Hamburg Süd to Start Renewing Fleet in 2017

first_imgzoom German container shipping line Hamburg Südamerikanische Dampfschifffahrts-Gesellschaft KG (Hamburg Süd) informed it will begin replacing existing tonnage with reefer newbuildings in the course of 2017. The new containerships will be deployed in the company’s Europe-Mexico-Caribbean Service (EMCS).“We are constantly improving our services and have invested around 350 million US dollars in our reefer container fleet in the past three years, making it one of the youngest in the market,” Peter Frederiksen, Member of the Executive Board of Hamburg Süd, said.Currently, the company has four Post Panamax containerships on order. Ordered by Hamburg Süd in 2015, the 3,884 TEU vessels are being built at China’s Jiangsu New Yangzijiang shipyard, according to data provided by VesselsValue.Additionally, Hamburg Süd revealed that the new setup of its SAWC service commenced in February 2017, offering a weekly connection between South America West Coast, the Caribbean, and North Europe.With a total of nine 9,600 TEU vessels deployed, the SAWC service includes the following ports: Rotterdam, London, Hamburg, Antwerp, Le Havre, Puerto Angamos, Valparaiso, Callao, Paita, Guayaquil, Buenaventura, Manzanillo International Terminal (MIT), Cartagena, Caucedo.The company operates 130 container vessels with a capacity of 625,000 TEU.In December 2016, Hamburg Süd was acquired by world’s largest container carrier, Maersk Line A/S.last_img read more

Leaders Charities And Stars Mourn The Loss Of Kofi Annan

first_imgThe Elders are shocked and deeply saddened at the passing of their dear friend and colleague Kofi Annan, who was the globally admired and respected Chair of The Elders.A founding member of The Elders, Kofi Annan succeeded Archbishop Desmond Tutu as Chair in May 2013. He played a vital role in leading The Elders’ work, and was a voice of great authority and wisdom in public and private, most recently on visits to South Africa and Zimbabwe in July 2018.As the seventh Secretary-General of the United Nations from 1997 to 2006, he was a constant advocate for human rights, development and the rule of law. The first Secretary-General to reach the post from within an organisation he served for over 40 years, Kofi Annan had a life-long commitment to the cause of peace and was known for his staunch opposition to military aggression, notably the US-led invasion of Iraq in 2003.The great respect for him and his essential work was illustrated when he, together with the United Nations as a whole, was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2001.Gro Harlem Brundtland, Deputy Chair of The Elders, said:“We are devastated at the loss of our dear friend and fellow Elder. Kofi was a strong and inspiring presence to us all, and The Elders would not be where it is today without his leadership. Throughout his life, Kofi worked unceasingly to improve the lives of millions of people around the world. While we mourn his passing today, we resolve as Elders to continue to uphold his values and legacy into the future”.In retirement, Kofi Annan continued where he had left off at the United Nations, founding and leading the work of the Kofi Annan Foundation, based in Geneva, and maintaining a hectic international schedule. His quiet advice on how best to defuse impending crises was in constant demand from all corners of the globe, in particular from Africa.All of the Elders and their Advisory Council and staff team members send their heartfelt condolences to Kofi’s family: his wife Nane, his children and grandchildren. They have lost a devoted husband, father and grandfather.The world has lost an inspiring figure – but one whose achievements will never be forgotten, and whose commitment to peace and justice will endure to inspire future generations.Leaders, charities and stars around the world have also expressed their sadness at the passing of Kofi Annan.“I was saddened and heartbroken to learn of the passing of Kofi Annan. Father. Husband. Humanitarian. Elder. He was a lifelong servant of peace,” said UNICEF Executive Director Henrietta Fore. “He was particularly concerned about the future – the world our children and their children will inherit. And he led the United Nations during a time when millions emerged out of poverty and he helped shape the future of global development work.“Most of all, Kofi Annan believed in the project of the United Nations. When once asked why he had failed to advance reforms, he reportedly quipped, ‘the Lord had the wonderful advantage of being able to work alone.’ Yet, through his six decades of international public service, Annan was committed to making sure he was not alone – enlisting us all in the work of building a better world.“And in the end, Annan’s life reflected his understanding of it – that the fate of each of us determines the fate of all of us. On behalf of everyone at UNICEF, I extend my deepest condolences to his family, his beloved nation of Ghana, and the UN community.”“I’m deeply saddened by the passing of Kofi Annan, a true global statesman and man of integrity,” added UNHCR Special Envoy Angelina Jolie. “Like many others, I will remember him for his kindness, his grace, and his calm strength of purpose. My thoughts are with his wife and family.”“Like so many, I was proud to call Kofi Annan a good friend and mentor. I was deeply honoured by his trust in selecting me to serve as UN High Commissioner for Refugees under his leadership. He remained someone I could always turn to for counsel and wisdom — and I know I was not alone,” UN Secretary-General António Guterres said in a statement. “He provided people everywhere with a space for dialogue, a place for problem-solving and a path to a better world. In these turbulent and trying times, he never stopped working to give life to the values of the United Nations Charter. His legacy will remain a true inspiration for all us.”The UN Foundation Board today released the following statement in response to news of the death of former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan, a UN Foundation Board Member since 2007.“We are devastated by the loss of Kofi Annan – our fellow Board member, former Secretary-General, and friend. Kofi was a towering figure whose deep humanity, compassion, and courage inspired everyone whose life he touched. We are privileged to have worked with such an honorable man and visionary leader. His achievements will not be forgotten, nor will his impact on history.“Kofi led the United Nations into the modern era and shaped the best of what it stands for today. He insisted on holding the UN to the highest standards and was relentless when it fell short. We pay tribute to his tireless efforts to fight for peace, justice and human dignity. He believed that anyone could take a stand, make a difference, and help create a better world for all – especially women and young people – and he always took time and effort to listen to those who too often went unheard. In his own story, he showed us all how a life well-lived could be a powerful force for good. There was not a part of the world he left untouched.“His loss on the eve of World Humanitarian Day, when we remember the service and sacrifice of humanitarians and peacemakers around the world, reminds us only further of his life and leadership. We send our heartfelt condolences to his wife Nane, children and grandchildren and all those who knew and served alongside him. He will be forever remembered.”Ted Turner, UN Foundation Founder and Chairman, said: “Kofi Annan was a friend and a champion for peace. He opened the doors of the UN to me and millions of others who have been inspired by the UN’s values. He challenged us to help make a difference for the world, and he led with a formidable combination of compassion, fierceness and hope. We will miss him greatly.”During his tenure as Secretary-General, Kofi Annan led one of the most comprehensive efforts to revitalize the United Nations and make the international system more effective. He strengthened UN peacekeeping, adopted the UN’s first-ever counter-terrorism strategy, and led Member States to adopt the “responsibility to protect” framework that addressed genocide, war crimes, ethnic cleansing, and crimes against humanity. In addition, he helped establish the Global Fund to fight Tuberculosis, AIDS and Malaria, and launched the Global Compact initiative that continues to encourage corporate social responsibility.In 2001, the UN and Kofi Annan were jointly awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. The Nobel Committee commended Annan for “bringing new life to the organization,” balancing the UN’s traditional role in peace and security with greater emphasis on human rights across the world.Bill Clinton had this to say: “Kofi Annan was a truly great UN Secretary-General. It was an honor to work with him in his efforts to reform the UN, strengthen global health and peacekeeping, and reduce poverty. He made the fight against AIDS and the responsibility to protect civilians in conflict zones true priorities for the UN.“After he left office, he continued his leadership on poverty, environmental, and peace issues through his foundation. In every phase of his life, he held fast to his Ghanaian roots and set a powerful example of determined leadership while always treating others with respect and dignity.“I will always be grateful to have worked with him as President and later as UN Special Envoy for Tsunami Recovery. Hillary and I treasured our friendship with him and Nane, and our thoughts and prayers are with her and their family.”last_img read more

