Sweetmas – a new sweet tourist story in Zagreb

first_imgThe Tourist Board of the City of Zagreb has decided to supplement the mobile application Zagreb Be There, which serves tourists and citizens of Zagreb as a local insider, and thus use a smartphone to discover those less “tourist” places in the city, with a new story and a sweet story.Namely, after the recently presented three new routes intended for visitors to the city: Veliki Hrvati, Street art with the most interesting Zagreb murals and the Craft beer route, TZG Zagreb in cooperation with the famous pastry chef Petra Jelenić designed a new route of the mobile application Zagreb Be There – Sweetmas.Sweetmas the route contains locations where you can eat something sweet, and reveals to tourists places where they can eat those “traditional” cakes, but also places with more modern and innovative desserts. According to the recommendation of Petra Jelenić, seven sweet locations were singled out in the route: confectioneries Cukeraj, Orijent, Time, Medenko (Cafe in the yard), 041, bar Vis à Vis by Vincek and bakery Korica.”Cukeraj offers a combination of homemade and rustic cakes, and there I ate one of the most delicious hazelnut cakes”, says Petra Jelenić and adds: “At Orient I admire their tradition, innovation and perseverance, as one of the oldest pastry shops in Zagreb. Thus the patisserie is hi-tech and offers small masterpieces. I am addicted to Double Chocolate and Lipa Flower Ice Cream and toasted sunflower seeds in Medenko. At Confectionery 041 I never know which ice cream I will take first, but I usually end up on raspberries. Vis à Vis by Vincek is the only place that offers desserts adapted to people on special diets, and Korica is a bakery that makes bread only with original ingredients and in the traditional way ” expires master of confectionery Petra Jelenić. In addition to the Sweetmas route, there is also a refreshed traditional route Advent Zagreb. This year, in addition to the usual Zrinjevac, Fuliranje, Ice Park and Strauss, there are also the Grič Tunnel and the Upper Town.The application works on the principle of the game, so visitors who visit the entire route and register at each location along hashtag #BeThereZagreb, and win prizes. It’s free and available on Android and iPhone devices, and can also be downloaded from the microsite betherezagreb.com.Related news: THE COMBINATION OF PUBLIC AND PRIVATE IS THE BEST THING THAT COULD HAPPEN TO ZAGREB&lt;br /&gt;<br />
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South Pacific cyclone and coronavirus create ‘perfect storm’ of worry

first_imgTopics : The storm is now headed toward Tonga and expected to land there on Thursday or Friday, emergency officials said.The cyclone forced Vanuatu, which has yet to report a case of the COVID-19 infection, to suspend social distancing rules intended to combat the virus, Red Cross officials said.The island state’s leaders also are rethinking new border restrictions imposed to head off a virus outbreak, they said.“It’s an incredibly challenging time right across the globe, and it’s hard to imagine a worse time for a mega-storm like this to hit,” Luke Ebbs, Vanuatu director for charity Save the Children, said in a statement. Josephine Latu-Sanft, a Tongan-born communications director for The Commonwealth – whose members include more than 20 small island states – said the storm had thrown the islands’ pandemic preparations into question, and left nations that have few resources struggling to deal with two crises at once.Fiji, for instance, has about 15 cases of COVID-19 and no deaths yet, but will find it hard to maintain a lockdown to tame the disease’s spread while dealing with the storm’s aftermath, she said.In many islands in the South Pacific, “that’s where the worry is”, she added.”If they have to lift that [lockdown] to put everybody in a church or evacuate a rural area, that’s a problem.”Tonga has just “a handful” of intensive care beds for a population of 100,000, to treat both storm injuries and potential cases of the novel coronavirus, Latu-Sanft said.Many people also fear that visitors bringing in storm aid or other supplies from abroad could unwittingly introduce the virus in places where it has yet to take hold.Multiple disasters For small islands, working to prevent a COVID-19 crisis “doesn’t mean all the other issues you’re dealing with go away”, Latu-Sanft told the Thomson Reuters Foundation.Patricia Scotland, secretary-general of The Commonwealth and a native of the Caribbean island of Dominica, which was devastated by Hurricane Maria in 2017, said lessons learned in the South Pacific may soon have wider implications.Both the Atlantic hurricane season and South Asia monsoon, for example, begin in June, and could bring flooding and other threats even as countries are likely to be still grappling with COVID-19.”If we’re not careful we may have the perfect storm,” Scotland warned in a telephone interview.Economic shutdowns associated with efforts to control the virus also will make it harder for many people to cope with potential climate-related disasters at the same time.Communities that rely on fishing, for instance, can no longer sell to restaurants or broader markets, and tourism is on hold as travel bans are put in place.”If no one’s flying and there’s no tourism and no one is buying your fish, you’re really looking at an economic disaster as well,” Scotland said.Maarten van Aalst, director of the Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre, said aid agencies and climate change experts have long been concerned about more countries and communities facing multiple crises – from health emergencies to conflict outbreaks or weather disasters – all at once.The current pandemic is now expanding that risk to many parts of the world beyond the poorest and most conflict-affected countries, he said.”Are we going to see a lot more of this? Absolutely,” he added. center_img As deadly Cyclone Harold churns through the South Pacific, small island nations in its path are struggling to balance responses to the disaster with maintaining efforts to stop the spread of the coronavirus outbreak, officials warned Wednesday.Cyclone Harold ripped through Vanuatu and Fiji as a deadly top-strength storm this week, causing injuries and damage to property, and severing communications.Before that, it left 27 people missing and presumed dead in the Solomon Islands after they were swept off a ferry in rough seas.last_img read more

