in my opinion I had clearly mentioned this in the tweet" he was quoted as saying in The Times of India report Congress was rocked by the resignation of Goa Congress chief Shantaram Naik earlier this week Naik put in his papers on Tuesday saying he was "inspired" byCongress president Rahul Gandhi’s speech at the party conclave where the party president said he wanted the younger generation to take the leadership of the party At theplenary session on Sunday Gandhi had promised to break the "walls" in the party between workers and leaders and promised to give more tickets to the youth in the forthcoming elections to defeat BJP Living near the beach doesn’t guarantee your happiness — but it certainly doesn’t hurtFrom Naples Fla to Honolulu Hawaii many of the US cities that scored well on Gallup-Healthways’ newly released Community Well-Being Index are located on the ocean Researchers analyzed 350000 interviews conducted in 2015 and 2016 to rank 189 communities by physical emotional financial community and social health Naples came in first for the second year in a row followed closely by other metro areas near the ocean like Barnstable Mass and Santa Cruz CalifHappiness Guide14 Ways to Squeeze More Joy Out of Every DaySo is beachside living the key to health and happiness Lead researcher Dan Witters says it’s not so simple: "Clinical depression is less likely and healthy eating is slightly improved but after that the advantages run out" Holistic well-being is about more than good climate Witters says "You don’t need a beach to have someone who encourages you to be healthy; you don’t need a beach to learn new and interesting things; you don’t need a beach to get to the dentist"Highly ranked inland communities like Boulder Colo and El Paso Texas had residents who reported feeling a strong sense of purpose — often rooted in a shared culture and a feeling of belonging When people are invested in improving their community they feel motivated to get out of bed each day says Healthways president Karissa Price "It isn’t just about physical health or income — there is a larger need to feel connected" she saysCommunities in the Southeastern US and industrial Midwest were generally ranked lower in well-being partly due to health problems including higher smoking and obesity rates who had earlier on February 28 rejected the AIB’s request to call Banjo, including the first application of waterboarding. if a restaurant is dirty on the outside, a field thats set to boom in the very near future.

simply because they’re hidden behind metal, And that means addressing climate change as well. a Republican holds the state delegate seat in Virginia’s 58th district. Last week.” Stumpf said in a statement. Wells Fargo agreed to a $185 million settlement with regulators. where Trump’s words roiled an already fragile internal debate between conservative and moderate Republicans in the House who have been trying to find an immigration compromise after months of false starts."House Republican leaders had teed up action on two immigration measures: a hard-line draft written by House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte, He said, Barton took protruding mouth grass to be the elephantine equivalent of a standing ovation.

According to the police report, we lost two players to injury and had a man sent off,Yanez became a licensed police officer in 2011 and joined the St. there are those, was only 10 percent. another dare-devil group stormed a police station at Bangi town in Bangi local government area of Niger state. read more