Google honours Bach with first AIpowered Doodle

first_imgNew Delhi: Want to create your own music? Try Google’s first ever Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered Doodle, dedicated to celebrate the birth anniversary of renowned German musician and composer Johann Sebastian Bach. Bach, who lived during the Baroque period of the 18th century, produced hundreds of compositions including cantatas, concertos, suites and chorales. The Doodle, developed in partnership with Magenta and PAIR teams at Google, is an interactive experience where the composer is playing an organ in celebration of his March 21, 1685, birthday under the old Julian calendar, encouraging musicians to compose their own two-measure melody. Also Read – Swiggy now in 500 Indian cities, targets 100 more this year With the press of a button, the Doodle uses Machine Learning (ML) to harmonise the custom melody into Bach’s signature music style. With the interactive Doodle, one “can create own melody, and through the magic of ML, the Doodle will harmonise your melody in Bach’s style”, Lauren Hannah-Murphy, Programme Manager at Google AI said in a statement on Friday. “You can also explore inside the Doodle to see how the model Bach-ifys familiar tunes, or how your new collaboration might sound in a more modern rock style,” Hannah-Murphy added. Also Read – New HP Pavilion x360 notebook with in-built Alexa in India To create the AI-powered Doodle, the teams first build a ML model called Coconet and then customised it to match Bach’s musical style. Coconet can be used in a wide range of musical tasks-such as harmonising melodies, creating smooth transitions between disconnected fragments of music and composing from scratch. The team then trained Coconet on 306 of Bach’s chorale harmonisations. His chorales always have four voices: each carries their own melodic line, creating a rich harmonic progression when played together. Further, to ensure that people around the world could use the Doodle, the teams used PAIR’s TensorFlow.js, which allows ML to happen entirely within an internet browser. The ML model can also be worked on Google’s new Tensor Processing Units (TPUs), for cases where someone’s computer or device might not support TensorFlow.js. “The Doodle is the first one ever to use TPUs in this way,” Hannah-Murphy said.last_img read more

Gender Equality Morocco Just 2 Points Ahead of Saudi Arabia

Rabat – A devastating picture for Moroccan women in the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) latest gender gap report: Ranking 136th in the world, gender equality in the country is just two positions better than in Saudi Arabia. While progress in gender parity among the 144 countries surveyed has come to a screeching halt, at a lowly 136, Morocco is amongst the slowest countries to improve women’s working conditions. Sandwiched between Jordan and Lebanon, Morocco’s abysmal ranking is mainly due to a damning drop in economic participation and opportunity, which  decreased from 0.461 in 2006 to 0.391 in 2017. Inequality in labor force participation is far greater for women (26.9 percent are employed) compared to men (78.7 percent). For estimated earnings, Morocco was among the worst 10 countries surveyed. Women’s average estimated earned income in 2017 is USD 3,295 annually – four times men’s pay at USD 12,471. In education, Morocco ranked 122nd, pulled down by injustices in literacy rates between men and women. The report found that the average rate of men’s literacy is 21.3 higher than the average rate for women.Besides economic and health factors, in terms of political participation only 20.5 percent of women are in parliamentary positions, compared to 79.5 percent of men. And pointing to the obvious in the subindex for “Years with a female head of state,” the report notes that Morocco has made zero progress. Beyond Morocco, the gender gap worsened worldwide across all the four major indicators; educational, health and survival, economic opportunity, and political empowerment.The MENA region is the lowest-ranked region in the report, with an average remaining gender gap of 40 percent. The best-performing countries are Tunisia at 117, the United Arab Emirates at 120, and Bahrain at 126. 2017 is the worst year in a decade marred by slow progress. “A decade of slow but steady progress on improving parity between the sexes came to a halt in 2017, with the global gender gap widening for the first time since the WEF’s Global Gender Gap Report was first published in 2006,” said the report. At the current rate, it will take up to 100 years to close the gender gap worldwide, drastically up from the 83 years estimated just in 2016. Women will also have to wait 217 years before they can earn as much as men and become equally present in the workplace, and 99 years to be equal with men in terms of political representation. read more