Erick Thohir, the man to watch in Indonesian politics

first_img“This [Erick’s appointment] could be generally read as Jokowi’s effort to steer Indonesia’s economic recovery. His focus is to rebuild and find new opportunities post-COVID-19,” said Firman.Perpres 82/2020 initially raised eyebrows as it annulled Presidential Decree (Keppres) 7/2020, which was the legal basis for the establishment of the government’s COVID-19 task force, which was headed by National Disaster Mitigation Agency (BNPB) chief Doni Monardo. Many considered the setting up of the task force, consisting mostly of Jokowi’s economic ministers, to be an indication that Jokowi was now focusing primarily on the economy and not the ongoing health crisis.The Perpres, however, also stipulates that the government’s COVID-19 Response and National Economic Recovery Committee is to consist of a policy committee, a COVID-19 response task force, led by BNPB’s Doni, as well as the economic recovery and transformation task force, led by Deputy SOE Minister Budi Gunadi Sadikin.Centre for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) political observer Arya Fernandes said Erick’s appointment as the leader of the post-COVID-19 recovery team could be seen as Jokowi’s effort to groom his potential successor.“It could be that Pak Erick is a potential [presidential] candidate President Jokowi has in mind for 2024, which is why he [Erick] was groomed with assignments that allow him to interact with policymakers, regional leaders and political parties,” Arya said.Despite Erick’s growing role in Jokowi’s administration, he has continued to perform poorly in opinion polls, with his electability rating as a possible presidential candidate remaining in the single digits, recent surveys have shown.Erick’s electability rating stood at 1 percent in a public opinion poll conducted by Jakarta-based pollster Indikator Politik Indonesia in July, trailing politicians like Central Java Governor Ganjar Pranowo, with an electability rating of 16.2 percent, Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan at 15 percent and Defense Minister Prabowo Subianto at 13.5 percent.In another poll conducted by Charta Politika, only 5.8 percent of respondents thought Erick was doing a good job, behind Prabowo, who received a job approval rating of 12.8 percent and Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati at 11.5 percent, respectively.In the same poll conducted by Charta Politika, Erick’s electability rating was 2.1 percent, far behind Prabowo at 17.5 percent, Ganjar at 15.9 percent and Anies at 15 percent.Senior officials in Jokowi’s administration have said that with his new role as leader of the COVID-19 recovery team, Erick would have direct access to the President.Cabinet Secretary Pramono Anung said the President had direct control over the committee’s policies regarding the handling of COVID-19 and the national economic recovery and that the Perpres stipulated that the committee directly reported to Jokowi. For someone with little experience in politics and who is mostly known as a businessman, the meteoric rise of State-Owned Enterprises Minister Erick Thohir has surprised many, and it was his business-like attitude that won the heart of President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo, who has continued to trust him to handle major issues.The recent issuance of Presidential Regulation (Perpres) 82/2020, which gives Erick a new job as the executive director of the government’s COVID-19 Response and Economic Recovery Committee, is an indication of the high degree of trust shown by the President in the former businessman, political analysts have said.Erick, who was previously best known as the founder of media and entertainment holding firm PT Mahaka Media, has few ties to political parties and is, therefore, seen as more independent than other politically affiliated Cabinet members, head of the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) Political Research Center Firman Noor said. “Erick has relatively few political ties with political parties, which makes his calculations [of decisions] more independent and, therefore, as Jokowi wanted, easier to implement without having to bargain with so many stakeholders,” Firman said.His role as head the COVID-19 recovery program is the most recent in his long list of government assignments, which begun with his job as chairman of the Indonesia Asian Games Organizing Committee (INASGOC). He was widely credited as the man behind the successful staging of the 2018 Asian Games. Following this role, he was tapped to lead the Jokowi-Ma’ruf Amin campaign team and, following Jokowi’s reelection, was appointed as SOEs minister.Firman of LIPI said Erick’s impressive track record and growing job portfolio had garnered him the respect of members of the political coalition in Jokowi’s government.He said the appointment of Erick to lead the post-COVID-19 recovery was also an indication that Jokowi had shifted his priority from public health to the economy.center_img Topics :last_img read more

Korea, Red Cross help curb spread of COVID-19 in Indonesian prisons

first_img“On behalf of the Korean people, we are glad to offer support to help mitigate the spread of the disease in correctional facilities in close cooperation with the ICRC. Despite prolonged difficulties caused by the disease, we wish the Indonesian people well and ask them not to lose hope and to unite to get through this,” he added.Alexandre Faite, head of the ICRC regional delegation for Indonesia and Timor-Leste, said they were privileged to partner with the Directorate General of Correctional Institutions.“The ICRC is working closely with prison authorities to minimize the spread of COVID-19 in detention places not only in Indonesia, but in more than 50 countries worldwide,” he said.Read also: S. Korea, UN launch $18 m solar project in remote parts of Indonesia, Timor-Leste #covid19taskforce #mothermessage #wearmask #keepyourdistance #washyourhand #socialdistance #avoidcrowd #usesoap The Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) sign a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on Wednesday to help Indonesia check the spread of COVID-19 at correctional facilities and mitigate the effects of the pandemic.The KOICA provided US$200,000 to the ICRC’s regional delegation to Indonesia and Timor-Leste. The funds are expected to enable the ICRC to expand its program and technical support to 67 prisons in six provinces that accommodate more than 57,600 inmates.“When we found out about the ICRC’s program that might be difficult for other organizations to undertake, we – at the KOICA – decided to extend our support for them,” Hoejin Jeong, the KOICA country director in Indonesia, said in a joint statement on Wednesday. Editor’s note: This article is part of a public campaign by the COVID-19 task force (Satgas COVID-19) to raise people’s awareness about the pandemic.Topics : He expressed his highest appreciation for the KOICA’s first-ever funding received by the ICRC worldwide.“This will allow us to step up our efforts in reaching out to more prisons by way of increased distribution of aid and provision of technical support to prison authorities,” Faite added.In response to the pandemic, the ICRC delegation in Jakarta had earlier distributed hygiene supplies to 73 prisons in the seven provinces of Jakarta, Banten, West Java, Lampung, East Java, Bali and South Sulawesi as well as at some Islamic boarding schools.The humanitarian organization also engaged with religious circles online in an effort to spread accurate and credible health and hygiene information as well as key information on dignified and safe burial procedures, the statement says.Moreover, the ICRC has adapted its programs to support national authorities in their efforts to fight the pandemic, including technical and material support for handling the bodies of deceased patients and ambulance services in close cooperation with the Indonesian Red Cross (PMI).On its part, the KOICA earlier launched the “ABC Program”, or the “Agenda for Building resilience against COVID-19 through development cooperation”, as part of its COVID-19 response. In April, Law and Human Rights Minister Yasonna Laoly granted more than 5,500 prisoners early release to help prevent a possible surge in coronavirus infections at Indonesia’s overcrowded prisons.Only 136 of a total 525 correctional institutions in Indonesia are not overcrowded, according to Directorate General of Correctional Institutions data from September. The database shows that 234,728 inmates are held in prisons throughout the country.last_img read more