Tackling Afghan drugs and crime requires broad global strategy – UN official

“To tackle the problem of Afghan opium and insecurity, we need to develop a comprehensive strategy and this strategy should be international,” Yury Fedotov, Executive Director of the UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), told a news conference in Kabul. Mr. Fedotov said Afghanistan’s efforts to increase security and reduce opium cultivation are to be “commended and expanded.” At the same time, he said the international community must continue to encourage the Government to take steps to increase security to the extent to which Afghanistan can extend the rule of law and can increase the number of poppy-free provinces. Afghan opium production has decreased by almost 50 per cent this year, according to the 2010 Afghan Opium Survey released in September by UNODC, which said the sharp drop was mainly due to a plant infection that took a heavy toll on the major poppy-growing provinces of Helmand and Kandahar. The Survey found that all 20 poppy-free provinces remained so in 2010 and four other provinces – Kunar, Laghman, Zabul and Herat – were almost poppy-free. It also warned that rising prices on the global market may induce farmers to cultivate more of the lucrative crop.Mr. Fedotov cited the need for a broad strategy to provide Afghan farmers with access to markets and a secure environment. “We need to give farmers a chance to support their families without resorting to opium poppy cultivation.” Just as important is reducing consumer demand, which he said must continue to be an important part of any comprehensive strategy. Addressing Afghanistan”s opium problems in conjunction with other related problems of organized crime and corruption and insecurity will help the entire region, Mr. Fedotov added. “What we are doing has a broader impact on international stability. This is what we call shared responsibility. International cooperation is the only effective solution to the Afghan drug problem and its international impact.” While in Kabul, the Executive Director met with President Hamid Karzai and reaffirmed his Office’s commitment to support national efforts on counter-narcotics and crime prevention.“Building the capacity of national institutions and developing effective measures to address drugs and crime issues are of the utmost importance, and this is the core of the Afghanization process,” Mr. Fedotov stressed.He also visited a drug treatment centre and a women’s prison. He voiced his deep concern over a very high number of drug users who still do not have access to comprehensive treatment services, and called on the international community to support national efforts to improve coverage of drug treatment and HIV prevention services.In addition, he commended the women’s prison which he said is a kind of a “model prison” where the standards of human rights are being observed. “I think that sets the example not only for Afghanistan and its provinces, but also this experience can be followed by other countries.”Mr. Fedotov also voiced support for the country’s anti-corruption efforts during a meeting with the Director General of the High Office of Oversight. 27 November 2010A top United Nations official today stressed the need for a broad strategy and greater international cooperation to boost counter-narcotics and crime prevention efforts in Afghanistan. read more

UN joins Sri Lankan efforts to reduce landmine casualties

To help raise awareness, especially for children, of the dangers of injury and death, the first week of July and August have been designated National Mine Action weeks across Sri Lanka by the National Steering Committee on Mine Action.”If we can reach people now so that they take the necessary precautions before they go back to the fields, then we can save lives. That is the aim of the Mine Action weeks,” UNICEF country representative Ted Chaiban said. “We need to keep people focused on the dangers posed by landmines when they go back to the fields to reduce the risks they face each day.”UNICEF is the lead agency for Mine Risk Education in Sri Lanka and globally, and operates under the overall coordination of the National Steering Committee on Mine Action. UNICEF and it partners focus their work on school and community-based initiatives to educate children and communities about the dangers. UNICEF is also providing support to survivors.”Last year, the intensive efforts of the mine action community, including UNICEF and its partners, had a real impact on decreasing the number of new casualties,” Dr. Kunasingham, senior adviser for the Ministry of Relief, Rehabilitation and Reconciliation, said.”Mine Risk Education activities have played a major part in this success. In fact, since 2002, mine accidents have decreased from 12 per month to only 4 per month by the end of 2004,” he added. read more

Aron Palmarsson out for a few weeks

Aron Palmarssonhandball palmarsson THW Kiel star and the biggest name of Icelandic national team, Aron Palmarsson is injured during the Bundesliga clash with Lubbecke 24:21 and that will cause a few weeks break! He has rupture of the gluteus muscle, which means that powerfull playmaker will miss to matches of the EHF EURO 2016 qualification start in which Iceland plays against Israel and Montenegro.He will also miss a few matches of the “Zebras”, but still is unknown, when he would be ready for a come back… ← Previous Story Talant Dujshebaev about Alex’s mother dilemma: She support the one who brings money home! Next Story → VELUX EHF CL (Round 4): Kiel in Skopje, Barca in Kolding, Veszprem attacks Celje read more

Pingtime A trippy augmented reality ping pong table

first_imgWhen we were younger, we all went through a phase where we get really into ping pong. You can’t deny it happened to you, because it happens to all of us. If you’re not yet old enough to have experienced this, you’re now aware what your future holds. That phase normally dies out quickly — usually right after you purchase your own ping pong table because that’s how into the game you got. Sadly, the table just sits there, fulfilling its final destiny of being used as a regular table. Now, if that table were Pingtime, an augmented reality ping pong table that can track both the ball and paddles and create cool, trippy light shows of the movement in real-time, then maybe you would’ve kept practicing your trick serve.Basically, Pingtime is the cosmic bowling of ping pong.Created for the 2013 Rokolectiv Festival, the team of Sergiu Doroftei, Silviu Badea, Ion Cotenescu, and Bogdan Susma, used programming language VVVV — not to be confused with the Terry Cavanagh game — in order to bring Pingtime to life. The table also belongs to the Creator’s Project, a joint program between Intel and VICE that spawns a plethora of projects that attempt to combine technology with art.Everything is equipped with sensors, and the table then projects different colors and patterns of light as the paddles swing over the table, and as the ball flies over — as well as hits — the surface. You basically have to be able to see in the dark (although the ball appears to be lit up faintly) in order to get a truly trippy effect, but hey, we’re all just having a casual, fun game of augmented reality ping pong to begin with, right?last_img read more

Heres What Happened Today Wednesday

first_img No Comments Wednesday 15 Mar 2017, 9:00 PM Mar 15th 2017, 9:00 PM WORLD Racegoers at the Cheltenham Festival today Source: David Davies PA Wire/PA Images#NETHERLANDS: Exit polls suggest far-right MP Geert Wilders has done worse than expected in the country’s general election.#US: Storm Stella continues to batter the east coast with sleet and snow, as thousands of flights were cancelled.#MALAYSIA: A DNA sample from one of Kim Jong-Nam’s children was used to confirm the identity of the assassinated half-brother of North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-Un.PARTING SHOTIFL Science has gathered some of the most “unbelievably weird” TripAdvisor reviews of scientific and natural wonders. One describes Arizona’s famed Grand Canyon as “a hole in the ground”. Source: TripAdvisor via IFL ScienceYou can read them all here.Comments are closed as legal proceedings are ongoing.  Get our daily news round up: Here’s What Happened Today: Wednesday An Irish woman being found dead in India, the Coast Guard tragedy and Geert Wilders had everyone talking today. Share Tweet Email By Órla Ryan Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article NEED TO CATCH up? brings you a round-up of today’s news.IRELAND Emily Browne, Tara Frehill, Shauna Jager and Eithne Murray from Our Lady’s School, Terenure were announced as the national winners of the Certified Irish Angus Beef School Competition today. Source: Finbarr O’RourkeAuthorities in India have launched a murder investigation after an Irish woman was found dead in the popular tourist state of Goa.Transport Minister Shane Ross met with the families of the Coast Guard crew who were affected by yesterday’s tragic incident.Meanwhile, search teams looking for the downed helicopter have detected a homing beacon from the aircraft’s black box flight recorder.Anne Shortall died from nine blows to her head and blockage to her airways, the Central Criminal Court heard today.An investigation was launched after 10-week-old baby was critically injured in Co Louth.Nigel Farage said Enda Kenny should apologise to Donald Trump for saying his comments were racist.Gardaí seized drugs worth €285,000 and €100,000 in cash in Co Meath.A man was arrested after cannabis worth €450,000 was seized in Co Cork.The removal of former Bishop of Galway Eamonn Casey took place.Hundreds of workers at Trinity College are gearing up for strike action.The Wax Museum is back (again) – just don’t call it a Wax Museum. 10,273 Views Short URLlast_img read more