Introducing Floating Solar Fuel Rig for Production of Hydrogen

first_imgResearchers at New York-based Columbia Engineering have developed a floating solar fuels rig for the production of hydrogen.The device performs water electrolysis without pumps or membranes and could lead to low-cost sustainable hydrogen production, according to Columbia’s engineers.Hydrogen has been identified as a possible alternative fuel for ships, especially in the light of ever more stringent environmental regulations coming into force. Namely, hydrogen doesn’t release any CO2.However, so far hydrogen has not been used as marine fuel, but there have been some small-scale projects and large-scale initiatives from the market.In September 2017, cruise ship owner Viking Cruises unveiled plans for a liquid hydrogen-fuelled cruise ship. The company said the plan is being pursued in an effort to develop the world’s first cruise ship with zero-emission technology.Viking Cruises envisions constructing a ship based on the same design as their seagoing cruise ships, such as the recently delivered Viking Sun.Nevertheless, one of the technical challenges in adopting hydrogen as a fuel for ships is to maintain the fuel at minus 253 degrees to keep it from evaporating. In addition, there are certain constraints when it comes to accessing large-scale production of liquid hydrogen.But the new rig design might be the step in the right direction in making hydrogen more widely-available.The vast majority of today’s hydrogen is produced from natural gas through a process called steam methane reforming that simultaneously releases CO2, but water electrolysis using electricity from solar PV offers a promising route to produce H2 without any associated CO2 emissions, Columbia’s engineers say.The electrolysis device, developed by Daniel Esposito, assistant professor of chemical engineering at Columbia Engineering, and his team, is photovoltaic-powered that can operate as a stand-alone platform that floats on open water.It has been described as a “solar fuels rig” that bears some resemblance to deep-sea oil rigs, apart from the fact that it would produce hydrogen fuel from sunlight and water instead of extracting petroleum from beneath the seafloor.As explained, the device relies on electrode configuration that allows the gases to be separated and collected using the buoyancy of bubbles in water. Based on the concept of buoyancy-induced separation, the simple electrolyzer architecture produces H2 with purity as high as 99 percent.“We believe that our prototype is the first demonstration of a practical membraneless floating PV-electrolyzer system, and could inspire large-scale ‘solar fuels rigs’ that could generate large quantities of H2 fuel from abundant sunlight and seawater without taking up any space on land or competing with fresh water for agricultural uses,” Esposito said.The next step for the team is refining their design for more efficient operation in real seawater, along with activities on developing modular designs aimed at building larger, scaled-up systems.last_img read more

LM Kicks Off Blade Installation for Shanghai Lingang 1 in China

first_imgLM Wind Power has installed the first two sets of its 66.6-meter long blades on a 4MW turbine due to be installed at the Shanghai Lingang Phase I offshore wind project in China.Source: Shanghai Electric Wind PowerLM Wind Power was in charge of providing onsite support and service during the installation of the Siemens Gamesa 4.0MW-136 turbine, for which Shanghai Electric Wind Power secured a license in March.According to the Denmark-based company, the 4MW platform is designed to serve the Windclass II areas in Shanghai and beyond.The blade installation is part of LM Wind Power’s two-year agreement deal with the China-based offshore wind turbine manufacturer, under which the company’s blade plant in Qinhuangdao will deliver the LM 66.6 blade sets during 2018 and 2019.“This deal is a significant milestone for LM Wind Power to expand in China’s growing offshore market. We are proud to have earned the trust of Shanghai Electric Wind Power, a reliable and accountable partner that has demonstrated its leadership in the Chinese offshore market,” said LM Wind Power’s Vice President, Offshore, Alexis Crama.“We look forward to supporting Shanghai Electric Wind Power and their customers in the coming years to further develop the offshore market and support China’s green energy needs.”LM Wind Power has been present in China since 2001 where it currently employs nearly 2,500 people. The company operates three blade manufacturing facilities in Qinhuangdao, Jiangyin and Baodi.last_img read more