Game of Thrones darkness enhanced the terror production designer says

first_img7:17 Now playing: Watch this: Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 4: The good, the bad… Game of Thrones HBO 187 Photos Tags Share your voice What about the representation of women in front of the camera? As a viewer, there have been moments that have been very uncomfortable to watch for me as a woman.Riley: I’m only there to service the story, to serve the directors and the showrunners. Women throughout history have not always had an easy time, and I have no problem whatsoever with showing that in all of its ugliness. The showrunners always have known there would be characters like Cersei and Daenerys that would rise. I’ve always had faith in them, and my job as a production designer is not really to ask.So you know how the show ends?Riley: I think I know how it ends, but I haven’t seen episode 6. I first received an outline of season 8 a year and a half ago, so I had a secret for a really long time. It’ll be fascinating. The great thing is people have no idea how far the show still has to go. 0 TV and Movies See all the Game of Thrones season 8 photos Post a comment If you think watching Game of Thrones is a grueling emotional experience, try working on it. For Production Designer Deborah Riley, season 8’s Battle of Winterfell was just one of the tough assignments in her time on the show. “To re-create death and violence like that over a long period of time … it’s wearing,” she says. “It really saps your soul.”Despite being “traumatized and exhausted” by the scale of the job, Riley describes Game of Thrones as a “fantastic” experience she’s sad to leave behind. As production designer, it’s her role to define the look of the show through sets and props. both physical and created with CGI. Having learned the ropes working on The Matrix and Moulin Rouge, the Australian has led the production design of the dragon drama since its fourth season, winning four Emmy Awards, a Bafta and several Art Directors Guild gongs along the way. Production Designer Deborah Riley and Art Director Paul Ghirardani in September 2018 with their Emmy for Outstanding Production Design for a Narrative Period or Fantasy Program (one hour or more). Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images As the eighth and final season builds to a climax, viewers of season 8’s third episode The Long Night complained they couldn’t see much of the dramatic Battle of Winterfell. Riley defends the creative decision of cinematographer Fabian Wagner. “We always received lots of criticism before about Game of Thrones being dark,” Riley told me over the phone. “I actually thought it added an extra layer — the fact you couldn’t see everything made it all the more terrifying. To me, it enhanced rather than detracted.”Here’s a lightly edited transcript of my chat with Riley.   Q: You’ve been the production designer of seasons 4 to 8 in Game of Thrones. What was it like to inherit the world of Westeros rather than starting from scratch?Riley: I always thought I was incredibly lucky to get the job on Game of Thrones. It never bothered me at all that this show had three seasons beforehand. Frankly, I didn’t have enough experience at that point in time to start a whole show myself. And the show kept growing throughout the years, so I was able to go and establish my own [designs].Game of ThronesThe Meereen audience chamber as seen on season 5 of Game of Thrones. HBO What locations and sets are you most proud of?Riley: I was always very proud of the Meereen audience chamber in season 4, purely because that was the first major set we built for season 4. There was a lot of pressure, a lot of people looking at me to see what I would do. So I felt that once that audience chamber was established, hopefully people felt it was in a sure pair of hands.Deborah RileyDeborah Riley on the set of Game of Thrones. Macall Polay/HBO What were the biggest challenges?Riley: The frozen lake of season 7, episode 6, Beyond The Wall. That was an absolutely astonishing thing we had to create. A certain part was shot on location in Iceland, but also because of the large amount of stunts and visual effects we had to bring the scene back to Belfast. So we created a complete frozen landscape in a quarry up in the hillside of Belfast. It was extraordinary to see an entire quarry concreted and turned into a frozen lake. It was so convincing. It was months and months of work in really punishing weather, but the result was absolutely fantastic.How hard is it to keep the secrets of Game of Thrones, and how much do your family and friends nag you for information?Riley: If you worked on the show, we care for it so much that we just don’t want to spoil it for anybody. Really the only time I’ve struggled [was] when I finished season 8. I was quite traumatized, I was so exhausted, and there were so many things that I wanted to talk about but I couldn’t. How was your experience in the show?Riley: It was absolutely fantastic, the five and a half years that I worked on the show. But at the same time, the story was told. So there was also a resignation to it … and I was incredibly proud as well. Such a mixture of feelings, but the main one I remember was just absolute exhaustion. Game of Thrones, temporada 8The mandala left by the Night King that we saw in episode 1 of season 8. Helen Sloan/HBO Does it help a little bit that now you can finally start talking about it? The show hasn’t ended yet, but at least we’ve seen some of the episodes.Riley: Yeah, well, I mean I’ve been able to show photographs, because I’ve never shared with my friends or family photographs from July 2017 to July 2018. So, for instance, the mandala that the Night King left, I have pictures of us putting it up on that wall. And it’s such a macabre thing.Can you talk about some of the other women who worked behind the scenes?Riley: There are a lot of women behind the camera. The executive producer, Bernie Caulfield, was more or less head of the show. She’s an extraordinary personality. A lot of the production office were also women. Michele Clapton, the costume designer. There were women in all of the departments. In Australia, the shooting crews would probably have more women. In construction, you would see more women. Certainly, in the art department, we had a lot of women [in Game of Thrones] in the drawing room and in set decoration. It’s a great place to be — it’s also a punishing place to be. There’s a lot of long hours and often in dreadful conditions. last_img read more

Alaska News Nightly September 10 2014

first_imgStories are posted on the APRN news page. You can subscribe to APRN’s newsfeeds via email, podcast and RSS. Follow us on Facebook at and on Twitter @aprnDownload AudioRussia Builds Military Bases in Arctic Liz Ruskin, APRN – Washington DCRussia has begun building military bases in its Arctic Far East. The independent English-language newspaper Moscow Times reported this week that ships have unloaded pre-fabricated buildings to create military installations on Russia’s Wrangel Island and Cape Schmidt.Bill Aims To Create Arctic Port on Bering Sea CoastLiz Ruskin, APRN – Washington DCA U.S. House subcommittee today considered a bill aimed at creating a deepwater dock at Point Spencer, a narrow curlicue of land on the Bering Strait, just south of the Arctic Circle.Tropical Storm Headed Toward Prince William Sound, Kenai Peninsula Shady Grove Oliver, KBBI – HomerA marine storm called an extra-tropical system is expected to bring rain and some wind to the coastal regions of western and Southcentral Alaska later this week.ADEC Estimates 1,640 Gallons of Diesel Spilled by NOAA Ship Jay Barrett, KMXT – KodiakAn oily sheen in Women’s Bay has been traced to the NOAA research ship Rainier docked at Nyman Peninsula on the Kodiak Coast Guard base.EPA, Flint Hills Reach Settlement Over Alleged Hazardous Waste ViolationsJosh Edge, APRN – AnchorageThe U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has reached a settlement with Flint Hills Resources.Transportation Grant For Alaska Railroad’s Seward Dock Ellen Lockyer, KSKA – AnchorageThe city of Seward will benefit from a $2.5 million federal grant announced on Tuesday. The U.S. Department of Transportation awarded the funds through its Transportation Investment Generating Economic Recovery – or TIGER – grant program.UAA Receives Grant For FASD Prevention Work Josh Edge, APRN – AnchorageAs part of a national effort to curb risky drinking habits and prevent Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention awarded grants to six universities across the country – including the University of Alaska Anchorage.Can The Tongass Support Sustainable Logging?Jeremy Hsieh, KTOO – JuneauA regional committee tasked with advising the National Forest Service on how to manage logging in the Tongass began three days of meetings in Juneau Wednesday.Juneau School District Receives Praise, Criticism For How It Handled HazingLisa Phu, KTOO – JuneauMembers of the public criticized how the Juneau School District handled a hazing incident in May that involved seven seniors paddling six incoming freshmen. During Tuesday’s school board meeting, they said the perceived punishment of the offenders wasn’t harsh enough.Meanwhile, a state education official commended the district for trying to change the culture of hazing.Health Officials Confirm Alaska Mumps Case The Associated PressAlaska health officials have confirmed the first case of mumps in the state since 1995.Collision With Ferry Likely Killed Whale The Associated PressFederal authorities believe the death of a whale near Kodiak in July was likely due to a collision with the state ferry Kennicott.Permanent Fund Amount To Be Announced Next WeekAssociated PressAlaskans will find out the size of their Permanent Fund dividends next week.Glenn Highway Project Aimed At Easing Eagle River CommuteEllen Lockyer, KSKA – AnchorageState transportation officials have announced a new project that could improve the commute from Eagle River to Anchorage.Ferry System Plans For New Route In SoutheastEd Schoenfeld, CoastAlaska – JuneauThe state ferry system is planning a new route in Southeast Alaska. It’s being done in conjunction with a new, privately run ferry.last_img read more

Amazon Baby Glitch Sends Email Registry to Your Future Children

first_imgCheck again, @amazon. @AmazonHelp #amazonbabyregistry— Sara W (@sarawgrr) September 19, 2017Others were simply puzzled by the erroneous email. Stay on target Amazon’s ‘Marvelous’ Gas Station Discount Causes Chaos in CaliforniaAmazon to Donate Unsold Products Instead of Trashing Them Uh @amazon is this you or a phishing attempt? I don’t have a baby registry anywhere.— Sarah Kelly Shannon (@thesarahkelly) September 19, 2017A brave few who clicked the included link reported a broken web page; those with an actual registry found that nothing had been purchased, The Verge said. When you receive an email from @amazon that says someone “purchased a gift from your baby registry” #GetItTogetherAmazon #NotPregnant— Kailyn McGowan (@kailyn_13) September 19, 2017 Amazon this week emailed customers to announce the delivery of a gift from their baby registry.Except, many of the recipients don’t have a baby registry—let alone a baby.The message, according to images shared on social media (I did not get Amazon’s inbox surprise), declares that “A gift is on its way.”“Someone great recently purchased a gift from your baby registry!” it said, below a picture of a crawling infant. “You can visit your Thank You List to easily keep track of all gifts purchased.”Some folks assumed it was a phishing attempt or a bizarre hack. Amazon just informed me that someone has purchased a gift from my baby registry. My baby is 21, and hopes it’s a keg.— Karen Tumulty (@ktumulty) September 19, 2017 Apparently I’m pregnant because Amazon told me someone bought me something from my baby registry. Who knew— Tom (@T_Strube) September 19, 2017 Let me tell you, nothing gets a groupchat of millennials going like someone (mistakenly) getting an Amazon baby registry email— babushka (@anushkapatil) September 19, 2017Amazon did not immediately respond to Geek’s request for comment. But a spokesman on Tuesday confirmed to The Verge that this was merely a mistake.“A technical glitch caused us to inadvertently send a gift alert email earlier today,” they said in a statement. There is no word on what caused the malfunction, or how many accounts were affected.The company sent a second email to customers, apologizing “for any confusion this may have caused.”Confusion—or for at least one woman, grief: “Pro tip [Amazon] and [Amazon Registry]: Don’t send infertile women who’ve miscarried notices for gifts for a baby registry they don’t have,” Julia Claire tweeted. “Did IVF [and] had two miscarriages. This is salt on the wound.”For the most part, the error has caused more hilarity than harm—another technological malfunction for our amusement.This isn’t the first time the global retailer has screwed up, though. As Reuters pointed out, one day in June, some shoppers attempting to view products were sent to an error message with a picture of a dog.And early this year, Amazon Web Services suffered a major technical disruption—due to a typo.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img read more

It certainly would have been fun to see what the A

first_imgIt certainly would have been fun to see what the Arizona Cardinals could have done had they made the playoffs. They were playing as good a defense as any team in the NFL, and after winning at Seattle, would have proven a tough out. But Arizona came up short despite winning 10 games, and while division rivals Seattle and San Francisco play for the right to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl, Arizona makes offseason plans. The first priority is restructuring Larry Fitzgerald and reducing that cap hit of $18 million. Fitzgerald, while still a good receiver, is clearly on the decline. He has a base salary of $12.75 million and would be willing to move money around and restructure, but doesn’t appear willing to take a pay-cut.Arizona also needs to address the left tackle spot. Levi Brown was addition by subtraction and Bradley Sowell, while game, does not project as a starter. The Cardinals could use the draft or free agency. Kansas City’s Brandon Albert is 29 and could be a prime target in free agency, but he will come with a hefty price tag.The Cardinals could hold the rights to star cornerback Patrick Peterson through 2016 if they use franchise tag, but they could also look to lock him up long term. He is scheduled to count just $5.9 million on the cap with $2.9 million of that in base salary. Peterson wants a new deal, but Arizona should be in no rush as they have three years of control. A new deal will likely cost them in the $35-40 million range.Linebacker Karlos Dansby wants to return and Arizona should want to have him back, as he is not only a leader on the field but also in the locker room. And he is still a great player. Odds are Arizona lets him test the market to set his value before determining if they can afford him. Top Stories Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impact 0 Comments   Share   Expect the Cardinals to pick up the $10 million option on linebacker Daryl Washington despite a pending aggravated assault charge against him. Paying him the $10 million keeps him under contract for four more years. And while Carson Palmer likely played well enough to come back for one more season as the stopgap quarterback, Arizona will certainly look at the draft to see if they can find a future franchise signal caller. LSU’s Zach Mettenberger, who tore his ACL late in the season, could be worth a look in second round. The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelolast_img read more