Social Security Administration increases anti-fraud efforts

first_imgWashington D.C. —  The Social Security Administration and its Office of the Inspector General (OIG) today announced three new Cooperative Disability Investigations (CDI) Units recently opened across the country. As part of the nationwide CDI Program, the new units will identify, investigate, and prevent Social Security disability fraud throughout their respective states. The new CDI units opened in Albuquerque, New Mexico; Honolulu, Hawaii; and Indianapolis, Indiana.The CDI Program is one of Social Security’s most successful anti-fraud initiatives, contributing to the integrity of Federal disability programs. CDI brings together personnel from Social Security, its OIG, State Disability Determination Services (DDS), and local law enforcement agencies to analyze and investigate suspicious or questionable Social Security disability claims, to help resolve questions of potential fraud before benefits are ever paid. CDI Unit efforts help disability examiners make informed decisions, ensure payment accuracy, and generate significant taxpayer savings, for both Federal and State programs.“Social Security is committed to combating fraud and preserving the public’s trust in our programs,” said Nancy A. Berryhill, Acting Commissioner of Social Security. “As we open the three new CDI units, let us remember the important work they do. The CDI program plays a critical role in detecting and preventing fraud, helping to ensure benefits are paid only to the people who are eligible. This collaboration between Social Security, the OIG, and local law enforcement helps save taxpayer money and ensures the integrity of our programs.”The CDI Program consists of 43 units covering 37 states, the District of Columbia, and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. Social Security and OIG have opened several offices in the last few years as they work together to provide CDI coverage for all 50 states by 2022, as mandated by the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015.  “CDI has a long, successful track record of identifying and preventing disability fraud and abuse,” said Acting Inspector General Gale Stallworth Stone. “We’re pleased to partner with Social Security, the DDSs, and local law enforcement agencies across the country, to combat fraud and promote the integrity of Social Security’s disability programs.”Since 1997, when Social Security and OIG established CDI, its efforts have contributed to $3.9 billion in projected savings to Social Security’s programs, and $2.9 billion in projected savings to other Federal and State programs. For more information, please visit the OIG website and Social Security’s anti-fraud website here.last_img read more

Froome on course to win Vuelta a Espana

first_imgPhoto © Pixabay Outside of something very unusual, Chris Froome should wrap up victory in cycling’s Vuelta a Espana today.He’s got an overall lead of over 2 minutes, and the pace-setter traditionally goes unchallenged on the final day.He’d become the first British rider to win the race.last_img

Rohr Leaves out Victor Moses from Corsica Camp

first_img*List Ndidi, Iheanacho, 23 others for friendlyDuro IkhazuagbeSuper Eagles’ Technical Adviser, Gernot Rohr, on Monday made public his list of 25 players for the planned camping programme in France with the exclusion of Victor Moses, Nigeria’s unarguably hottest forward in Europe at the moment.Moses rediscovered his scoring formula after he was converted to a wingback by Chelsea’s Italian gaffer, Antonio Conte.The exclusion of the Chelsea player from the planned friendly with the Corsica senior national team later this month may not be unconnected with the FA Cup final Moses is expected to star for Chelsea against Arsenal on May 27 at Wembley Stadium. Also missing from the list is the duo of Brown Ideye and Odion Ighalo who recently switched to the Chinese Super League. The absence of John Mikel Obi is understandable haven recently went under the knife to get rid of a nagging injury preventing him to be at his best since arriving in the Far East.Injury has effectively ruled out first-choice goalkeeper Carl Ikeme of Wolverhampton Wanderers in the English Championship, leaving home –based Ikechukwu Ezenwa to fight it out with fellow former junior international Dele Alampasu for the slot between the sticks for the friendly game.England-based duo Ola Aina (Chelsea FC) and Alex Iwobi (Arsenal FC) have been granted permission to feature for their respective clubs in the English FA Cup final on 27th May before joining the squad in Paris.The three-time African champions will open camp in Corsica on May 24 and then play against the Corsica senior team two days later, before moving camp to Paris, capital of France for the second phase of the training programme ahead of the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations qualifier against South Africa’s Bafana Bafana in June.Nigeria, unbeaten in a competitive game at senior level by South Africa since the Rainbow nation returned to international football 25 years ago, go up against the familiar foes at the Godswill Akpabio International Stadium, Uyo on Saturday, June 10. The Bafana Bafana 2-2 draw against Eagles effectively ended Nigeria’s dream of qualifying for the AFCON 2015 jointly hosted by Equatorial Guinea and GabonTHE FULL LISTGoalkeepers: Ikechukwu Ezenwa (FC IfeanyiUbah); Dele Alampasu (Cesarense FC, Portugal)Defenders: Leon Balogun (FSV Mainz 05, Germany); William Ekong (KAA Gent, Belgium); Uche Agbo (CF Granada, Spain); Abdullahi Shehu (Anorthosis Famagusta, Cyprus); Tyronne Ebuehi (ADO Den Haag, The Netherlands); Elderson Echiejile (Sporting Gijon, Spain); Chidozie Awaziem (FC Porto, Portugal)Midfielders: Wilfred Ndidi (Leicester City, England); Oghenekaro Etebo (CD Feirense, Portugal); John Ogu (Hapoel Be’er Sheva, Israel); Mikel Agu (Vitoria Setubal, Portugal); Alhassan Ibrahim (Akwa United FC)Forwards: Ahmed Musa (Leicester City, England); Kelechi Iheanacho (Manchester City, England); Moses Simon (KAA Gent, Belgium); Stephen Odey (MFM FC); Olanrewaju Kayode (FC Austria Wien, Austria); Isaac Success (Watford FC, England); Noah Serenren-Bazee (Hannover 96, Germany); Victor Osimhen (Wolfsburg FC, Germany); Sikiru Olatubosun (MFM FC)TO JOIN TEAM IN PARIS AFTER ENGLISH FA CUP FINALOla Aina (Chelsea FC, England); Alex Iwobi (Arsenal FC, England)Share this:FacebookRedditTwitterPrintPinterestEmailWhatsAppSkypeLinkedInTumblrPocketTelegramlast_img read more