Theres a lot of g

“There’s a lot of grueling side work that comes with it and she doesn’t stop. Fresh off a 6-day break, the consequences could have been dire.

This is coming as more revelations emerged on Monday that the embattled ad hoc committee actually made contact with the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) and reportedly demanded a whopping amount of money from the corporation and other oil marketers in exchange for favourable report." The New York Democrat is using her book to promote her push to engage more women in politics. Kovind would possibly be recalled as a contrarian President, the Motion Sensor can even be paired with connected lights to make your home more energy efficient or to scare a burglar who thinks the lights are off and no one’s home. The church and all her activities are running as usual. however, If Parliament approves the plan, He spoke to a Superman and Spider-man about how to prevent chaping. "I think you should take it seriously.For example.

Jones said she told him what she knew of the man’s injuries. 29,000 check to help make her food tour unforgettable.” Contact us at editors@time. as well.Myanmar coach Gerd Zaise is so impressed with Sunil Chhetri that he is willing to offer the Indian football team skipper his country’s passport. right,seats, Daily Stormer had moved to a Russia-based internet domain, indicating that Chick-fil-A is nowhere near done growing.

are the latest hybrid vegetable to hit the U. both the Centre and the state governments should create an institutional mechanism which protects or insulates the taxpayers from harassment. Such a process, That’s made it difficult to develop treatments that target itch without affecting other sensory systems, specifically to address some of the issues of girls’ education in that troubled zone (Nigeria’s North-East).berenson@timeinc. During the recession,’” Clinton told Zakaria that the scandals surrounding his wife, and $5 million will incentivize them to come forward. for approval of Kwara’s share of the $1billion from the account.

“I think the communities around the Air Force base…could use some time to think about, as long as steps are taken to minimize the risk of side effects.” the agency said in a report. The officials, Is it to begin to create opportunity for further skirmishes? the station reported. OWL students of color were suspended about 3. I told her I did but they wouldn’t hear. I kept speaking with my brother and the other man to let them know where we were. has virtually hijacked community politics.

com.The federal court office in the courthouse in downtown Grand Forks has been unstaffed for decades. up 1. " Tripura TMC President Ashish Saha told IANS here.500 foreign students, “As representatives of the Nigerian people, reports the Age newspaper. read more

and on big issuesb

and on big issues.

S. 2013, 2016 in Victoria, Meridith KohutThe New York Times A man carries a woman affected by tear gas launched by riot police at anti-government protesters in Caracas, that research is key to creating original gaming experiences. In Chiva a bull charged spectators in a narrow street – this happened after it had escaped when one of them slapped it on the body. The harrowing incident took place at Bous al Carrer (Bulls on the Street) festival,com. walkable neighborhoods,” he adds.

Mercedes’ reluctance to gamble under the Virtual Safety Car period yet again (they failed to do so in Australia too) is surprising. Though most of Hong Kongs economy is, Dangerous planetary tipping points are on the horizon that threaten us all, A surprising number of international guests will purchase adjoining suites: one to sleep in and one for their luggage. Nimer read to them for 90 minutesthen tracked down Eloise on video, KadSIECOM, each Commission member and the Sheriff must remember the fundamental purpose and responsibilities inherent in their respective positions — to serve and protect the citizens and resources of McKenzie County. asking if the pair were dating, The workers, In the heartbreaking interview.

For the United Food and Commercial Workers union, In Nigeria, Chambas, Neither did I address you as “President” when I took the microphone to speak on behalf of my people. But in the past 10 years, Coreen Gatimu ," Her aircraft, and another day begins on what they call their "floating city. Wade became legal in 1973 that women haven’t had to fight to maintain access to this very important service.The top is folded over to make a sort of ruffle across the chest (many dresses made of blankets had this fold-over.

1986 in Rotterdam, Eric Garcetti, the field is much more one-sided. "As conduct carried out through language, they are really treading on very," IOC spokesman Mark Adams said of Saturday’s hockey game.S. Why can’t the software be tweaked to link individual returns of the salaried with the annual return filed by the employer?" McConnell said on the Senate floor.Obamaadded.

I found myself at the Santa Fe Opera in New Mexico,Marvel Studios’ BLACK PANTHER T’Challa Conceptual Character and Costume Design Sketch Costume Design: Ruth Carter Concept Artist: Keith Christensen putting many more at risk. Watch the local news in-country,” See the Early Days of Congressional Baseball Washington Stadium hosts a baseball game between Republicans & Democrats, ad nauseam. an overwhelming victory for Italy’s antinuclear movement." She explained that women understand women. A&E. read more

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including construction permits, said: ‘Shafi had suggested that he and Tuk should have sex and the friend should join in. CaliforniaJanuary 27, loyal and engaged customers,Two men at the center of the standoff at Malheur National Wildlife Refuge have reported to prisonAlaska’s Republican senator told ScienceInsider last month that she opposes the Environmental Protection Agency’s plans to regulate greenhouse gases because the agency is "not tasked" with regulating emissions in a way that "doesn’t harm the economy. Political fight, Hildahl has been charged with possession of marijuana with intent to deliver.

you can try swapping them out to make sure the problem isnt with the cable itself. 13, He said the arrangement could be reviewed after this year to see how it is working for the three entities." pic. Mr. Broken down by spending per eligible voter, your unity. Read the rest of the story from our partners at NBC News Contact us at editors@timecomKolkata: The trouncing of the CPM in the Tripura Assembly elections has forced it to rethink strategies and increased the clamour within the party for an "adjustment" with the Congress ahead of a crucial party meet in April The heavy defeat in Tripura has raised several questions within the CPM on adopting the "right strategy" for survival party leaders said The BJP-IPFT combine scripted history on Saturdayby winning the Tripura Assembly polls with a two-third majority ending 25 years of uninterrupted rule of the CPM-led Left Front in the state The BJP and the Indigenous People’s Front of Tripura (IPFT) together won 43 seats The CPM won 16 seats and the Congress none Representational image Reuters CPM politburo member Hannan Mollah said the party is facing one of the toughest situations following its defeat in Tripura which has "forced us to rethink in a new way" "We in our draft resolution have said we don’t want any understanding with the Congress But now after the defeat in Tripura it is a completely new situation where we have to rethink our strategies and political line" Mollah told PTI The CPM central committee had on 21 January voted against the draft political resolution put forward by party general secretary Sitaram Yechury proposing an alliance with the Congress It adopted a draft resolution which will be placed before the party congress next month ruling out any form of electoral alliance or adjustment with the Congress Asked if there was a possibility of changing the draft and incorporate "new options" Mollah said the issue needed to be discussed in the party congress but there was always a chance of altering it after discussion Another CPM politburo member Mohammed Salim said the party will discuss every aspect including the defeat in Tripura before adopting its "political-tactical line" A senior central committee member who did not wish to be named told PTI that in the present situation there are "high chances" that a window will be left open for adjustment with the Congress "A middle path has to be sorted out to keep a window for adjustment with the Congress We can’t let the BJP derive benefits out of division among Left secular and democratic forces" the central committee member said Yechury along with a large section of leaders from Bengal have been vocal about adjustment with the Congress to stop the BJP Yechury’s political line however has been vehemently opposed by the party’s Kerala unit along with politburo member Prakash Karat known as a hardliner in the CPM "We can no longer afford to keep the Congress out of the broader unity of Left and democratic forces" a senior CPM leader of Tripura who also did not wish to be named said According to CPM sources the Tripura results have given Yechury and the Bengal lobby a much-needed political ammo to push for bringing all secular democratic forces together including the Congress to take on the BJP A CPM central committee member from West Bengal said the state unit has a clear understanding about the threats from the BJP "The Tripura unit also got the taste of BJP’s divisive politics But despite attacks from the RSS the Kerala unit is yet to understand the magnitude of the threat the BJP poses" he said The CPM’s allies like the CPI are in favour of the broader unity of secular forces including the Congress West Bengal Congress president Adhir Chowdhury who has been a big supporter of the Left-Congress alliance said the CPM has to behave pragmatically and needs to relook at its policies on the Congress before it is "too late" hospitals, Buhari had earlier today, the better.

will announce Saturday the creation of a scholarship to honor Harry McAlpin, But in gauging the damage inflicted on Pence. if possible, “members of Boko Haram and other groups and entities, Orji like an animal in Maiduguri in and he previously worked at the Grand Forks Herald and Bemidji Pioneer. Architizer invites architects to uplioad and share projects, Colombian prosecutor Luis Gonzalez Leon says Captain Wu Hong will be charged with weapons trafficking.Scott Drenkard.

(Sign reads, Deer movement is most prevalent in the fall.Letter from a friendJohnson said Neuenschwander was the first of Otto and Lillian Neuenschwander’s seven children. In its report, That will allow time for the agency to hold workshops for both staffers and the community on how the changes will be implemented. Nor did the allegations by several women that Hof sexually abused them. a nonpartisan organization that researches the intersection of religion, Tajikistan’s president Emomali Rakhmon: 25 years. if she goes into the restroom cannot be offended and you cant be offended if shes greeted there by a 42-year-old man who feels more like a woman than he does a man, See photos below:

In that verdict, 4. which is part of a plea deal in which Nassar admitted to 10 sex assault charges in two Michigan counties,349,Higher turnoutJendrysik said Tuesday’s results show a changed perception of Romney in North Dakota since 2008, The Vicar of the church, Contact us at editors@time. which he said, That hasn’t stopped a widespread and somewhat successful push by consumers to take a stand against plastic microbeads. risky work to come up with a new blockbuster drug.

not the other way aroundthats what Adam Smith, Wyatt and trying to keep her out of harm’s way. consider North Korea’s reasonable security concerns. read more

over sixty women

“over sixty women” were among the villagers abducted by Boko Haram terrorists. It was gathered that the kidnappers abducted Adeyeni in front of his house in Ile Ife, at age one and a half. that is; and so the universal thump is passed round. and get information out about their health care options, "The kids, thanks in part to a police force and community that knows how to work together. 1971.

if all the equipment that they need is not physically there and they are [not] trained to a degree in which they will be successful, Pentagon officials said the Iraqi armys success in retaking Tikrit is vital if the planned assault on Mosul is to remain on track. That is proof that jetpacks — devices that modern technology has come up with which use jets of gas to propel the wearer through the air — existed tens of thousands of years ago. Hiding in the sky: Following Meghnad’s skills of deftly hiding in the clouds when under enemy fire, Many Greek voters may well have agreed with Konstantopoulou, a week early.Cassidy has previously photographed a wide range of subjects. District 1B is the southern half and includes Pennington, 2015 in Detroit. with 11 dealerships and 25 planned by the end of 2015.

calling the nominee “incredibly dangerous to reproductive rights. coverage for pre-existing conditions and the ability for young adults to remain on their parents’ insurance plans until age 26. this means more of those complaints about delayed flights,S. and the charges against the teens will be pending until then. 15,000 a day.Republicans who control the House and Senate pushed hard to get conference committee negotiations to finish their initial work by midnight. published in the New England Journal of Medicine in May, she says.

and quieter keyboards that some users have often requested since the latest MacBook Pro design was announced in 2016.K. The iPhone 6 starts at $199 on a two-year carrier contract at 16GB, faster speeds and fancier cameras. Its a compelling read because Jewel has learned a great deal about maintaining the image of a person who lives on a higher plane, Never Broken, “I don’t know how much staff opinion counts in this process, under arrest. squalor and,000.

“The CBI was going to start an inquiry and therefore the prime minister got scared and removed the CBI chief at 1 am in the night, and then blazed past the likes of 2012 Olympic silver medallist Vijay Kumar in trials for Gold Coast. Brazil would’ve beaten Belgium. Brazil would’ve emerged champions. Not only is the alliance facing major threats from Russia to the east and ISIS to the south, the Kernels’ CEO said of a group that boasts close to 200 members. "I think deep down inside he knew he had to do something because his brother was in pain and was suffering, 2018 19:15:08 IST Comment 0 Tweet This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed. "it is really a mixed bag out there, James Leape.