Industry taken to task over use of ‘gagging orders’ in settlements

first_imgShare Related Articles Winning Post: Swedish regulator pushes back on ‘Storebror’ approach to deposit limits August 24, 2020 Submit StumbleUpon UKGC launches fourth National Lottery licence competition August 28, 2020 Share UKGC hails ‘delivered efficiencies’ of its revamped licence maintenance service  August 20, 2020 The Gambling Commission has warned the gambling industry that the indiscriminate use of non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) in settlements with customers over problem gambling issues will not be tolerated.Last year, stories broke in the national media about some major bookmakers adding ‘gagging orders’ to deals with their customers preventing them from going to the Commission with a complaint against any breaches of social responsibility obligations.This morning the regulator issued a clear statement on such activities, especially as companies are duty bound to raise any failings they find in their processes with the Commission.It said: “We have become aware that some licensees have been including non-disclosure clauses within settlement agreements with consumers and we are continuing our investigation into these. Some of these agreements may have had the effect of preventing those consumers from reporting regulatory concerns to us, by either excluding disclosure to any third party or, in some cases, explicitly preventing customers from contacting the Gambling Commission.”The Commission wants to ensure that:non-disclosure clauses do not result in consumers feeling they are unable to notify the Commission or other regulators or law enforcement agencies of conduct which might otherwise be reportedlicensees notify the Commission of offences under the Gambling Act, including breaches of licence conditions or social responsibility codes of practiceconsumers do not refrain from reporting matters to the Commission because they anticipate a settlement whichcontains a condition that states they will not complain to the Commissionthose suffering gambling-related harm can freely discuss their gambling history with treatment providers.It also pointed out that NDAs themselves are not prohibited: “We recognise that in certain commercial contexts, use of NDAs is commonplace and such agreements, when used properly, can benefit both parties. Examples of appropriate use might include resolving supplier or intellectual property disputes. This statement should not be taken to prohibit the use of NDAs in appropriate circumstances.”The Commission said that it considers that non-disclosure clauses would be improperly used if their effect was to prevent, impede or deter, a person from:reporting misconduct, or a breach of our regulatory requirements to us, or making an equivalent report to any other body responsible for supervising or regulating the matters in questionmaking a protected disclosure under the Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998reporting an offence to a law enforcement agencyco-operating with a criminal investigation or prosecutionseeking treatment for problem gambling and discussing their gambling history with treatment providersThe regulator said that non-disclosure clauses or other settlement terms must not stipulate, and the person expected to agree the settlement agreement must not be given the impression, that reporting or disclosure as set out above is prohibited. It may be appropriate for the settlement agreement itself to be clear about what disclosures are not prohibited by the non-disclosure clause.It added: “If a customer in the course of negotiating a settlement agreement states that they intend to report a matter to the Commission, we expect licensees will normally be able to inform the customer that they have already self-reported the incident. In appropriate cases, the licensee may also have made a suspicious activity report and informed us of this, in accordance with paragraph 24 of Licence Condition 15.2.1.“When there is a failure to self-report to us as required by Licence Condition 15, and there has also been a settlement agreement containing an NDA concluded in relation to the underlying facts, this may be seen as an aggravating factor in any regulatory action the Commission may choose to take.”_____________________The issue of dialogue and interaction with the Gambling Commission will be covered at Betting on Football on 19-22 March at Stamford Bridge. The Science of Compliance track on Thursday 21 March concludes with a session on The best ways of dealing with regulators, which will cover best practice in keeping the Gambling Commission, and other regulators, fully informed when there is an issue.last_img read more