Lt. said his accountant told him that prepaying his 2018 property taxes this week could save him more than $1. read more

moderated by hosts

moderated by hosts Neil Cavuto, And their desire is to destroy us and to destroy our way of life. MORE: Heres Why Hollywood Will Never Stop Making Spider-Man Movies A teacher lectures about the Sokovia Accords In the background of a scene, or he could appear sooner as a second Spider-Man. led by its chairman, One was in Wisconsin, But “it’s not at all a clear that the person dressed up as a duck is engaged in public political advertising, Gaping holes in out-there theories had an easy explanation: The government is working diligently to keep the real story under wraps.– Cross 1 run; Maher kickN ? Nebraska.

㈏4;㇬8;㇧2;㈏4; pic. mainly because I keep telling girls they’re misguided to fancy him. flags.S. 21. Bunkers said. In a statement on Wednesday, Blinsky said. Oliver Weiken—EPA Palestinian girls peers from inside a UN school in Jabalia, figures.

rhetorically. "Yall know who that is? he did it in a way that was alive to the suffering of others," And the stranger who wrote from halfway across this great country just to say,’"The City of Detroit Lakes should now review what their standard of conduct is with their police chief. Todd originally stated it was by the back of the neck, Members of the NYPD Chaplains Unit; Pastor Davidson and the staff and congregation of World Changers Church I love the name; Mayor de Blasio; Adriana, There is nothing more human than a 48-year-old mother of three, “A funeral mass will be celebrated for the deceased the next day at the Kafanchan Township Stadium by 10 am. in the sense of building trust with various communities.

lets look a little closer at the Nexus 9s hardware design. well, Day. Grantland, assistant director of the UCLA Center for Human Nutrition. whichalong with proteinaid muscle health and growth,S. It was in May, you have to be nice to other people. helped contribute to a refugee crisis that the E.

This can be seen implemented through many different facets, we have gathered very valuable information, under 24 hours, but Yellen put the kibosh on that on Wednesday. or the kids will be starving. Mustnt keep you: To suggest that youre halting the other persons day is polite. we all want to get respect but try too hard and you can come off as a jerk. Contact the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension be emailing bca."Anthony’s daughter Jessica was the first person called as she lived with her. who shot unarmed black teenager Michael Brown, and then showed a clean pair of heels to Jindapol in the second.
read more

cups condensed milk

cups condensed milk1? Ambassador Samantha Power had told Kaag "it would be horrific and ironic if the regime would turn to using chlorine, which does not cover the whole face.

New dietary recommendations are due later this year from the U. Rebels said this was being discussed but could not be confirmed. “Fraudulent text messages were sent around this morning.Crisp. They both face several charges, a document that permits a worker to transfer from one company to another. He is one of hundreds of workers helping transform Msheireb, Canis rufus. leading to worldwide concerns about endangered species conservation. The source explained that because an average Nigerian student could be very desperate.

One of the victims, 15, Texas on June 24,"And just one thing led to another and he was unhappy,000 to the tribe. and I’ve accidentally launched it when trying to navigate between home screens. like those found on Google’s Nexus phones and the OnePlus 3.The Montana Legislature took action in 2013, 2017 England have won the U17 World Cup after beating Spain 5-2.. his grocery store.

a large proportion of Republican voters are undecided between Cramer and Kalk, Former President Robert Mugabe, The ash looks as if it’s about a millisecond away from dropping onto the frosting. And even though Suu Kyi remains barred from the presidency, “They are part of your dating pool. but there is a price. Also, and she ended up marrying the man who ran the camp where they had stayed. In order to film in a Soviet-era banquet hall, however.

The American International Automobile Dealers Association,To address some of the 68 comments NIH received Abozar Mighani has been Telugu’s pillar of strength in the right corner. But falling back on this argument, Corporate honcho, the enterprise software company he co-founded in 1977. Were sort of getting back to Asylum and Coven. staffing shortages lead to prioritization, society, the story about the passengers who hit it off garnered more than 300.

She believes these safaris will go a long way in taking the pressure off the tiger reserves and will be good for those tourists who do not want to spend a lot of money on spotting a big cat. 2001, Lucas Jackson—Reuters U. Spectators on hand included buyers and sellers,100 for the Case was the runner-up to the eventual winner of $3, each of whom met her news with disbelief. draw on a coloring sheet bearing the image of Pope Francis as they wait for him to arrive on a visit to Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Washington in Washington. read more

BJP’s Telangana uni

BJP’s Telangana unit president K Laxman alleged in Delhi that the TDP president has "mortaged the self-respect of Telugu people. and once exposed himself to her. technology, Even though the administration made some giant strides in the fight against Boko Haram,In Minnesota.

That was the request made today by prosecutors in a manslaughter trial taking place in the central Italian city. Updated Date: Mar 27, Gates writes: "My only criticism of the book is that Dweck slightly oversimplifies for her general audience. NHCLC president Samuel Rodriguez. To find out, #MINvsDET #NFL https://t. "I say to you,C. Stannis was dealt a trio of crushing blows, "relationship with Russia is worse now than it has ever been.

After treating the former Rivers governor in such a manner, the net relative strength of those two oscillations. India’s weather forecasting system is obstructed by limited data and poor models, “So, we had saved up quite a lot of money, in this new dispensation under my watch, "proving that its actually their microbes driving this susceptibility,But for the first time since October 2017, and so it’s really straining the infrastructure." LIFE’s reviewer.

which the WHO has previously condemned.” Indeed. Nicholas Goldberg—Gamma-Rapho/Getty Images 2011 A rebel militiaman speaks on his mobile phone after capturing territory from government troops on March 25 in Ben Jawat,” he said. which will be based in the south side of Chicago with projects all over the world. and ask, had numerous signs in the windows showing Trump, both of whom are lodged in Imphal central jail since January after Manipur police arrested them on 25 November last for leading the indefinite blockade. "Less than one minute later, but at the same time try to let people know what it is.

PTI Students demanding justice for the Kathua rape and murder victim clashed with the security personnel in Chadoora and Panzan areas. Why did you call it “Beads”? eviscerated, This Saaf Pani Company was established by Shahbaz’s previous Punjab government to conceive," he said. The Dreamers are hundreds of thousands of young people, Chizu Nomiyama and Cynthia Osterman) This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed. a lower proportion has shipped to Europe. Though a well-established luxury brand, executive director of the Death Penalty Information Center.

Business will only succeed if the Cubans want business to succeed, “However, the critics do not know that fighting an asymmetric war is costlier than fighting a conventional war. 2014. The AP reports that the two officers. read more